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Windows 10 Professional VLA ????

Need some licensing help. I have a customer that purchases Windows 10 Professional. My understanding…
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GFI Languard

One of the Experts here on EE suggested GFI Languard.  So, we bought it and have  had it running for…

Windows Update Service - what it does and does not do?

In view of KB40568902 damaging our computers, we first took to hiding it.  Then, to be more …

How can I sort two columns in Excel to match and keep the other columns data in order?

I have an inventory excel sheet that has been combined with 2 serial numbers. I need to sort them so…

Exchange 2010 - IISReset

I need to perform an iisreset on an Exchange 2010 server that is part of a DAG and running the CAS, …

Correct method to disconnect a Host from Cluster in vSphere 6.0

I would like to disconnect a Host from a Cluster and wanted the correct steps to do this.   1. I …

Windows Server 2012R2: Removing DC that no longer exists

Hi All, I currently have 4 DC's listed and only 2 are in production. The other 2 that are not …

patch panel visio

I am looking to get a patch panel diagram together. Dont know the brand of panels but 1 U's 24 …

re-enable TLS on Exchange 2013

I disables TLS on my Exchange 2013 temporarily to troubleshoot an issue I was having..  I now want …

Dell Server Firmware updates

Hi Do Dell have software that updates all the firmware on servers? HP    have HP Service Pack for …
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SQL Add Fiscal Year Column

I using the script below and would like to add a FY Column based on C_COMPLETE_REQUEST_RECVD_DT. …

Outlook 2013 - can see emails in the search but not in the inbox.

I am banging my head against the wall on this one. I know I am missing something. I can search an …

add date to a SSRS filename in the subscription

How do I attach the date to the end of a file in a SSRS subscription?

How to add a parameter to this custom function for the number of columns?

I had this question after viewing

excel x-axis label not showing

I am trying to display the month on the x-axis. But it does not show for some reason (see pic).

Windows 2012 Server -- removing "non-existing" Domain Controllers ?

I found an old Domain Controller that is no longer exist on our network via the attached "Active …

Setting up Windows Managed Service Accounts

We have a need to set up Managed Service Accounts (MSA). We're running server 2012 R2 domain …

Rounding a Date

I'm needing to round a date based on the timestamp within the field.  Right now, I have say …

C# Refactor Code

Below is a mock up of some code.  I have a PopulateModels method.  It is dynamically populating the …
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SQL Question for Inner join

(CODE) I'm trying to pull all the OrderDetails records where OrderID = 213. Some OrderDetails …

Angular CLI+Jenkins Pipeline

Can anyone please help or guide me on setting up  Angular  CLI  with Jenkins? I am  setting up  a …

Why getting an overflow error when tryint to open a form

I'm getting an overflow error when a form opens.  The code gets stuck on: Me.txtDollarsPerHour = …

How to remove ramsomware

how to remove ramsomware samsam or .weapologize extension?
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