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Need a sql or function compatible to oracle 12c

I am using lag function to iterate all previous records. suppose I have Id 7,6,5,4,3,2,1. I have to …
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Best practice for setting up SAL for more instances

Best practise for splitting up af SQL 2016 server , so more instances can have access and only see …

Group-Object on XML (Text)

Hey XML: (CODE) Powershell: (CODE) How do I Group-object on sso (#text value)?

How to recover Thunderbird email for just one account from a Carbonite copy?

C: drive croaked.  Finally gave up and started with a from-scratch installation of Windows 10.  All …

Turn on print screen key in windows 7.

Hi Experts, the print screen key stopped working on my pc. any suggestion? preferably something …

properly layout 3 iframes

I have 3 iframes that is currently displaying like this: This is my current code: (CODE) This …

slow vpn performance

I have two office locations that are connected via cisco routers.  Each location has an RRAS server …

ajax with javascript

do you know any ajax javascript codes i can use when a button is clicked? I hope to gray out the …

c# with sendgrid

I used the codes below and I hope to return "error" when the sendgrid api does not work properly …

How to make sure the Google Drive contents is safe when sending 'view' only shared links

We want to make sure our files in Google Drive are secured.  We share files & images and understand …
Cloud Class® Course: Python 3 Fundamentals

This course will teach participants about installing and configuring Python, syntax, importing, statements, types, strings, booleans, files, lists, tuples, comprehensions, functions, and classes.

Recover corrupt JPGs from 2003.

Dear Experts Exchange, I have some old JPG files since 2003, which were corrupted I think …

AWS ECS tasks being stopped and restarted. CURL no reply from server

Hi, I have a task in AWS that is started by ECS. I have developed a Cloudformation script that …

Updating SharePoint list item based on content of another field

I am using SharePoint 365, Forms, Flow. I have a list that is going to receive its items via Flow…

phpInfo and MAMP show php 7 but php -v in command line shows version 5.6.30

I am tryings to install twig via composer but it tells me I need php 7. I am running PHP 7 according…

certificate error on cell phone after changing the certificate

I have just replaced my exchange certificate , but still get "untrusted certificate" error on my …

Microsoft Teams

Hi Can we use Microsoft Teams on office 2013 or 2016? Thanks

Sharing Database

Hi, We have a very small business working in the same office with MS access. right now all the …

Need Javascript/JQuery Button Update Woo Commerce Order Notes

I need to have a javascript or jquery button update order notes in Woo Commerce when the button is …


We  have  a network similar  to the diagram  shown above ,, And  we  want  to …
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