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Importing to Record from Excel

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I am trying to get some script together which will allow the data from a spreadsheet to be imported into a form. I will have a spreadsheet where the Office ID is in the first column, I will have a record open in notes which will have the Office in a field on the form. I want the system to look through each row of the spreadsheet and pull in the data if it matches the office ID on the open record. The code below is close but it forces me to separate the data for each office into its own tab. On the form I will have a series of fields in a table that the data will fall into. Below is just a basic layout where Import 1a..b..c would be the data that has matched this office ID from columns A,B,C in the spreadsheet. Hopefully what I am asking for amkes sense, appreciate any assistance.

Import1a  Import 1b  Import 1c
Import2a  Import 2b  Import 2c
Import3a  Import 3b  Import 3c
Import4a  Import 4b  Import 4c
Import5a  Import 5b  Import 5c

Sub Click(Source As Button)
      Dim session As New NotesSession
      Dim workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace
      Dim db As NotesDatabase
      Dim doc As NotesDocument
      Dim item As NotesItem
      Dim Filename As String
      Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
      Set uidoc = workspace.CurrentDocument
      Set doc = uidoc.Document
      Dim xlapp As Variant
      Dim xlsheet As Variant
      Dim x As Long
      Filename = "C:\dlm_refresh\dlm_refresh.xls"
'      Excel.Workbooks.Open Filename '// Open the Excel file
      Set xlapp = GetObject( Filename , "" )
      shtname= doc.office_id(0)   '  each sheet in excel is named with the agency 3-character id.  I pull this from the doc to locate the correct sheet.
      Set xlsheet = xlapp.WorkSheets( shtname )
      doc.userid1 = Clng(xlsheet.range("C2").value)
      doc.userid2 = Clng(xlsheet.range("C3").value)
      doc.userid3 = Clng(xlsheet.range("C4").value)
      doc.userid4 = Clng(xlsheet.range("C5").value)
      doc.userid5 = Clng(xlsheet.range("C6").value)
      doc.asset1 = Clng(xlsheet.range("B2").value)
      doc.asset2 = Clng(xlsheet.range("B3").value)
      doc.asset3 = Clng(xlsheet.range("B4").value)
      doc.asset4 = Clng(xlsheet.range("B5").value)
      doc.asset5 = Clng(xlsheet.range("B6").value)
      Call doc.save(True,True)
      Messagebox "Import done successfully."
      Set xls = Nothing
      Set sheet = Nothing
End Sub

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