Forms session <1> aborted: unable to communicate with runtime process. in oracle developer suite 9.0.2

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    I am executing the sqlloader through forms  with host  built in,  the sqlloader loads up to 50000 records in to various tables. this takes some time to do.

    when i execute this form some time the control comes from the host to the fomrs ,
    some times the i am geting the
     error Forms session <1> aborted: unable to communicate with runtime process.
    in the server window.  

    The browser is not doing anything.

    kindly help fast.

    thanks in advance


    S. djeanthi

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    by:Posted on 2004-04-18 at 23:47:25ID: 10857148

    On MetaLink you can find bug 2967878 - (button MetaLink search -> Document ID) and see what Oracle is doing with it. You have to wait for fixing it. There will be an information about it when it will be done.
    You can also set your preferences there - e.g. Knowledge Base is very useful.

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