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I just bought a Netgear RangeMax WPN824v2 and can't get to it by it's default IP. I following the manufacturers step-by-step instructions on getting it set up. I have a wireless laptop and a desktop computer both running XP Home. Originally I was using a Microsoft Wireless Base Station MN-500 and had no problem setting it up.

I looked in the documentation and it said that if all else failes use it's IP address to access the admin of the router. When I try to access the Netgear "" my IE browser errors out and can't display anything. i've tried to reset it many times. When I first plug it in boots correctly (i.e. the sequense of lights on the netgear lights up like it's supposed to).

When i do an "ipconfig /all" i have vaild IP addresses including my default gateway. I have DHCP, DNS enabled. THe windows firewall is turned off and i even uninstalled Norton. I'm not a computer novice.

Any help would be very, very much appreciated.

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by:Posted on 2006-09-01 at 22:44:25ID: 17441372

Two things


telnet 80

that will check if the port 80 web port on that IP is working ... if it goes to black creen and you can type into it (anything will do) and doesn't come back with any timeouts etc. then you are talking to the web server on the router.  Was suggesting this because then it will prove if you can get to it or not even if IE has a problem such as proxy settings etc.

It could also be administered using a different port, e.g. but not by default from the LAN side with any netgear I have used.

You could also just try telnet  and press Enter twice.  Not sure if that router can be telnetted to, my DG834 you have to enable telnet from the web pages first...


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