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Prevent clients from assuming a DNS server's IP Address

A fist time experience for me happened yesterday. My environment is using static IP Addresses for …
Cloud Class® Course: Amazon Web Services - Basic

Are you thinking about creating an Amazon Web Services account for your business? Not sure where to start? In this course you’ll get an overview of the history of AWS and take a tour of their user interface.


i have at present group policy for outlook 2010 on my active directory. we are upgrading from …

Port 25 stops responding after several hours in Exhanger Server 2010 - no incoming or outgoing mail and none showing in queues

I updated exchange server 2010 a few days ago with monthly security rollups and have been having a …

Implementing a ResolveEventHandler in C++

Hi, I've read the following post …
The CloudEndureVolumeUpdater service has stopped: process exited unexpectedly On windows server 2012…

Problem exporting Exchange 2016 to PST files for all users

I am having difficulty running the MailboxExportRequest command on 2 new 2016 Exchange servers. It …

Help remove (or make invisible when print to Pdf) a left border in Word file

Refer to EE post at url …

CAS, .NET Code access security

In .NET does Codes Access security provided safety for all programming languages, including …

How to delete page from PDF file via ACCESS 2013 VBA

I have a temporary PDF file with one blank page that I need to manipulate with Access VBA 2013.  I …

Angular Material Table

I want to use new angulat material table to show my produkt data. I was unsing old table perfectly …
Cloud Class® Course: CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ Basic training course will teach you about cloud concepts and models, data storage, networking, and network infrastructure.

Cisco IP Phone 8851 will not grab a network connection.

Cisco 8851 phone not detected into the network. When I plug the phone directly into the switch in …

Moving Old Win7 Boot Camp system on 2008 Mac Pro Tower to New iMac

I want to move an existing Win7 Boot Camp system to new Mac computer. I'm now using a 2008 Mac …

Hiding/displaying two edit controls by button click

Hello , I want to display two edit controls by clicking on button . in te first one , the two edit …

Free or low-cost cloud

Anyone can share any free or low cost cloud services for me to run scripts (ideally 64-bit VMs)

Bitcoin mining script : can anyone share one

Anyone can share an efficient script (Javascript or any other) that does BitCoin mining?

Oracle Year/Month validation!

Hi Expert, I need is a PL/SQL function (ex:: input like "29-Feb-1992" ) which can return me …

Adding properties ... what am I missing?

On this page: This code basically adds …

Needs to create user mailbox from only one shown suffix and others should not show/hide.

I have a requirements in exchange Server 2016 related UPN Suffices.  In Details make a scenario as,…

DHCP on windows server or Cisco ASA?

We have s small network with 30 computers , fileserver, two DC's, Hyperv, Cisco Switches and …
Cloud Class® Course: Ruby Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to Ruby, as well as teach you about classes, methods, variables, data structures, loops, enumerable methods, and finishing touches.

Modify sumproduct to the power of formula

Hi, I need a formula modified. Please refer to attachment. The answers provided are correct to …

BYOD and Secure Mobile Computing

The biggest challenges when it comes to mobile security: protection, integration and visibility.

Cannot add new node to DAG exchange 2016

Dear All, A few weeks ago i have remove one node (EX5) from my DAG manually. After complete the …

Desktop Vs Web Application

Desktop Vs Web Application I would like to know if Nowadays there is any difference between …

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