FRM-40039: Cannot attach library %s while opening form %s.

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    Now I've read the action to take:

    Cause:      The given library is attached to the form but cannot be located in the search path for PL/SQL libraries.

    Action:      Make sure that the given library can be found and that it has read permissions set.

    But where would this search path be located?

    Here's my environment:

    PC: HP/Compaq
    O/S: Windows XP Pro (Service Pack 2)
    Oracle Forms: Version
    Oracle Database:


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    by:Posted on 2004-12-14 at 19:31:36ID: 12826498

    Thought you may find this interesting. It is listed in the Oracle Forms documentation on Attaching a library to a module

    Tip:  You should not specify a library path when attaching libraries.  Path names for library attachments are stored internally and, as a result, are not portable.  Instead, you should specify the name of the library and rely on the Form Builder' standard search path to locate your library at runtime.

    When searching for attached libraries at runtime,  Form Builder first searches the current directory and then the directories listed in the PATH (FORMSxx_PATH and ORACLE_PATH) environment variables.

    Note:  If you specify a library path, Form Builder prompts you to confirm the specified path.  

    If you confirm, at runtime, Form Builder will search for your library based strictly on the specified path; Form Builder will not search the specified path and then perform the standard search, as well.  

    If you do not confirm, Form Builder removes the path and saves the library name.  At runtime, Form Builder searches the standard search path to locate your library.

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