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    I'm developing Accounts & Receivable Module. I find difficult when I calcuate the debit credit calculation, for e.g.

    My report figure should be

    Date          Particular     Debit     Credit     Balance
    1/2/2002     Inv 292             $1200          $1200
    2/2/2002     Paymnt 219          $ 500     $ 700
    5/2/2002     Inv 392          $200          $ 900
    6/2/2002     Inv 394          $ 50          $ 950

    In above statement, how can I calculate the Balance in Access.

    Before this type of question posted also in

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    by:Posted on 2003-04-10 at 20:55:01ID: 8311278

    You almost had it with that link you provided.

    All you need to do is put a text field in the detail section under balance. In the control source for that text box put:
    Now the part you were missing:
    9 boxes below the Control Source in the properties window you should see Running Sum. Change that to Over All and that should do it.

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