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How to transfer files from android to desktop win 10

I have a Dell 5810 workstation. I just added a usb bluetooth plug/dongle. My goal is to transfer …
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Exchange Server

The MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 certification validates your skills in supporting the maintenance and administration of the Exchange servers in an enterprise environment. Learn everything you need to know with this course.

Dynamic site title per page

I am hard coding my site title at the moment but want to make it dynamic as every page requires …

Tools that can monitors all applications connected to the Internet

I found a piece of software called PortExpert by KC Software "PortExpert gives you a detailed …

Remove 0's from a number

How do I remove 0's from a number using regular expression? For example: 12300456 Result: …

Airwatch certification

I am trying to find out is there a certification for AirWatch, and if so what is the cert number?

Trim number to the first 8 digits

I am using Notepad++ to do a find and replace using regular expression. I use the find to search …

Data Migration from 1 cassandra cluster table to another cassandra cluster table using spark batch job

Hi, i am currently working on the task of Data Migration from 1 cassandra cluster table to another …

Picture Box on Word

Hi, How to create a picture box at time on a word document . Also How can I add caption as a header…

How do I create stored procedures in PostgreSQL

I have a set of stored procedures i need to create in PostgreSQL My Database name is TOURNAMENTS …

How to search a JavaScript collection for the 1st Occurrence Between Multiple phrases?

How can I search a collection for the first occurrence between multiple phrases?  Given the sample …
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azure automation pester testing

Hi I am looking to do Pester test around my powershell code...but not sure about it ...can some …

Oppo prevents app to run in background

Hi I bought a oppo model number cph1803 for my wife and gifted her and downloaded a spy app in it …

Computer certificate

We have a CA issuing certificates to computers, i noticed the computer personal store has three …

Need to programatically get depth of nested objects

I have a class as below (CODE) I have built a recursion program to collect a List of Group …

Firefox: pop-up from a few websites that cannot be removed

I'm having an odd pop-up problem with Firefox (61.0.2 64-bit on a Windows 10 system). Only on a few …

Variables not clearing

I have created a piece of code that sits behind a report via a command button. The code is: (CODE)…

How can I read the value from a cookie previously set using php

How can I read the value from a cookie previously set using php. I have set the cookie using : …

HP Univeral Print drivers

Can the Same HP Universal PCL print driver for a HP M601 printer Also be used for similar but …

bootable clone hard drive

What is the best free way to clone an hard drive (moving to SSD) with a bootdisk. so I don't need…
Cloud Class® Course: CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ Basic training course will teach you about cloud concepts and models, data storage, networking, and network infrastructure.

Creating a workflow to update multiple items.

I need help designing a workflow, possibly a looping one. Basically I have a document library with a…

Help resolving complex nested IF statement

I am working with a very arcane program that uses nested IF statements to calculate product quantity…

How to resolve MySQL error when using union to join three tables

Hi: I am getting the error "Unknown column 'cr_tags.tag' in 'field list'" when executing the code. …

Windows Updates on 10 Home

Hi All - I have a client who went out and purchased a number of laptops with the intention of …

Implicit SSL/TLS (Port 990) - Required

Dear experts, I need to write a Linux shell script that can automate filesharing using Implicit …
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