ld.so.1: oracle: fatal: libodm10.so: open failed:

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    Running Oracle 10g under solaris 9

    When I try going into sqlplus as user b, i get message:

    Enter user-name:
    ld.so.1: oracle: fatal: libodm10.so: open failed: No such file or directory
    ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact

    I go in as user a and everything is fine.  I've copied user a .profile to user b and still get the error.
    Any ideas what is the problem?


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    by:Posted on 2005-10-19 at 12:45:09ID: 15119149

    Try to follow this thread, it is simular to your problem.

    The way you tried to connect before is called a direct/bequeath connection. This works by directly creating a new oracle process from sqlplus and comunicating with it using a pipe (no listener involved) . But since you were running it as a different user it was having some problems starting, I am not sure exactly why, maybe its permissions on the shared memory segments or the actual data files. In principle it should be able to work this way,even from another user, but maybe not on all platforms and depending on permissions, I am not sure.

    The second way was connecting via the network listener (dependant on your tnsnames configuration) and the oracle process will get started by the oracle user, so there are no problems with permissions on shared memory or files.

    You can set a TWO_TASK environment variable to dwproddb and the it would connect without specifying the @dwproddb.
    When TWO_TASK is defined any connection you make without specifying a TNS entry will get "@TWO_TASK" glued to it before trying to connect. This works exactly as if you have connected to "sqlplus user/pass@dwproddb".

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