FRM-40039 - Error cannot attach library when running Designer form

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    I am new to Oracle designer and have go to the point where I am trying to run a form I generated in Oracle Designer but the error I keep having is FRM-40039 cannot attach library - I get this for four libraries that are attached to the form; OFGCALL. OFGTEL, OFGNAVL, OFGMES. I have been playing about and attaching/removing them from the form, and saying NO to the dialog box that comes up saying 'attached library name xxxx contains a non-portable directory specification. Remove path?' seems to mean that the form will then start to have an error on one of the other libraries - so you would think that by attaching them all in this way that the form would run - but it doesnt.

    Can someone please help? I have checked the forms path in the registry and it does point to the folder where these pll and plx files are located.

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    by:Posted on 2005-08-25 at 07:11:20ID: 14752142

    See extract from Metalink below which may be useful.

     Applies to:
    Oracle Forms - Version: 9.0.4 to 9.0.4
    Oracle Designer - Version: 9.0.4 to 9.0.4
    Microsoft Windows 2000

    Running a form generated by Designer 9.0.4 the error message
    FRM-40039: cannot attach library %s while opening form %s
    is returned, and the form does not run.
    FORMS90_PATH in the registry is set correctly.
    The form is compiled without any error.
    This occurs also when the form is created by Oracle Forms.
    The problem occurs only when libraries (PLL) are attached with the relative path.

    FORMS90_PATH in default.env installed by iDS10g is not commented as in iDS9i.

    There are two possible solutions:
    1. Comment FORMS90_PATH in default.env if it is not needed.
    2. If FORMS90_PATH in default.env is needed, then add the necessary path to its value,
    like FORMS90_PATH in the registry.

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