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    A client has a SharePoint intranet where documents and pictures are a large part of the usage. I was given the following user story:

    "A user goes to a Document Library on a site, chooses New Document from the ribbon, gets the dropdown of available templates, chooses the "xxxxx PowerPoint English" template and starts working on a new document. When they want to insert a picture in to that PowerPoint presentation they choose Insert, Picture and they get the dialogue where the default picture location is set to  [username]\My Pictures. This default folder should be a universal picture library that exists on the SharePoint intranet that has a lot of pictures specifically for presentations. This picture library has one URL, and every user has security access to read this folder."

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    ChrisRiis, the thing is that even if you open a PowerPoint file (or start a new one) from a SharePoint library, as soon as it opens, it's your local machine that's running the show. SharePoint cannot influence what your default location for images is, when you create a PowerPoint prezzo. The default location of your image folder is a setting in your Windows OS. If the default image folder needs to change depending on where a presentation originates from, there are a lot of follow up issue I can see ( for example, a PPT created locally is open and the default image folder is the user's image folder. Then a PPT from SharePoint is opened and the default image folder should point to a SharePoint image library -- there's the first conflict).

    As an alternative, I suggest that in addition to the My Documents\My Pictures folder, there should be a link to a central repository for company standard images. The rest is user training.

    Some things cannot be solved purely with technology. Sometimes you need to change people's behaviour. When it comes to SharePoint, change management is almost always as important as the site development.

    cheers, teylyn

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