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How can I show a page for a number of times?

Hello! I'm trying to make my first web application of a hotel(this is an education project not a …
Cloud Class® Course: MCSA MCSE Windows Server 2012

This course teaches how to install and configure Windows Server 2012 R2.  It is the first step on your path to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

PNG thumbnails not showed by Picasa viewer in File Explorer in Win 10

I had this question after viewing

HP MSA 1050 to Cisco Switch Config

Hi Ive got a HP MSA 1050 which has two controllers on the rear which has fibre connections (see …

Printer deployment via GP not working!?

I'm trying to setup a group policy for deploying certain printers to my users but it seems like the …

need for windows active directory or openldap in the organisation

Dear Experts I would like to understand the need for Windows Active Directory services OR …

How to configure Outlook 2011 (Mac) that is NOT on the domain to pull up Exchange directory details (contacts details)

Hi guys One of our users has a Mac, with Outlook 2011. They can't be put on the domain as they …

Integrate Nagios with JIRA

Hi Team, Any suggestion for Integrate Nagios with JIRA. I am planning to start this project.Need…

Javascript error : TypeError: Cannot read property 'append' of undefined

Hi, I have a javascript countdown clock that throws this error: TypeError: Cannot read property …

Printer driver install error - Data is invalid

I am trying to install a new print driver on my print server which is also Domain Controller. But …

active directory and ldap

I have samba as domain controller on ubuntu server 16.04 on vmware. ldap  is running on port 389. …
Cloud Class® Course: CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ Basic training course will teach you about cloud concepts and models, data storage, networking, and network infrastructure.

Bulk import >2500 users into address list in Exchange 2010

I need to bulk import a large number >2500 of addresses into a new address list in Exchange 2010 …

Automatically assign date and time in Excel

Hello, is it possible to create a spreadsheet which will automatically assign date and time in one …

must be declare scalar variable

Hi, I am facing error for scalar variable must delcare while running the below query, SELECT …

Win10 default applications and Internet Explorer problem

iphone is disabled' - connect to itunes

my friend has an iphone 6 that when you power it on, it simply reads 'iphone is disabled' - connect …

Why Is Social Media Such an Important Part of a Marketing Strategy?

I want to know why social media is important in implementing the marketing strategy for my …

Confused in choosing an enterprice API (PHP) to send SMS in USA?

I am looking for an API that will be easy to use, also allows me to view reports of sent SMS, that …

Set ComboBox default value based on current date.

Dear Experts, I have a combo box on a form with the following date sequence that is pulled in …

line 10, in <module>   with keyboard.Listener(NameError: name 'keyboard' not defined pynput although it is installed and everything was done according to their documentation

I wanted to detect keyboard with pynput, so I copied and pasted a demo from their site. Here it is: …
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Problem to hMailServer

Hi, What is wrong in 1st attached screenshot? I send one mail and have got no failure (see 2nd …

What Is a Marketing Strategy which we can use for online business?

How we can grow our online business through Digital marketing.

XSLT Detect processing-instruction in current-group returned by for-each-group

I want to test a group returned from a "for-each-group" to see if it consists of a single node which…
How to Make Timely Product Deliveries Each Time?  …

Extract Text After “FIRST” Comma and “Second” Comma in Excel Not WORK

Hi there I am trying to extract all text that is after the first comma and potentially the remaining…


I have created new 26 vlan in cisco switch. But when i checked spanning tree instance for those vlan…
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