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Microsoft teams invited users

I am evaluating office 365 and in particular teams. I see there is an option in teams for inviting …
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Annual Address Update

Hello, My job requires me to update personnel addresses annually.  I want to track each …

Windows Server Essentials 2016 Remote Web Access not working

I finally got some free time and decided to try and set up Anywhere Access inside Windows Server …

Enable biometrics for laptops through GPO

Ok, I have a bunch of HP Elite x2 tablets with fingerprint readers.  Once I join them to the domain …

CSS Wordpress menu dropdown-Menu not displaying

I have a main menu, which is supposed to have a drop-down,  for  Careers.  For some reason, it will …

WordPress website not working after adding Google Tracking Code?

WordPress website not working after adding Google Tracking Code? I have tried adding code via a …

I received a cleverly spoofed email reply asking for tax information: How do I diagnose and solve the issue?

I believe my email or device was hacked: how can I verify and how can I resolve it? Here is

how to check if a string is null or empty in VB .net

In VB .net how can I check a string to see if it is null or empty? I have a class object with a …


Trying to get my 2 expression to work together and pull the correct number of people  to meet the …

ubuntu voice control

i'm trying to add voice control to ubuntu 17.10.  i saw a video where the command "v-c" was added to…
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Using Migration Assistant returns 'Logout Failed'

Using Migration Assistant returns 'Logout Failed' Repeat... Migration Assistant returns …

Powershell command to grant reviewer rights to shared calendar

Hello Experts - I'm trying to figure out a powershell command that will grant reviewer permissions …

Cm lucker app photos

Cm lucker photos

How to implement login form on homepage of aspdotnet storefront site

I am working on a project using aspdotnetstorefront 9.4. It has been a number of years since I have …

Cortana doesn't work

How do I activate Cortana.  It does not show up under the start menu and when I click on it, it …

Could you point a workaround to this problem when registering a .DLL by using  West Wind Web Service Proxy Generator  .NET Web Service Proxy Generator for Visual FoxPro?

Hi Experts Could you point a workaround to this problem when registering a .DLL by using  West …

How to code a two-column contact form to be mobile friendly (one-column)

Hello, I have an older contact form that was written using html table elements that I'm looking to …

Export the results of a view to a pipe-delimited csv file, including the column names

Couldn't find the answer on EE with a search, so here goes: This concerns a search for SQL Server …

need help finding product id in wordpress woocommerce

I need to add a custom field in wordpress woocommerce checkout i need to have the product id to find…
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Create a script to install application

Hello all, we have 3 different hardware models running windows 7. we want to deploy a application…

Nginx as reverse proxy

I am running nginx on a raspberry pi. I want to run it as a reverse proxy. I have multiple …

Qquest V850ip Time clock

We recently purchased some used Qqest V850ip time clocks. We are having difficulty finding how to …

SQL Function TO Analyze passed string

I haven't created many SQL Server function but I need one to do the following. The function will …

Function to Add a COMMENT on a photo - Flickr API: can you solve this ?

Hi, This question is related, to : OS: Win 10 Prog Lang : Delphi 10.2 Type: OAuth 1 Request …

Converting Python Modules into .pyd (windows DLLs)

In my organization, we have a requirement where our deployment tool uses packages for distribution …
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