How to redirect to login page automatically, after session time out.

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How to redirect to login page automatically, after session time out?
In my web application, user logs in in the application, after a certain time (30 mins) session times out and login page appears only AFTER user action.
I would like to redirect the user back to the login screen automatically (before user performs any action) after session has timed out.

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I used following code in pagerender of masterpage.
 HttpContext.Current.Response.AppendHeader("Refresh", Convert.ToString(((HttpContext.Current.Session.Timeout * 60) - 5)) + "; Url=homepage.aspx")
Also, i have Session_Start/Session_end in global.asax.


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by:Posted on 2008-05-14 at 05:49:36ID: 21563505

function timeout(){window.location = ""}

call it in your html:
<body onload="setTimeout('timeout()', 5000)">

But you would still have to put this into every page... not sure how you are going to accomplish this without masterpages.

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