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Limiting Fields in List View

Using SharePoint 2013 I have put together a custom list. I need to put the following in place but…
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Enforcement Unknown state

Enforcement Unknown state - Set of system repeated coming on ESU state every month, WSUS is …

How to remove any special character from a string if it is not part of the below "x character set"

How to remove any special character from a string if it is not part of the below "x character set" …

Exception was thrown at google analytics but can't locate a script that triggers it

Hi Experts, I am debugging a share point web parts and I get run time errors for last a few days …

SQL 2012 DB Full

Hi, Had encountered unable to access to the app website due to DB is full. See attached …

illegal characters in path - adding project to source control

I had this question after viewing Team Foundation Server Illegal characters in path

Populate multiple drop down list from sessions

Hi Experts, I am working on share point web parts solution and I have about 15 drop down list and …

How to enable/disable usb using python/winreg

Hey Im new to python tried executing my registry value change code but got No output other than …

Export mysql data to excel using php

I need to export mysql data to excel in csv format with php. I have used composer to install

How to include a certain message in the offline.manifest, offline browser?

Hi, Experts, I need to know how it's possible to include in the manifest="offline.manifest" a …
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Azure 2017

Azure has a changed a lot since it was originally introduce by adding new services and features. Do you know everything you need to about Azure? This course will teach you about the Azure App Service, monitoring and application insights, DevOps, and Team Services.

Scattered data interpolation in Java/Android

I have a set of points and if I draw them on a paper, I have a diagram like the image in attached …

Powerpoint - how to do full screen presentation without hidden slides showing

Hi Experts, I have a presentation that includes about 20% hidden slides. I don't want to show …

VBA Excel Help for HTMLBody Img Add with CDO Email.

I am Having Problem With CDO Email with Excel VBA in HTMLBody i am Using Following Coding But its …

how to fix a error 2100 hdd0 (hard disk drive) initialization error (1). lenovo t400

I have a Lenovo t400 computer. It recently just popped up with a error 2100 hdd0 (hard disk drive) …

Epic Wordpress project possible? Video? Secrecy?

Hi Dark-net is supposed to be a page that is only accessible by certain users, right? Something …

HYPER-V Role not showing up on Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Manger Roles or Features

HYPER-V Role not showing up on Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Manger Roles or Features I have …

Detail to summary report using stored procedure

Hi All, I have a detail report using SP, which is working fine. I try to convert to make it a …


Hi All, I have below code. (CODE) It is using INNER JOIN, but I think it is not correct, …

Excel file data insert in database

How to insert excel file bulky data into database using java
Cloud Class® Course: Certified Penetration Testing

This CPTE Certified Penetration Testing Engineer course covers everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Penetration Testing Engineer. Career Path: Professional roles include Ethical Hackers, Security Consultants, System Administrators, and Chief Security Officers.

Auto increase a non primary field in a sub form in Access 2013

Auto increment a field in a Sub form in Access I have a Access database form where it has a sub …

Getting many errors in jboss logs

UPDATE data to Database PHP aJax

Hello guys....What is the problem of this code.. I try to send data through ajax post but it doesn't…

Can’t customize

I have a dvi plug in but I still can’t use focus and hd position

Nested IF in Record Selection Criteria

Hi, I have a nested IF in Record selection criteria. I have two parameters, first parameter can be…
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