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oracle SQL calculate difference between each HOLD & HOLD_RELEASE

Dear Experts,  I need help to create a view from the following table, the view contain 2 columns …
Cloud Class® Course: Certified Penetration Testing

This CPTE Certified Penetration Testing Engineer course covers everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Penetration Testing Engineer. Career Path: Professional roles include Ethical Hackers, Security Consultants, System Administrators, and Chief Security Officers.

Getting rid of this popup.

This page opens when we open IE. When we turn on the computer there is a popup lower right. Maybe…

AD Audit

Hi All, I wanted to know how to audit Active Directory's setup in determining where a security …

Manually copy SYSVOL and NETLOGON?

I have a new Server 2016 machine on the same domain as an old SBS2008 machine. I have joined the …

HP wireless printer not connecting

I have an HP Wireless Printer that connects after rebooting my laptop and printer but it then loses …

MS Access VBA opening file causes warning message - how to disable warning

MS Access 2013 Using VBA; Application.FollowHyperlink to open file from network share.  This…

I have the OMNI2 20.0 megapixels HD that I am not able to record a voice when in video mode (I think)---any suggestions besides get a new camera?

I have the OMNI2 20.0 megapixels HD that I am not able to record a voice when in video mode (I …

GPO Outlook @ Book

Please I want to Update the address book on all outlook PCs, for that, Where is the setting gpo or …

Benchmark Application for Apple Macs?

Can anyone recommend a Performance Test Benchmark software for Apple Mac's running OS X? I'd like…

I need to use the sumif function to do the summation for each change in column z in the attached excel sheet

I need to use the sumif function to do the summation for each change in column z in the attached …
Cloud Class® Course: CompTIA Healthcare IT Tech

This course will help prep you to earn the CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician certification showing that you have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in installing, managing, and troubleshooting IT systems in medical and clinical settings.

Remove bookmarks in selection within table

I’ve been working on the ‘Delete_All_Bookmarks_in_Selection’ macro so that I can remove all …

How to display a table with alternating row colors when some rows are not visible

I have a table with rows that I hide and show using the jQuery functions show() and hide(). I have …

Electron method not working properly

Hello, I want to make localization for my electron app. It works, if I use the second countryCode, …

Download a Word document from Access

I need to be able to find a Word document on a web domain, edit it and then save those changes, …

Last Logged On Time from Exchange Shell stats different from Solarwinds Inactive users tool?

hi guys So I got some help from EE experts to run a command in Exchange shell to export all …

Exchange Online Hybrid Mode With Exchange 2010

I have two questions.  I've been referencing the video found here …

can you replace error with Zero

I have a TotalCost field on a form that stays blank until a selection of items has been completed. …

SLA calculation

Need a macro to calculate SLA for the assigned incidents. SLA calculation based on below conditions:…

Python and SQL GUI Tools Available

Hello Experts, I'm just getting started learning SQL and Python. Compiling sql queries and …

Spring Batch Custom Writer/Reader/Processor

Hi, New to spring batch,just curious to know how to configure the custom reader/processor/writer …
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