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Windows 10 update issue

Hi, I have updated windows 10 now but i'm getting above message  and i don't know how to ignore …
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Andy's VMware vSphere tip#7: SNAPSHOTS (Hyper-V calls them Checkpoints!) Believe it or not one of EE…

Can I use a Retractable Bluetooth Headset with my iPhone7?

Can I use a Retractable Bluetooth Headset with my iPhone7? Or should I use my Canon SX720 HS? …

On my Windows 10 Pro computer, how can I get my USB connected HP Laserjet 2420 printer to appear in the list of "Printers and Scanners" instead of "Bluetooth and Other Devices?

My Windows 7 Pro computer has an HP Laserjet 2420d printer connected to it by USB. I replaced my …

I have difficulties importing auto-rigged Maya Characters into Unity.

Hi, I have difficulties importing auto-rigged Maya Characters into Unity. Because Unity can not …

How to get an on-site notification whenever there is *any* activity by members that I follow?

Hello Experts Exchange experts :) I'd like to get an on-site notification whenever a member I …

How to hide windows Updates in Windows 10

How can I hide windows updates in Windows 10 ? In windows 7, if I wish not to apply an update I can…

Win7Pro will not logon any user

A users computer will not log on today. Worked fine yesterday. OS is WinPro7 . We use a VPN logon.  …

what happens at every step of  the network model, when a node on one network establishes a TCP connection with a node on another network. Assume two networks are both connected to same router.

Please include the detailed explanation of the following: Physical layer Data link layer

exchange 2013/exchange 2016

hello again I have a server 2012r2 and exchange 2013 old\ new server 2016 and exchange 2016.the new …
Cloud Class® Course: CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ Basic training course will teach you about cloud concepts and models, data storage, networking, and network infrastructure.

Create table with monthly payments summary

Hi I’ve got a group with some users belonging to it, I’ve also got a number associated to that …

Setup SNMPv3 for Dell powerconnect N4032

We purchased some new Dell PowerConenct N4032 switches and I want to configure them with SNMPv3 to …

IPsec VPN Configuration On Cisco IOS XE - Part 4 - Route Based VPN With Dynamic Routing (OSPF)

This article is about building a Route Based site to site VPN tunnels with dynamic routing protocol (OSPF) in Cisco CSR1000V router with IOS XE. There are two Route Based IPsec VPN tunnels configured on CSR1000V router, traffic from app server is with NAT and rest is without NAT.

VDI in Vmware Horizon 7

I have one question. I have created desktop pool for 2 virtual desktop machines. I used dedicated …

needing direct online purchase link for battery charger or power adapter for an Acer Chromebook (C720 Series) Model ZHN

Hello and Good Morning Everyone,         I have an Acer Chromebook (C720 series) Model: ZHN which…

application uninstallation through batch file

we have 2016 AD environment. A colleague before to me had pushed a GPO  at domain level that will …

High availablity suggestions

Is San storage is really required to use Availablity on Failover clustering? Is Witness server is…

problem in converting minutes to hour

Im getting the value like 2hrs 122 min and i need the solution like 4hr 2min what formula i need to …

Report in columnar format

Hello, I am using below query to get stock report : Product wise and then Portwise. (PDF Output …
Free Tool: SSL Checker

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One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

system functions

1.The Title of the Customer is Located in the CustomerFname Column.    Separate the title into its …

connect NAS as datastore or use it as shared folder

which is better .connect NAS storage as a data-store inside vmware esxi and make the storage space …

WIn 10 start menu not work

In recently, we find out some win10 pc does not work. After rebooted, it return to normal. Why? How…
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