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I have a Sharp MX-3500N MFP and trying to configure scanning to email. Network address, DNS, and email servers have been added, but MFP returns the following message."Communication with the selected server was lost while sending image. Consult your network administrator."

When I access the control panel in the web browser, all settings test fine. I suspect that there may be a default user name/password I need to include, but not sure. Any assistance is appreciated.
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by:Posted on 2011-06-14 at 07:28:29ID: 35967077

If your using exchange server you will have to telnet to it. From a command prompt:

telnet ip of mail server 25

this will telnet to port 25, if it does not work you will have to get with your exchange admin to see what port it runs on.

If all else fails, as I suggested before, try using your isp's smtp server info. You dont have to use their mail service in order to "piggy back" off of their mail server. There have been plenty of times where I have had issues with setting up scan to mail with a customers exchange box and I just use their ISP's smtp server and it works just as welll.

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