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Trying to have a Message box asking if changes should be saved. I've tried Form_Dirty and Form-BeforeUpdate so far

Trying to have a Message box asking if changes should be saved. First I tried Form_Dirty. but that …
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How to block websites on computers without admin access...

Hi, is it possible for me to block websites on computers that I have no admin access to?  They are …

I cannot get my surface arc mouse to pair

I cannot get my surface arc mouse connected to windows 10

Can you teach or tell me how to convert this to audible/readable form?

I have some messages from email I want to get in readable/audible form

Working Java Applications List / Source Code / Links

Looking for link where all java related working applications are available or displayed or listed. …

Formulas, pivot tables, vlookup

Hello, I have an excel spreadsheet and I need help completing. Needs someone who knows VLookup, …

Wordpress multisite no longer working

Hello, I have had a wordpress multisite working for a while now. I have also had subdomains on …

Network pin configuration is wrong in new office, any simple way to fix?

I am not a network wiring expert.   My client is moving to a new office.  It has existing network …

Understanding the danger of Web Cache

Web cache has been one of the performance options but though it serves well in enhancing the user experience, it can also inadvertently act as a point for attacks if it is not secured to reduce the exposure. Read on to find out the hidden threats in web cache.

python max and where

Hi:  Trying to return all columns that contain the max of the same column, but seem to be running…
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outlook can not send and receive emails

I keep getting this dialog in outlook 2016. Enter user name and password. It is already filled in. …

How is SharePoint online sites supports for mobile view

How to support custom jsom share point online sites in mobile view. what are the options and …

Microsoft Azure IAAS platform SMTP Restrictions and Alternatives

This post explains how Microsoft has strengthened Azure security against unauthenticated SMTP traffic to maintain Azure IP stack reputation and how 3rd party SMTP API can be used to overcome these restrictions.

How can I re-create this look using CSS ?

I am trying to learn how to render this effect in pure HTML and CSS, with no frameworks. I have …

Hive, How to Search using Column Name for all table in the DB that contain that Column Name?

Hive. How can I search for all tables in a database that contain a Column Name?

Git Issue on Visual Studio 2017 after changing username on Bitbutcket

Does anybody know how to solve this Git Issue?   I'm using Vs 2017 under windows 10, thank you. …

Capture a window using Rectangle

Using library, how can i capture a window using the ScreenCaptureStream? …

can't find the SSDI

I have a NETGEAR router with 2,4 GHZ and  5GHZ :on my HP pc (win10) I am not able to see the SSDI …

Get text in an unbound textbox after update.

Hi I have an unbound textbox.    Textbox name is "txtbxScan" I am using a scanner to …
Cloud Class® Course: Ruby Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to Ruby, as well as teach you about classes, methods, variables, data structures, loops, enumerable methods, and finishing touches.

Script to remap drives at logon

I need a login script that will remap drives from old server name to DFS name.  I tested the script …

How to prevent router address to be added to IP Block List on Hub Transport?

In the environment I am supporting for NGO's there are 2 Exchange Servers, an Exchange 2003 and an …

want to make copy of hardsrive

I have a 64GB usb memory stick that I want to make a image of my C:. What is best way to do this. …

Using an audio control in an iframe

I have a web page that displays and plays my voice messages stored elsewhere on the web. I am having…

Verizon Android phone -- remain SILENT unless one number calls ?

I want my Verizon Android phone to remain SILENT when at work unless I get a call or text from …
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