fopen ("file", "wb") still writes cf-lf text files in VS2005

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    Using Visual Studio 2005 in pure C (no C++) I have problems with writing a binary file using fopen() and fputc(). Here is my little test program:

    int main (int argc, char* argv[])
          FILE *fp;
          fp = fopen ("crlf.tmp", "wb");
          fwrite ("abc\n", 1, 4, fp);
          fputc ('x', fp);
          fputc ('y', fp);
          fputc ('z', fp);
          fputc ('\n', fp);
          fclose (fp);
          return 0;

    When you look at the resulting file in a hex editor, in both cases the linefeeds are translated into a CR-LF pair. Which would be OK if the file was opened as default or as a text-file but not when it is opened in binary mode.

    This has for me been an ongoing problem. Last time I circumvented it by replacing my C-style file I/O with MS specific calls like CreateFile() and  ReadFile(). But this time I prefer to solve the problem "once and for all". :) Also I need this code to be platform independent and this problem doesn't occur on my Unix systems.

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    by:Posted on 2007-08-07 at 20:44:37ID: 19651302

    I ran the same code in a cpp win32 console project, no compile errors and it generated a the file without any CR only the LF character.

    What hex tool did you use to see if there are any CR's  in the file? The resulting filesize is 8 bytes. What do you see as the filesize? (6 bytes for the printable ascii and two newlines).

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