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IBM AS400 PDF generation with AFPRSC using PNG or EPS file?

Hi All, I would like to include the PNG file or EPS file via AFPRSC to generate the PDF. Is it …
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I have 8 lenovo tablets and I want them to be all exactly the same.  Same apps, same wallpaper, …

Excel to break and total two columns on every new number in column A (VM).

Excel to break on every new number (VM) and total 2 columns (T Count and U Count) . I have 150 VM …

How to setup a secure ftp server on Windows server?

This is using MS Windows Server 2012 R2. We intend to setup a ftp server for uploading/downloading …

Show Each Date Within a Range

Hi Experts! Hoping someone can help me out here with an interesting MS Excel problem as below: …

PayPal Sandbox StoredCreditCard Payment Fails Sometimes ?!

I'm using PayPal SDK to create instant payment. The code is below (CODE) Getting …

Search excel for character *

How do I search in excel for a string with *  ( For example  column A has a value  *a . The problem …

Remote powershell problems

My powershell-fu is weak, I work primarily with Linux but we took on an exchange project. I'm having…

CSS Wordpress header help

I have an Image with 3 logo's which is in a widget in my header.  I want the image to stay to the …

How to Live Plot Streaming Twitter Data Using Python

I ran across some python code that allows continuous, live plotting of twitter stream data and …
Free Tool: Site Down Detector

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Draw a line while pressed mouse is moved over the canvas

Code below is  drawing line by mowing mouse on canvas while  left mouse button is pressed . My needs…

DBCC Shrink File issues unable to locate file.

Hi EE, I am having troubles with shrinking a database log file when I run the following command: …

How to set default file associations in windows 10 v1709

I am deploying windows 10 v1709 desktops in a school, for staff and students.  (We use Horizon view,…

select 3nbase pairs repeat

need identify the pairs that  appear more than one in ddbro 3 weeks range here the file

Excel Time stamp issue

I need to place a time stamp in A1 when I place a check in B2. But I can't figure out how to keep … convert command line to C#

This is the command line that I am needing to convert: [code]convert maggie.jpg lisa.jpg bart.jpg…

Lenovo T470 - Can I replace my PCIe NVme with a SATA SSD?

I have a Lenovo T470 with a 256GB PCI Nvme and I'd like to get "downgrade" to a 1TB SATA SSD. I …

The vm machines cannot connect to SAN?

Hi, I heard that the VM machines cannot connect to SAN (Storage Area Network) ; they can connect …

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Error in SSIS Package

Can you please tell me where that error is? (CODE)

How can i fetch uploaded images in web server and also delete the ones i don't want?

I am uploading images in the "images" folder on my web server and I want all uploaded images to be …

How to add run script phase to Xamarin.ios

Hello I need to do this for Xamarin.ios project As I need to remove emulator architectures . Here …

im trying to unlock a usb flash can you help?

please help me to unlock this usb flash

What is the network cables for SAN?

Hi, In the server room, there is SAN (Storage Area Network). Question: What network cables are…
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