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Need Suggestion to restric the website from cloud

Hi, I am planning to host the my company work force management portal in cloud. But i need to …
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

What is causing an Access Run-Time error 3131. Syntax error in From Clause?

I am getting a Run-Time error 3131. Syntax error in FROM Clause. I am using the following code in …

Unable to resume Passive copy of exchange database 2010

I have 2 MBX server. I restarted it today. Have 8 mailbox. I usually keep 4 DB mounted at one …

Cisco Voice licensing question

Recently upgraded about 110 cisco phones.  With the old ones, i appended (migrated) so i could go …

Delete Rows not containing string

I have a download of security groups from Active Directory.  I want to delete rows which do not …

Converting MS Access database to a cloud application

I have developed a MS Access database with forms and report, to organize payments and cheque …

Protect and Unprotect WorkSheet using python

How to protect and unprotect the excel sheet?

Crystal Reports Suppress Page Break

I am trying to get the Head, Subhead and Body fields to appear on the same page. With the current …

Can Azure Backup/System Restore agent be installed on a DC

Can Azure backup be implemented on a DC. We need to install the system restore agent on a local …

Needs Help with Cell Value Loop

Hi! :)  I need advice about this code. I want to take the value of G1 and insert it in H2 along…
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Crystal Reports Formula that Supresses Records

I am trying to write a formula that will suppress records that have a null value for the Task_Date …

Once login to HSD and tried to login StoreFront. Then receiving "There are no apps or desktops available to you at this time."

StoreFront URL: There are no apps or desktops available to you at this time. Citrix XenApp …

Search for a word in a file and print a result if result was not found

I am trying to write a python script that will search for a word in a file and execute a condition …

Best Practices for Hyper-v and Raid

We are setting up our First Virtual enviroment in Hyper-v. We want to know if its best practice …

Specific user cannot log into Skype for Business anywhere!

Hi, We have Office 365 E3 Enterprise which syncs with our local Active Directory using Azure AD …

mvc, razor, sql query

I have new using mvc, and I have the following sql statement that will loop for 40 records. how to …

Cell Count with Criteria Needed for Excel Worksheet

I need a single Excel formula to do a count with criteria. See attached sheet. The formula should go…

Unable to change sharepoint 2016 .cs file with Visual Studio 2017 Pro.

Unable to change sharepoint 2016 .cs file with Visual Studio 2017 Pro.  (Version 15.7.1) Error: …

Disabling USB Ports via ESET ERA Portal on Windows clients.

Has anyone implemented a rule on  ESET ERA Admin Portal which blocks USB devices but still allows …
Cloud Class® Course: Python 3 Fundamentals

This course will teach participants about installing and configuring Python, syntax, importing, statements, types, strings, booleans, files, lists, tuples, comprehensions, functions, and classes.

Auto populate the data in PHP form from database.

Hi, I need help regarding the auto populate of data based on the previous data from mysql …

Thin client has USB Scanner connected to it. RDP from there to Vmware machine, USB not picking up.

hi guys I've got a WYSE thin client terminal. To the back of this terminal is attached a USB …

Problems delivering email to icloud email accounts

I'm trying to send email from my corporate exchange email server to iCloud email addresses and it …

Needs Advice With a Very Simple Code

Hi! I need help with this code. I need to make a code so that it will fill in "week1"  for the …

Exporting / Creating Fixed Width texfile

Hi, Currently I'm trying to imitate on how to export data from access 2000 to a fixed width text …

exchange, storage, volume drive

I have on one of my exchange DAG servers. F drive which is mount drive for various DB's I saw …
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