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Office 365 - Exchange 2010/2013 (KeepAliveTIme/Load Balancer/Firewalls)

I've got two separate domains, with two separate email environments, one is Exchange 2010, the other…
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Main different between MS outlook 2010 and 2013
need to download pdf from site but apache showing below error response header name …

I tried to solve this error.

I did check connectionstring, windows firewall,check remote connection. Everything is perfect and …

Direct Access SSL cert issues

Attempting to setup Microsoft Direct access, but it does not see my wildcard SSL cert from godaddy. …

Plesk Onyx 17.8 how to expand disk space in CENTOS OS 7

Plesk Onyx 17.8 how to expand disk space in CENTOS OS 7 I expand the disk space in VMware from …

PowerShell to Unlock local accounts

Hi Experts, I run a PowerShell script to create local admin accounts across our domain. when …

Windows 10 imaging issue  -  "WdsClient: An error occurred while obtaining an IP address from the DHCP server"

I am trying to pull down an image from our Windows deployment server to laptops we have here onsite.…

Untrusted domain between two forest for SQL connection

Here is my topology Internal domain: inside.local (Two DCs) DMZ Domain: outside.local (Two DCs) … Trigger code when a GridView Template Field text box is changed and get GridView Row indx

Hi I have a template field text box in my GridView. I have managed to trigger the…
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looking for an m2 SSD adapter

i need to test an m2 SSD on another desktop i assume i best use an adapter card, but which here …
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Error number 3474

While do save/restore operation on *LINK in AS400,I am getting error  "File system error occurred. …

Is my DOS command deleting after date of creation or after date last amended

Can anyone advise me if the script below deletes 30 days after the subfolder amended OR 30 days …

Manage domain trusted exchange

Hello, i need some help/assistance by some configuration i made. recently we have setup a …

MySQL Failing to start the service due to Error

Hi, MySQL is Failing to start the service due to the following Error. Is there a way to fix this …

More efficient version?

Hi, I have this query but it seems to take a really long time to complete. is there any …

Target CPU

Hello, Changing Target CPU from X86 to x64 makes the designer have lot of errors. I am using …

Delete vm's not up since x days

Hi, I'd like to delete VM's (ESXi) which have not been running for more then 2 months (of course …
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Hourly based report in sql query

Get a hourly based report for count the number of vehicles traveling on that particular hour(0-23 …

Beste newsletter tool for MS Exchange / Outlook

My company is interested in delivery newsletter to it's costumer. Actually they are doing so with …

Cannot send authorisation emails after installing O365

We use a purchase order application that sends authorisations via email, it worked flawlessly until …

Outlook search in non-cached mode.

One of our clients has exchange 2010 and one user has a huge mailbox (currently about 65GB) so has …

Mantis BT Lost Your Password notification email

Hi Experts, I recently took over a Mantis Bug Tracker system version 1.2.0 (Schema182) and found …
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