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MS Access VBA Button Create new file for Backup only Tables

Hi every one, I have this code below is working fine for backing up the file to a new file name is…
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Root check false positives in Miui Xiaomi mobiles

My company is developing a mobile App, and it is advised to block Rooted machine from using it. The …

Are software instruments soulless rubbish?

Hi I'm lined up to record my music at a quality studio. A few bars in my songs are pretty tough …

SSRS 2005 Multi-Section Report

-- Need help with this report layout Title Job# appears -- only once Piece List -- May have …

Modal Popup from HTML File

Hello There i am a programmer by trade.  But now I am  coding some javascript and am …

Need help on router configuration, unencrypted networks

Hi A network error on my Macbook says, at home wifi router, concerning traffic "Unsecure …

Regular Expression validate SSN

How come the following does not work? What am I doing wrong? (CODE) …

RPT|O vs RPT|M in grep

hi, In grep statements what is difference bewteen below two grep RPT|O|EntityBean filename vs…

Salesforce SSO configuration with ADFS

Hi Guys, We have configured the ADFS server with salesforce for SSO. All was working ok, since …

An internal error occurred during: "Updating workspace". assertion failed: Mismatched begin/endOperation

Hi, I imported one project as existing maven project. I am seeing below error while adding tomcat…
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Run time Error

Can you please tell me why I am getting this error? (CODE)

Powershell Script - Email Results of a Morning Ping check of Printers and PC's

Hi All, I have a script that I run each morning, I would like to alter the format so that the …

Please help Unable to reach outside network

Today we were doing a new firewall install, the old firewall is a cisco ASA 5510 that was going to …

Why do I get double values?

Trying to rewrite a script that worked well with php 5.6 to get it to work with php 7.1. It gives …

Need to disable "maximize-on-top-drag"

EE, I have a client who, all of sudden, now has a problem when she attempts to move/drag a …

Password on C Drive

Can you please tell me where I go to remove this password on that computer? I am using windows 7 32 …

Password issue

I installed a password program on  Linux Ubuntu and have been away from this computer for about six …

Formatting a drive using FAT 32

I have a USB drive that I need to format Fat32 in Win 7. On my Win7 box I only have the option to …

Word: Save As PDF - A footer is set outside the printable area of the page

When I use Save As PDF I get this error on many sections and have clicked Yes, since this is a trial…
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OS? Systems not loading?

hi experts,  I have a laptop and I don't even know what OS it's on it, a friend just brought it …

Word (Mac) 2017: Need different style for left side vs. right side

I have a Word Document for my book and need to tweak the style of the pages on the left side versus …

Creating PDF Files problem

I photographed 50 pages of a document and I tried to convert the 50 jpg files into a PDF document …

tkinter GUI using MySQLdb Insert Data

I tried to Run but DB not connected i am using Xampp mysql server,  any idea for this? Send …

Python Mysql data insert using Tkinter Gul Design

from MySQLdb import * from Tkinter import * #Standard Imports (IMO) import sys, random, math …

Migrating room and shared mailboxes fails using the 0365 migration wizard

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