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Access non-standard MySQL tables from WordPress Plugin

A friend, who knows WordPress but not what goes on "under the hood" created the basics of a site …
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How to scrape non-page source data client side on a PC

hi, Many web pages contain information that is not stored in the source code for the page, eg …

Adapter that connects M.2 SATA drives to SATA cables

I'm looking for some adapters that will allow me to connect and boot from M.2 SATA drives by …

SBS2011 Migration to Hyper-V

Hi,   I have a physical SBS2011 box and like to move to Hyper-V. For testing, I created three …

Access database online

Hello, We use a lot of access databases and want to make them available to people in the field.…

How do you open port 1434?

I need instruictions on how to open port 1434

I need a  PowerShell Script to Read  a particular Registry values from 1000 servers.

Hi Team, I need a Script to Read  a particular Registry values from 1000 servers via Powershell

Norton Antivirus

Will it Possible to remove and Guard All Spyware and Malicious Activities with the Help of

Windows 10 Computer goes to sleep

Hi,  I have a domain-joined HP computer running Windows 10 Pro.  This computer went to sleep on …

Different stacking cables for Juniper switches

Anyone familiar with Juniper stacking cables?  I got this cable from Amazon for Juniper EX4300 …
The 14th Annual Expert Award Winners

The results are in! Meet the top members of our 2017 Expert Awards. Congratulations to all who qualified!

Need to shrink the size of all images files in a folder

Need to shrink the size of all images files in a folder I have a folder with high res. pictures …

How to remove unicode characters from csv file?

How to remove the unicode characters from csv file using Python 3?

All email going to Poison Queue in Exchange 2106

I set up a new domain and a new Exchange 2016 server and noticed that no email is being delivered to…

Need to run 32-bit Internet Explorer with Win10

I have an application that requires using the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer.  I've upgraded to…

Finding systems using SMB1?

Hi Experts, Is there a easy way to detect systems on my network using SMB1?  I see that it is …

Wget problem

I have run this for 2 years without problem wget …

Wordpress : TypeError: $ is not a function.

Hello, I am getting the Wordpress error  "TypeError: $ is not a function. (In '$( "#the_cat" …

Autodiscover works externally with Outlook 2016, but not works with Outlook 2013

I have a hybrid env with Exchange 2010 and Office 365. When I create a mailbox on Exchange 2010 …

Script to copy files to a folder

Looking for a script that can copy files into a folder... The folder name is today’s date based on …
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What happens when I change the Names servers for a domain?

Hi I have a shared hosting account and host domain name mostly for friends and clubs. I have …

some file in my computer i don't creating

hi i have some  file in my windows  in C://   i want to deleted  cuz   creating  for 3 days ago    …

User sees "Contacting the server for information" and a security warning when using Outlook 2016.

One our users is reporting seeing a message in Outlook 2016. I've pasted her message to us below. I …

Create a file that contains your favorite movie quote. Use a text editor such as Notepad and save the file as Quote.txt. Copy the file contents and paste them into a word-processing program such as Wo

Create a file that contains your favorite movie quote. Use a text editor such as Notepad and save …

Bounce back on external email to group

Hello everyone, Once again, asking for help. I set up a distro group with external email address.…

Add keystore to pom.xml

I got two key stores from the customer.  One for encryption and one signing.   I'm new to Java (2 …
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