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MSGraph some times work and not - automation error

Hi, MS Graph seems to be a never ending story. I use it for an Access application since many …
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How to summarize SQL search query with different DayID into a single row?

There is an SQL statement I'm working on which involves pivot function as seen below: (CODE) …

cant access filewitness server error code 0x80004005

Hi , I started facing an issue since this morning. One of my dag members cant access fileshare…

remove only 3 or more char not two


requesting leave

i need to write a letter to request for a leave for 5 as my parents are visiting me,  i will be …

LINQ Query with Two Select statements

I want output like (CODE) Query Example (CODE) with my LINQ query. Here only second …

What is the best Video Calling Application?

iMessage vs FaceTime vs Skype vs Messenger Google Duo vs FaceTime vs Skype vs Messenger vs …

Online collaboration and training tool freeware

I am looking for an online collaboration tool for small teams and training

Solution Required

Dear Gurus, Please advise for the below template , I want automation in the excel sheet . 1.…

AutoHot Key won't start up

Hi, I am trying to get the AutoHot Key shortcut to work on my new computer but not having any luck. …
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Codeigniter - Searching for records between two dates 1064 error

I keep getting this error every time I go to the chargeticket_list page. Controller (CODE)

cannot connect to esxi from vsphere

installed esxi 6.5 on pc (ip installed vsphere 6.3 on workstation (ip …

workgroup printer sharing

I'm working with a client that has a standard AT&T wireless router. He has 4 computers in his …

Anyone's used jqGrid? (code works)

I don't know how this section of the grid works. 1. I have a jqGrid like this (CODE) 2. It …

Add share button to live web app

I have a web app made in PHP and JavaScript that is showing a mix of graph (made with D3 and C3) and…

Duplicate rows

I have two table a and b a (empid,name,dep) b(b_id,empid,dep_move,month) Example   a values …

How to use O365 credentials on local AD domain machines

I need a tutorial on converting or creating a local AD domain as a subdomain of the .public COM …

Add new 2016 Certificate Authority and remove expired 2008 R2 Certificate Authority

Our old CA server needs to be decommissioned. The Root certificate is expired and all issued …

Windows 10 controlling forced updates

Windows 10, NEED to disable updates. I have previously used a GPO to disable Win10 updates as …

Scroll main content over Header that has variable height

Hi, I want to use fixed position and z-index to have one section scroll over another section like …

Cannot Edit an Single Instance of an Outlook 2010 Calendar Event

Greeting wise wizards of EE: I'm helping a friend with Outlook 2010, with a simple IMAP email …
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