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    My website, http://www.paulcareydesign.com, does not appear when searching with Google or another search engine unless one specifically enters "Paul Carey design" as search criteria.  Index.html features an image and my logo, which I like.  I have added a couple of <meta> tags that don't seem to make a difference (see code below).

    The "keywords" tag contains all the search terms that should direct a user to my page.

    As I mentioned, I don't want to change what is displayed (image & logo only).  What can I do?



    <meta name="Keywords" content="paul carey design, theatre portfolio, theater portfolio, design portfolio, costume design, New York City, costume designer, opera, dance" />
    <meta name="Description" content="Paul Carey Design is the online portfolio for all of Paul Carey's theatrical design work. Paul Carey is based in New York City. Photos and information include all the theatrical costume design work of Paul Carey." />

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    by:Posted on 2009-11-17 at 13:22:01ID: 25844327

    Hi Paul,

    Search Engines have changed over the years so that they really don't use the meta keywords tag at all and they don't use the meta description for ranking purposes.  


    What the search engines do use is content (text) and the number of links pointing towards your site.  You need to have both to rank for competitive keywords.  If you don't want to add text to your index file, then this probably won't rank (even if you have a lot of links) because there is no content for search engines to associate the page with.  This doesn't mean that other pages on your site can't rank for keywords, but it will be a lot harder to get those pages to rank as it is harder to get links to those pages.

    I wrote a couple articles that would probably be helpful for you:


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