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Selecting a mini computer

Trying to build a mini PC that is capable of doing OCR with a limited list of characters (17 total).…
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Is Application.DoEvents really that bad?

I was looking for a way for some text to appear before and after some data processing was taking …

eclipse network connection what is difference between native, direct, manual drop down options

eclipse network connection what is difference between native, direct, manual drop down options? …

sms vs mms

sms vs mms what is differnce between above two? please advise

Modifying an mp4 file's audio track

I don't know anything yet about reading/writing/manipulating mp3 and mp4 files, but I'm trying to …

Print vertical lines in the detail section of a report

I want to have 3 lines print vertically in the detail section of a report.  But they need to grow …

Heart Surgery Teeth Removal

I just had open heart surgery post 3 mths. I have 9 teeth that need to be removed. I am on warifan …

Laptop (Tosh Portege) accidentally switched to Monochrome. Can't get it back to Colour. Suggestions?

I unwittingly hit some unintended key combination two days ago which sent the display into …

how do I setup my Samsung DVR (sdr-b74301) to view it from my Macbook pro?

how do I setup my Samsung DVR (sdr-b74301) to view it from my Macbook pro?

Fixing WMI connections that used to work

I have 56 workstations which are accessed with WMI.  As Windows Updates occur, it seems, various …
Learn to develop an Android App

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Cisco C2960X - Cannot ping outside its Vlan after upgrade

I have upgraded Cisco C2960 switch to Cisco C2960X. The configuration has been migrated to the new …

Need to link/query/append Recurring Task Instances

Microsoft Access VBA question. Greetings Experts! First time user here at Experts Exchange so…

Quick way to determine if a class instance is IDisposable?

I frequently find myself tracing through the class hierarchy to determine if a class is IDisposable.…

Error Installing SQL Server 2016 on Windows 10 64bit

Tring to install SQL Server 2016 on a Windows 10 64 bit machine Repeatedly get error on Feature …

Question about forest root DCs and Azure

We have a forest root domain with 1 domain (we used to have 2 but we just decommissioned a domain). …

iPhone with old domain name

We change domain names a couple years ago and switched to iPhones. We use the active sync for email …

Is there a way to password protect multiple excel files or just files in general for that matter?

Need a utility or script to password protect 300 excel files which are located in 300 separate …

Windows 10 Pro -- local admin account creation, Powershell Script ?

I have 5 new Windows 10 Pro machines that will NOT be on a domain and will NOT be in Active …

Auto Updating SQL Tables Using Data From CSV Files

I have a need where I need to retrieve CSV files from an external source which will contain either …
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HP2520g refuses to reset logon creds.

HP2520G-24-POE  - I have located and used the procedure whereby you hold clear and reset then …

Windows 10 Restore Failure

I have a 4 year old HP laptop that was originally Windows 8 and then I updated it to Windows 10 when…

How can I get several different unduplicated counts in the same SQL query

I have an attendance table in SQL Server 2012 named tblOrgHours. (attached)  This is where I log all…

Exchange logfiles not truncating

Environment is exchange 2013 cu7 and Shadowprotect . Full Shadowprotect baclips are completing …
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