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    I am developing forms using Oracle Form Builder These forms are going to be integrated in a Datastream application (MP7) in a company that has installed LINUX. I develop in a Windows 2000 environment, and then i compile my forms and work fine. But now i don't know what to do to take them to the client company. Should i take the fmb files and recompile them? Which command should i use to recompile? In which directory can i find it once i am in that linux environment? Where can i find the configuration files to see the forms and reports paths?

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    In case you can't access the above link I've cut and pasted the relevant text below.

    Here is Note:266731.1 from Metalink: Troubleshooting FRM-91500 When Compiling/ Generating Forms Modules


    To provide some troubleshooting and solutions to the generic FRM-91500 error.

    This is a generic error which can occur when compiling or generating forms application modules typically in a Unix environment.


    This article applies to:

    Oracle 9iDS / 9iAS Rel 1 Forms 6i (6.0.8)

    Oracle 9iDS / 9iAS Rel 2 Forms 9i (9.0.2)

    Oracle Developer Suite / Application Server Forms 10g (9.0.4)

    Platform : Unix

    Target Audience: Support Engineers, Consultants, System Administrators,DBAs and Developers

    FRM-91500 Unable to Start / Complete Build

    The executables that can produce the FRM-91500 error are :

    Forms 9i / 10g Compiler : or f90genm or f90gen

    Forms 9i / 10g Builder : f90desm

    Forms 6i Compiler : f60genm or f60gen

    Forms 6i Builder : f60desm

    The FRM-91500 error message is very generic, but it can have a number of different causes. The error gives no clues as to begin troubleshooting.
    Typically, however, the fault lies in the environment/ operating system setup.
    In this respect, the following settings should be checked and considered:


    DISPLAY and Motif library version

    NLS_LANG and the characterset used,

    TERM and / or ORACLE_TERM

    Hints / Recommendations:

    1. There are example environment variable setup shell scripts supplied as part of the default Forms install e.g Forms 6i:

    Oracle 9iAS Rel 1




    Choose a script and edit it so values for the ORACLE_HOME and DISPLAY settings are correct. Then run the script before issuing the f60gen or f60genm command


    unixprompt:>. ./

    Forms 9i / 10g:

    The environment setup is actually provided in the shell script.
    Edit this shell script so values for the ORACLE_HOME and DISPLAY settings are correct. Then use rather than f90genm or f90gen to compile/ generate forms modules.

    2. Check that the machine / environment complies with the 'System/ Software Requirements' as stated in the product Installation Guide


    Oracle? Application Server 10g Installation Guide 10g (9.0.4) for Solaris Operating System (SPARC)

    Oracle? Application Server 10g Installation Guide 10g (9.0.4) for AIX-Based Systems, hp HP-UX PA-RISC (64-bit), hp Tru64 UNIX, and Linux x86

    Oracle? Developer Suite Installation Guide 10g (9.0.4) for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX

    Oracle9i Application Server Installation Guide Release 2 (9.0.2) for AIX-Based Systems, Compaq Tru64 UNIX,HP 9000 Series HP-UX, and Linux Intel

    Oracle9i Application Server Installation Guide Release 2 (9.0.2) for Sun SPARC Solaris

    Oracle9i Developer Suite Installation Guide Release 2 (9.0.2) for Windows and UNIX

    For Oracle 9iAS / 9iDS Rel 1 documentation - see Documentation links on OTN

    In particular, be sure that the correct Motif packages are installed and being used.


    ORACLE_HOME environment variable must refer to the directory structure where Oracle Forms is installed e.g

    Oracle 9iAS Rel 2 BI Forms Middle Tier

    The LD_LIBRARY_PATH should then include $ORACLE_HOME/lib before any other directories referenced in this setting

    Useful Reference:

    Note:160656.1 Error FRM-91500 Using f60gen with ORACLE_HOME set to Database Server directory.

    DISPLAY Setting and Motif version :

    The DISPLAY environment variable must be set to a valid value when using f60genm or f90genm /

    Hint: Having set DISPLAY check that it works by running a simple x-windows command such as xclock or xterm


    unixprompt:> xclock &

    An xclock should appear on the monitor / device to which DISPLAY is pointing

    Also beware some known issues with Motif library versions on Linux and xVfb emulation software.

    Useful References:

    Note:160450.1 FRM-91500 on Compiling a Form Needs DISPLAY Variable.

    Note:262442.1 Error FRM-91500 Running Forms 9i Compiler ( on Linux x86.

    Note:219756.1 Compiling Forms Using F60GENM Gives FRM-91500 When Using xVfb On AIX

    NLS_LANG - characterset Settings :

    This variable should be set to a valid NLS_LANG.

    If WE8ISO8859P15 or UTF8 characterset are used some changes in the tk2Motif.rgb file are required.

    Useful References:

    Note:1075912.6 Troubleshooting FRM-91111

    Note:210528.1 Trying to Generate a Form with WE8ISO8859P15 Character Set fails with FRM-91500

    TERM, ORACLE_TERM settings:

    The ORACLE_TERM and/or TERM environment variable must be set to valid value when using the character mode version of the compiler i.e f60gen / f90gen


    ORACLE_TERM=vt220; export ORACLE_TERM

    TERM=vt220; export TERM

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