Cannot connect network printers to W7 laptop.

Miscellaneous Networking Question

Client has two PCs running XP pro in her office and to one of these there are two printers atached,
a Panasonic DP-1510P MFD and an HP Laserjet 1320 .

She now has a laptop running W7 HP and wantted to access the files and printers on the PCs.

I changed the workgroup on the laptop to match that of the PCs which were already networked and all is well with the file sharing.

BUT when I tried to add the printers in W7 it found them OK but couldn't locate drivers..

I downloaded the drivers but when prompted to install them from the Add Printer wizard I get two different errors - for the Panasonic I get 0x0000214 'cannot connect to printer' .

The laserjet comes with an install application and when I run that I get 0x0000007e 'cannot open Add Printer'

Any ideas please?

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by:Posted on 2010-01-25 at 06:46:08ID: 26398375

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