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Can't access Netgear wireless router via

I just bought a Netgear RangeMax WPN824v2 and can't get to it by it's default IP. I following the manufacturers step-by-step instructions on getting it set up. I have a wireless laptop and a desktop computer both running XP Home. Originally I was using a Microsoft Wireless Base Station MN-500 and had no problem setting it up.

I looked in the documentation and it said that if all else failes use it's IP address to access the admin of the router. When I try to access the Netgear "" my IE browser errors out and can't display anything. i've tried to reset it many times. When I first plug it in boots correctly (i.e. the sequense of lights on the netgear lights up like it's supposed to).

When i do an "ipconfig /all" i have vaild IP addresses including my default gateway. I have DHCP, DNS enabled. THe windows firewall is turned off and i even uninstalled Norton. I'm not a computer novice.

Any help would be very, very much appreciated.

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