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Hi, I need to figure out how to autorun a file on a USB flash pen drive. Just like you can do with a CD - put it in and it starts running the program - I want to do with the pen drive. I've read that they're not the same and you can't do it. but there are companies who sell the pen drives with autorun software or something, they promote it. i've searched for a long time, can't find anything. maybe i can make the program - the powerpoint file for example - self-execute somehow? any help????? thanks.

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by:Posted on 2004-09-16 at 16:38:21ID: 12080114

USB pen drives are not set up to behave like regular bootable devices, therefore this cannot be done.

This potentially can be done with the correct device and driver combo-
"Auto-run feature - Just plug the flash drive into the USB port, and instantly start a flash movie, MPEG movie, music composition demo, or business presentation."

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