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Single vs Multiple Exchange Database file

Hi,    I have Exchange Server 2010 with a single mailbox database with about 30 mailboxes and file…
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User profiles not found when one server off line

I have a network with two virtual file servers on separate host machines.  They are server1 and … Not Passing Value on Window.Open Call

I am trying to pass a var using the parameter in this code, but it is not being picked …

I need help formatting and displaying a date value in my HTML page

Hi Experts, I have an MVC.Net application where I display various day values. The values are …

Remove existing mailbox and re-create in Exchange 2010/SBS2011

Hi,    I have an existing exchange mailbox that is corrupted and I need to re-create this mailbox …

certificate issue

Every time I try to open anything to download or even open iE explorer I get a certificate error and…

Upgrading a RAID 1 array to SSDs

Wanting to squeeze a bit more life out of an old home server. Is it possible to replace the disks…

oracle sql query

I need urgent help with a simple query. I have two tables   Teacher and student table. I want a …

Help on oracle SQL

Hi, Please find attached excel sheet, I have four tables here. We need to create the sql that …

can a corrupt user profile be repaired or recreated?

I have several workstations running Windows 10 professional connected to a small business server …
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sync up moto 4g photos computers

hi, i took lot of picture on my moto 4g plus phone. how to sync the photos i took to my computer.…

PowerShell copy latest file to 2 locations, rename at destination locations

Hi everyone, I'm leveraging an existing PowerShell script (see below) to work in the following …

MS Access loop through a table to feed a macro

I have software that is used for manufacturing.  It has shop orders, each of which has a list of …

how to read in a csv data dictionary and build SQL Server tables from it.

Greetings, I have a csv sheet that is a data dictionary.  It looks like this: (CODE) As you…

What event will fire after moving to the next record in a database using

I am using with Visual Studio 2015 and I need to find an event that will fire AFTER

Cannot copy a SQL Express file from a non-bootable machine

I have a user with a POS system that runs on MS SQL Express. I believe it is V2008. Their machine …

Pagefule.sys is getting too large on 1 drive.  What are my options?

I have a database server that is used a lot through each day.  This server was originally setup by …

Find an element in dom with jquery

I'm trying to write a bit of script using jquery that will return the h3.the-thing-title text where …

Query designer expression

What is wrong with this: Total: =Sum([Amount]) where [EntryDate] between #1/1/2017# and …
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Recovering a Corrupt Access DB

Hi Experts, A client asked me if I could recover a corrupt database, and I am looking for …

Windows Update Service Stopped

In our citrix environment patching will be performed on Master image (Base machine) and promoted to …

Affinity in Chemistry

I am trying to find the term used in chemistry to describe the tendency of a 2-way chemical reaction…

error starting form server in weblogic

hi am having the following error when starting my form server ] The system is vulnerable to …

exchange 2010

we have exchange DAG servers having databases  on different volumes lately full back up is …

decoding technique in incoming email

Hi, I'm writing some custom code to analyze spam for incoming mail to our mail server.  I need to…
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