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Bitbucket questions

I am new to using bitbucket and have a question.   #1  If there is a line in the code that I have…
[Webinar] Database Backup and Recovery

Does your company store data on premises, off site, in the cloud, or a combination of these? If you answered “yes”, you need a data backup recovery plan that fits each and every platform. Watch now as as Percona teaches us how to build agile data backup recovery plan.

From Access  Delete all rows in excel worksheet but not cell formats

Access 2010 Excel 2010 I'm trying to get to an excel workbook(without actually opening it), and…

Printer that will print on 105 x 200 mm slips

Good evening, A client of mine needs a printer that will print on plain paper slips that are 105 …

t-sql extract characters to the left and right of specific character

I have the following data example: text 1.234 X 5.678 abc text 1.234X5.678 abc text 1.2X 5.6 abc …

Audio/Visual wireless/physical connection for PCs and MACs

I'm having a lot of problems with both PCs and Macs being able to display their computers to the …

Change LSI SAS to Paravirtual iSCSI Controller

I have a VM that has various RDM disks presented to its LSI SAS SCSI Controller. I need to change …

34" Curved Monitor suggestions

What is your personal experience with curved monitors?  Looking for suggestions in the $600 to $1000…

P2V on a physical server down time concerns

I will be P2V'ing a Dell R410 Server with 1TB Hardrive.  I will be doing a Remote hot cloning, i.e.,…

Average LAST 6 values (Excluding ones with X in column A

Hi, at the moment I use... =AVERAGE(OFFSET(N21,COUNT(N1:N90),0,-7)) To average the LAST 6 values …
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Outlook 2010 VBA Object required Error

This is my first question here so bear with me. I have an Outlook/VBA issue that is driving me …

Understanding mimecast

I saw at the bottom of a printed PDF of an email, the long URL of …

Link Server between MS SQL SERVER 2008 R2 and DB2

Hello,   I need to create a Link Server between MS SQL Server and DB2.  The DB2 version is …

Best way to copy a selected record on a continuous form to a separate table

I have a continuous form that displays records from a table that is the record source.  For each …

Cannot install Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services

Hi, Background. Server 2008 R2 domain New 2016 server 2008 server currently has RDS services…

Structured Exception Handling

Hi, We are currently in the first stages of extensive application rewrites from Access VBA & …

Autofitting row height using vlookup to fill cells

For a Mac OSX software program, Does clicking the red ball to close window mean cancel edits or save edits but close window?

I have a document based app but I have secondary windows with grids for entering data that are …
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exchnage, outlook

one excel attachment is getting denied at recipient mail server. while blank excel attachment goes …

SQL SSIS Package

In my SQL SSIS package, I have exported some data to file. I want to export to a file with …

Exchange Online Public Folder batch migration

Migrating PF's from exchange 2010 to exchange online 2013 using Microsoft batch method:  …

reducing backup space taken by OS400 audit journal receiver

I'm not trained in AS400. We don't use tapes anymore but backup to a remote Data Domain. AS400's…
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