Internet Gateway > Internet Connection' LIVE CALL WHAT IS THIS FOR ??

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I am running XP Home edition 2002 sp2

in my Network connections I found an
'Internet Gateway > Internet Connection'
which i am sure i have never seen before

when i viewed the properties of the  'Internet Connection'
icon it had a 'settings' button

clicking this opened a 'services' dialog which had 3 entries

livecall ( 21985 UDP
livecall ( 36069 TCP
MsnMsgr ( 4582 UDP

I unchecked these items and also 'disabled' this interent gateway and my internet still seems to be running fine

I do have SKYPE and MSN installed and i use SKYPE for VoiP
 Can anyone tell me whether these settings have allowed someone to access my PC ?

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by:Posted on 2007-07-31 at 13:16:16ID: 19603822

TCPView for Windows v2.4

GUI alternative to the old netstat -abn command.......

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