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The SWITCHOFFSET function in T-SQL

I am getting an unexpected result when I apply the SWITCHOFFSET function to a date. The following …
Cloud Class® Course: C++ 11 Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to C++ 11 and teach you about syntax fundamentals.

How do you disable the GPO for WSUS

We are going to stop using WSUS and switch to Automox.   If I remove the "links" to the OU's will …

URLs to purchase Thermaltake TGB1200W hard drive power cables.

Please provide me with some URLs where I can purchase Thermaltake TGB1200W hard drive power cables …

URLs to purchase Corsair AX1200i hard drive power cables

Please provide me with some URLs where I can purchase Corsair AX1200i hard drive power cables that …
I wish to assign an object (a/b/c) to a person (1 or 2 or 3) based on the following (see image)       …

What happens when Windows goes to sleep?

Hi, This may be the stupidest question ever asked here but I would like to know.  When you put …

Event ID 16022 crashes Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 Transport Service since July 2018 Microsoft Updates

Hi am experiencing problems since applying the July Microsoft Updates to my Exchange environments. …

Issues importing calendar from PST file.

Outlook2016/Win10 I created a PST file on my old computer containing my calendar info. I imported…

Exchange 2010 stops sending and receiving outside email after a few hours. Transport service quits responding.

I had this question after viewing Exchange 2010 stops responding on port 25

oracle SQL calculate difference between each HOLD & HOLD_RELEASE

Dear Experts,  I need help to create a view from the following table, the view contain 2 columns …
Cloud Class® Course: SQL Server Core 2016

This course will introduce you to SQL Server Core 2016, as well as teach you about SSMS, data tools, installation, server configuration, using Management Studio, and writing and executing queries.

Getting rid of this popup.

This page opens when we open IE. When we turn on the computer there is a popup lower right. Maybe…

AD Audit

Hi All, I wanted to know how to audit Active Directory's setup in determining where a security …

Manually copy SYSVOL and NETLOGON?

I have a new Server 2016 machine on the same domain as an old SBS2008 machine. I have joined the …

HP wireless printer not connecting

I have an HP Wireless Printer that connects after rebooting my laptop and printer but it then loses …

MS Access VBA opening file causes warning message - how to disable warning

MS Access 2013 Using VBA; Application.FollowHyperlink to open file from network share.  This…

I have the OMNI2 20.0 megapixels HD that I am not able to record a voice when in video mode (I think)---any suggestions besides get a new camera?

I have the OMNI2 20.0 megapixels HD that I am not able to record a voice when in video mode (I …

GPO Outlook @ Book

Please I want to Update the address book on all outlook PCs, for that, Where is the setting gpo or …

Benchmark Application for Apple Macs?

Can anyone recommend a Performance Test Benchmark software for Apple Mac's running OS X? I'd like…

I need to use the sumif function to do the summation for each change in column z in the attached excel sheet

I need to use the sumif function to do the summation for each change in column z in the attached …
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Remove bookmarks in selection within table

I’ve been working on the ‘Delete_All_Bookmarks_in_Selection’ macro so that I can remove all …

How to display a table with alternating row colors when some rows are not visible

I have a table with rows that I hide and show using the jQuery functions show() and hide(). I have …

Electron method not working properly

Hello, I want to make localization for my electron app. It works, if I use the second countryCode, …
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