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John Hurst

Member Since 2008

7,098 Accepted Solutions

16 Articles

101 Experts Exchange Certifications

"I make every effort to help people; as a result, I keep my critical thinking skills high and I am rewarded for the effort I put in."
Rob Jurd

Member Since 2007

1,463 Accepted Solutions

7 Articles

24 Experts Exchange Certifications

"It helps me stay in the game... There's also the satisfaction of helping other people get to the solution through imparting what I know onto them. The community is great; these are people I consider my friends."
Vikram Singh Saini

Member Since 2010

276 Accepted Solutions

4 Experts Exchange Certifications

1 Tech Certification

"For me it boosts my confidence knowing that I'm still capable of solving tech problems. I can earn more as freelancer from these experiences. I learned how to fix website and software issues in less time."

Member Since 2003

451 Accepted Solutions

2 Articles

11 Experts Exchange Certifications

"I initially started answering questions in order to improve my CV/Resume; I never thought I would actually get two job offers from it (one of them full time). So for me, this is really a success story."
Jitendra Patil

Member Since 2013

127 Accepted Solutions

3 Experts Exchange Certifications

"I want the recognition of being a knowledgeable professional, as this will help to secure job opportunities and earn the respect of my colleagues. Of course, I like free stuff; the T-Shirts are cool."
Rodney Barnhardt

Member Since 2004

806 Accepted Solutions

1 Article

13 Experts Exchange Certifications

1 Tech Certification

"The good thing about Experts Exchange is that usually the problems are real, from real people and real projects, and that gives me: • Solutions to real-world problems, not just theory. • Information on what technologies are giving people the most troubles. This has been really useful to know when I need to train new people."
Simon Adept

Member Since 2005

352 Accepted Solutions

6 Experts Exchange Certifications

1 Tech Certification

"I contribute because I like helping people, solving problems, and having access to solved questions on EE via earning premium membership. This proves to be helpful when I have to occasionally deal with issues that are outside my own limited area of expertise."
Guy Hengel

Member Since 2000

31,185 Accepted Solutions

10 Articles

70 Experts Exchange Certifications

6 Tech Certifications

"Yesterday, I got a nice note from someone who had changed his entire career because 11 years ago I had taken the time to explain plan analysis to him in a way he could understand. Now, he’s a very good Oracle DBA and earning 2-3x what he would have earned staying in the job he was then."
Phillip Burton

Member Since 2014

572 Accepted Solutions

9 Experts Exchange Certifications

4 Tech Certifications

"I used to help out a while ago. Now, because of the qualifications I’m getting in SQL Server, I want to build up some more experience before searching for a new job. Answering questions will help my CV because it proves that I do have the experience in this field."

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