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    I'm trying to install the remote admin tools on a 64-bit Windows 7 client. Every time I run the installation I get:

    Windows Update Standalone Installer
    Installer encountered an error: 0x8007000d
    The data is invalid.

    Searches on this error indicate to me that it is a problem with the installer, not the file being installed. I have retried downloading the admin tools file, and I tried the 32-bit version of it also(same error message). I've done a system file check and a few of the other things other people did to resolve this error on their systems.

    Can the WUSI be reinstalled in WIndows 7 or do I have to repair the whole thing? Any other ideas on how to fix this?


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    by:Posted on 2011-05-24 at 07:49:36ID: 35824392

    Just an update...

    The actual problem, it turns out, is that large files being downloaded to that location are stopping at about 140MB but claiming to be complete. Thus the WUSI error message when I try to run the file.  I downloaded and installed the Admin Remote Tools without problems at a different location.

    This is an entirely separate problem which is unrelated to the error message which I originally based this question on. If there are no objections I intend to cancel this question and post a new one relating to the download problem.

    thanks to all for your suggestions thus far.

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