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Calling rocket_clean_post function from a desktop application

I have a Windows Forms application running on a user's desktop. This application updates a MySQL …
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Extract the data based on text colour

Hi Team, I just wanted to find the way to solve the below problem using VBA. I have …

XML in Powershell - beginning

XML in Powershell for beginners :) I have the following XML structure: (CODE) (read XML) …

Crystal 8.5 and VB 6 -recordselectionformula and OR SQL QUERY

VB 6 and 8.5 crystal I am using  . recordselectionformula and have this in the code Dim rs1 = …

deserialze object to float[,] in Javascript or Jquery

I'm pushing a C# object to a javascript function The c# object is declared as (CODE) and looks …

Include file in c#

Hi, I have a cs file. There are connection string, folder path in that cs file. Is there a some …

how hard is upgrading Windows WSFC prior to Windows 2016 ?

from this link: …

Hello all my company has 3 branches, all branches connect to internet by PPPoE with dynamic ip address l would like to configure DMVPN and IPsec do you have any solution about this ?

Hello all my company has 3 branches, all branches connect to internet by PPPoE with dynamic ip …

access C# object from Javascript - need help converting to the correct object in JS

I have an object in c# which is (CODE) it looks like this: I'm calling this in c# …

wsus reporting

I need to present the computer status tabular reports in form of pie charts and then have the report…
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Can any one suggest the best Monitoring & Reporting Tool (Ex:vRops) for VIO-VMware Integrated OpenStack .

Dear Techmates, Can any one suggest the best Monitoring & Reporting Tool (Ex:vRops) for …

Slw boot up and performance after upgrade from Windows 10 (1703) to Windows 10 creators fall update (1709) Lenovo new laptop

Lenovo Yoga 370 laptop slow to boot up after upgrade to Windows 10 Creators fall Update (version …

Merge SQL Data

I have a SQL server with a linked server (Non-SQL).  The linked server is connected over a WAN and … Automatically convert a Nothing value into something else

Hi In is there a way to automatically convert a "Nothing" value into something else? For …

I cannot login to a Hyper-V Server

I have a hyper v server that has the error: "There are no logon servers currently available." Any …

Outlook 2016 connectivity to Office 365. DNS or autodiscover problem?

I have the problem that I cannot connect and Outlook 2016 to Office 365, autodiscover doesn't seem …

overlaying existing image with semi transparent image

I have a radiometric image which a heat sensing camera is pointed at I need to read the heat data…

Minimal permission required to run a Get-WmiObject command

Hello, I would like to set a job to run below script by a service ID, to extract users …

No option to schedule a meeting in microsoft teams

I am using MS teams and noticed there is no option to schedule a meeting. The option is on in the …
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Reference to database and/or server name in 'MASTER.dbo.xp_regread' is not supported in this version of SQL Server

Reference to database and/or server name in 'MASTER.dbo.xp_regread' is not supported in this version…


how to VPN lan to lan in TMG 2010 and Drayteck 2925n. Please help me! Thank

Time Field have extra detail

Time field in crystal report contains, an integer value along with time. I used function, Time to …

Invalid character in set-cookie ?

What is the invalid character in this set-Cookie value? Response header 'Set-Cookie' value of …

Replace column value into another column value in the report

(CODE) I want to generate the report by replace the RC code where the value of 81001 in report is …

Import mail addresses from mail into outlook address book

We had a computer disk malfunction, and system died. All files were OK, and mails are on IMAP, so …
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