How do I add a login to the "sysadmin" server role?

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    I am having trouble with the following scenario:

    Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, and Team Foundation Server all running on one machine.

    I am trying to create a maintenance plan to backup the TFS databases. In order to do that I have to be able to work in the SQL Management Studio with an account that is a member of the "sysadmin" server role.

    The only member of the "sysadmin" server role is the "SA" account. The "SA" account password was left blank during install. When I try to add a new login (my domain admin account in this case) to the "sysadmin" server role I recieve the error message noted in "ERROR MESSAGE 1" below.

    If I try to log into the SQL Management Studio with the SA account via the SQL Authentication mode I receive the error message noted in "ERROR MESSAGE 2" below.

    My goal is to either:

    (A) Add another login to the "sysadmin" role
    (B) Login to the SQL Management Studio with the "SA" account

    Please help! Thank you.

    Add member failed for ServerRole 'sysadmin'. (Microsoft SqlServer.Smo).
    |_  An Exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch.
        |_ User does not have permission to perform this action. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 15247)
    Cannot connect to <INSTANCENAME>
    |_ Login failed for user 'SA'. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456)

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    by:Posted on 2009-02-20 at 12:46:20ID: 23695995

    No, the ONLY member of the "sysadmins" group is the "SA" account.

    The "SA" account has it's login abilities disabled.

    What it seems like I am going to have to do is to start cycle the service and put it in matainence mode and then use a local admin account to run a "sp_addsrvrolemember" command.

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