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Excel 2016: How do I graph my data?

I am new to this version... And can not even find how to make a graph... What am I …
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Excel: Need current version for Mac

I have Mac 2011, but see that the updated version is 14.7.7. Is that pretty much current? I …

multilayer perceptron + hmm python (no hmmlearn)

I have a multiclass classification problem for time series data and I am using MLP as classifier …

Ghostscript + Redmon for Windows 2012 R2

Hi, i want to install Ghostscript and redmon to create virtual free pdf printer to print all files …

Make "NULL" returns in a column into a set value

I want to make "NULL" values in a column into a set value such as whenever there is "NULL" it will …

How B2B Web Design Will Change in 2018

Over time, the online landscape has altered considerably, but that’s nothing compared to the up-and-coming trends that will shape the web design industry in the coming year. Keep reading to find out which trends will shape B2B web design in 2018.


Hello, Sorry for my english, I have a problem with my code : (CODE) According to my tests, the …

Diagramming VMware Environment

Our VMware environment consist of one vCenter server and 110 ESXi hosts.  I am looking for a means …

Can't get RDP Session to Span Across Two Monitors - Windows 8.1

Hello Experts, I cannot get my RDP session to span across two monitors. I have tried various …

Running Windows 7 pro Hundreds of Event 2017 errors

Running Windows 7 pro on an HP z440 computer.  It is a member of a Windows 7 peer-to-peer network. …
[Webinar] Cloud and Mobile-First Strategy

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POST Failure

Equallogic PS6500 no drives in yet. I have three additional PSU's i have changed out.  On power on, …

Need help in setting up iPDTL

I went through this a couple of years ago, and the situation has changed a bit, but once again, I am…

How to turn this calculation into a function?

I had this question after viewing

Implementing Javascript stopwatch

Hello all! I am trying to implement a Javascript stopwatch from in …

I am using lotus notes 8.5, how can I either get my email folders to sort alphabetically and numerically?

I am using lotus notes 8.5, how can I either get my email folders to sort alphabetically and …

my imac will not turn on?  what could be the problem?

I have a 2011 iMac.  Two days ago it would not turn on...have checked the power outlet and it is …

Can't install .net 3.5 SP1 on Windows 7

I need to upgrade Sage50 on a Windows 7 Pro workstation and it asks for .net 3.5 sp1, however, when …

How to delete all stored procedures in the database

I have to build and rebuild a a database. That often times involves deleting all tables and stored …

DMARC reports

I just setup DMARC reports on my domain. Now I am getting reports. One for example says the …
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my brother hl-l2340dw  printer still won't print

I cannot get my brother printer to work.  I'm out of ideas of how to fix this. it worked before but …

How to find text between strings in part of a document and create bookmark of that text

I am trying to develop a macro that searches a portion of a Word document (defined by a bookmark) …

bar charts, graphs, line charts

hi experts could you send me a template/s that i can use that suits the following; - user names - …

C# class  - List issue

Hi, See below my code, No output, any idea? (CODE)
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