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Linking multiple excel workbooks and gathering data in one single sheet

Hi, I am new to working with VBA and I'm probably trying to do  something above my level of …
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Vmware Virtual Machine

Hello Experts I have installed a win2012 r2 VM and I want to install sq. in it. I have setup …

VPN SonicWall NetExtender

Hi All Expert, Good Day. I am tasked to help outside vendor on SonicWall NetExtender VPN setup…

DHCP Server Issue

Not sure where to start with this one. I have a server running Server 2012 R2 that is virtualised on…

Win 10 Laptop unable to see other computers

One of my win10 laptops can connect to the internet but cannot see other devices in my network. Even…

Panels in C# windows form application

Hello I already add label to panel in c# but tell me how to display data from database for  this …

No Logon servers available

Hi, I have created an account for the user, however whenever we try to login to network machine it …

OnClick Event Procedure Problem

I am having a problem getting this to work correctly. I have 2 tables. Table1:                   …

Excel as invoice - customer says addresses used to be remembered on old PC

I’ve no idea what he is taking about and it was weeks ago this was mentioned He went from an old …

UCCX Script Help

I'm trying to add a single queue 'csqFabFursEscal' in the working UCCX script (FabFurs_Working.pdf).…
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Exchange is not connecting with MT service provider

I have exchange server 2010 and we have set mail relay to logix. Means, our exchange send email to …

Scom 2012 r2 monitoring trusted domain

Hi.  We want to monitor a second domain  there is a full two way trust.  And I can add agents.  By …

Read default values in a crystal report from programmatically

Sir, Would you please help us if we can read default values in a crystal report from …

Scom 2012 r2 report

Hi.  We have Scom monitoring two domains.  (Two way trust) All seems fine but early days I need …

Lost formatting from receiving email from Outlook (Exchange 2010) to Gmail

Hi all, I have a user who is reporting that emails they receive from a user on Outlook with …

Webcam over RDP

Hi experts. ***Please participate only if you have experience with redirecting a local webcam …

How to prevent a group of Windows PC to prevent screen locking or screen saver ?

Problem: I need to keep all of my big display screens (35+) in the entire corporation to be always …

How to convert a Acronis file

Hi expert How to convert tib file from Acronis to iso file ? Is there any tools that able to …

Best provider for an Exchange Server 2016  SMART HOST

Best provider for an Exchange Server 2016  SMART HOST
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MS Access - Error - You don't have permission to modify files in the network location

Hey, I have a form that have two text boxes as Source and Target. The Source take the source …

Moving from MS Access to MS SQL Server

I am just starting to look at porting one of our MS Access applications, across to SQL Server - and …

Two monitors but only one detected on Windows 10

Since years, I have two monitors connected to my PC This morning, when starting the system, both …

SBS 2011 on VMWorkstation

HI, I need to build new SBS 2011 Standard server, and to complete this job we have very limited …

Will the email address format( username ) change for students after migrating to 0365

Hi We are a school for Example staff name is Justin Holden and the current email address format …

Help with SSIS Lookup

Hi EE, I am trying to use SSIS lookup but getting the error on second lookup. I have tested with …
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