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    OK - If I had any hair I'd be pulling it out by now.
    I've just been asked to look at a small domain which was set up for a small business. A previous Admin, at the owners request, blocked access to Facebook. There has now been a change in policy and it has been decided to remove the block.

    The issue is that I can't see where/how it was blocked. Its a very simple set-up. One 2008 DC and Windows 7 clients. The DC providing the DNS and forwarding to the ISPs DNS, no proxy server.

    I've checked group policies and can't find anything
    I've checked DNS for entries on the DC and can't find anything
    I've checked the local machine hosts file and there is nothing.

    Yet when I try to go to facebook I just get 'Internet Explorer Cannot display the web page'
    If I run the diagnostic from the page it just reports that it can't diagnose the problem.

    If I try to access Facebook from Chrome I get 'This webpage is not available'

    Any suggestions on where to look next ?
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    by:Posted on 2012-11-06 at 01:17:55ID: 38570907

    IP resolved the issue - not sure what they did - they're reluctant to say - but it was a problem at their end which has now been sorted
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