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Is there a mater password code i can use yo change it

A friends father died a few years ago and i ended up with this Qsee DVR box that has im assuming his…
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Is the scope of the Var1  only in the BEGIN TRY...END TRY block and not the BEGIN CATCH...END CATCH block?

Hi, I'm using SQL SERVER 2008R2. When I pass in a parameter Var1 to a stored procedure, inside a …

Navigation Form buttons fail to de-highlight when I move to a different button.

A Problem with MS Access 2016 Navigation forms. Navigation buttons fail to "de-highlight" when I …

.NET SAML authentication

Hi, I’m trying to make a web request using .net. The problem is my application  is behind a proxy …

Connecting to Postgress from VBA

Postgress SQL via VBA. What should my connection sting look like ? I have: (CODE) But all …

splitting a /28 into two /29's what are the gateways for the /29s?

I have a question about subnetting/supernetting at /28 to two /29s if I start with a /28 block …

Why we need a locked office for IT department

General questions from you experts: We are moving into a new office and I need to be able to …

How to find a point projected onto a cone section (parabola)

I'm trying to write a .C program to project a point onto a cone section or parabola if you will. I …

Access Macro Export

Hello, I have a macro that exports a table to an Excel file.  The action in the macro is called …

unit testing with xml in it

i have a existing junit file which basicaly using power mock and validating incoming messages to …
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Turning Powershell output into Column CSV file

I have a powershell script to pull information from IIS, currently it just drops the output on the …

SERVER 2016 RRAS/VPN ISSUE Clients can connect but can't access resources

SERVER 2016 RRAS/VPN ISSUE-VPN client can connect but can't access any LAN resources or ping any LAN…

Driver Genius better than Driver Booster?

Is Driver Genius a better driver updater program than Driver Booster? I updated the drivers on …

I want to free up space on my C: Drive

I'm having a problem with my hard drive. I want to delete some files to free up some space I …

Correct TTL value for domain MX record

What is the correct Time to Live (TTL) value that an email domain's MX record should be set to?

Dynamics 365 Queue

Dynamics 365 Issue, I have dynamics 365 and setting up queue. the emails that are being sent are …

Look up user's Windows or Outlook/Office 365 password within Credentials Manager

Is there any way that I as a Windows 10 and domain admin can look up or determine a user's Windows …

Exchange 2016 Resource Specs

Simple opinion We have 6 Exchange 2016 servers 3 in prod site and 3 in DR site. 1 IPLess DAG 850 …

Cannot connect local wireless network to Visio D43n-E4 TV

Cannot connect local wireless network to Visio D43n-E4 TV Using these instructions below I cannot…
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safe mode in windows 10

How do you get into safe mode before windows 10 loads?  I mean, let's say it gets to the windows …

Need a report or output file to show O365 conference room usage.

I have all my mailboxes and conference rooms in O365. I am looking for a report or power shell …
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