How to write a simple program in Python (opening files and parsing text)

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I recently was asked to become familar with Python.  I figure the best way to do that is to take a simple application in C/C++ and make it work in Python.  Hence, my questions are these:

1)  What makes Python different from C/C++?
2)  Will Python perform the same basic functions as C/C++ like opening files and string manipulations
3)  Is there an editor available for download that will enable me to test a product or do I need to purchase one?


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by:Posted on 2007-11-02 at 01:05:37ID: 20198822

O.K. People differ and use a different approach to solving things. "My editor" is the thing very close to the heart of the developer. Logical arguments do not work here as people have different expectations and feelings.

Another editor that I like and that supports Python sources is (free) jEdit  It is written in Java, thus cross-platform. Because of that (written in Java, as also Eclipse is) it is a bit slower than editors written in compiled languages, but (in my opinion) its friendliness to the user and the features overweight the negatives. It supports more than 130 (programming) languages and there is a lot of plugins that can make your life easier. Some people say it is not so heavy-weight as Eclipse. Read the reviews of jEdit at

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