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Recommend intrusion detection/prevention software for Windows Server?

Hi, I support a number of Windows Server 2008 R2 installations for very small businesses.  I'm …
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Setup DHCP on VLAN on Cisco Router/HP Switches

Hi all, A bit new to HP switches and Cisco routers but i've got a load of WAP's that give me the …

iPhone App To Record Telephone Conversations

Hello Experts, Can someone let me know of any iPhone Apps that will allow me record …

Invalid connection string attribute

I'm trying to connect to my database, but get the following error Run-time …

Removing On-Prem Users synced with O365

I have taken over looking after a customer who have an on-premise domain with mailboxes in Office …

Exchange 2010 envoie des spams

Bonjour à tous, j'ai un petit souci sur un serveur Exchange 2010 hébergé dans un SBS 2011. Depuis…

we need HA solution for bank using HPMSA p2000 what exactly devices needed

A bank using san of HP MSA p2000 would like a affordable HA solution for its servers (physical …
Exchange 2010 store.exe and MSExchangePowerShellAppPool consuming large amounts of RAM Windows …

Plugin Container error in Firefox, Chrome

Dear Wizards, I got this error when browsing vCenter; Adobe Flash player was installed with latest …

Excel Cannot complete this task with available resources

Hi there Experts, I have an Excel workbook with various Formulas and it is expanded from cell A1 …
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Trouble connecting Mellanox Connect x3 to Cisco Nexus N5K-C5672UP using QSFP+

We have a Cisco Nexus N5K-C5672UP switch with Cisco QSFP-40G-SR-BD= transceivers. The switch is …

Veeam Backup and Restore

(CODE)When create backup / replication job on File and Exchange sever, should I click "Enable …

How to generate a report for Top Emails Senders

Good day we have Exchange server and Symantec message lab. i need to generate a report to see …

vba to find text in text string and retuern value in next column

Hi Experts, Please can i get your help as me and a coleaugue cant fathom a formula or VBA to …

Please help, i Got stuck a Month to publish a visual studio project (a browser build from geckofx firefox)

Thank you fo spending time read my post! This is project with .sln file …

Looking for the best available open source Business Intelligent Tools (BI Tools).

Hi experts, I’m looking for any available open source BI Tool (Business Intelligent) which having…

extract certificate from wildcard-cert

Hi Experts, I have bought a wildcard certificate from COMODO. Now I need a certificate for my …

Outlook 2016 Add field to search

Hi, How can add a new field to the search box (image attached) in Outlook 2016. I need add a new …

unable to install openfiler in vmware workstation12

Hi all, while installing openfiler (iso file) i am getting error as you may reboot your system…
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Sales Invoice Reprint

For control purpose I was thinking that, if  a sales tax invoice is approved in the application then…

Windows Scheduler "wait" command

I'm running a Win 10 PC that plays different music sources (using wmplayer) during the day - …

Exchange Server 2013 Admin consol

Hi, I am not able login Exchange Admin Center . I have installed SSL certificate yesterday but…

Exchange 2016 & 2010 coexistence Outlook credential pop up

Hi there, I have read many articles about this but I cannot find the solution (I'm probably doing…

The security certificate will be expired in xxx days

Hello We are using AVAYA IP Phones. When I open AVAYA IP Office Manager, I get the following …
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