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Microsoft Flow as replacement for on-premise Exchange transport customized solutions

Are you in the migration process of your Exchange to Exchange Online? Be aware of customized solutions developed on the transport role on your old Exchange server. They might not be convertible to Exchange Online!
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Itextsharp c#

I have PDF with 5 pages and have 10 signature field Assume I have signature in jog. I want to use …


I am using jsignature on a webpage aspx After the sign is completed, how to drop the signature onto …

Restore DB to URL

I am planning to restore database from URL. The problem when i select disk i can see the restore …

Dynamics crm 2013 industry template

We use dynamics crm 2013 N want to download the industry template and look like it is All gone Do …

SQL Agent CmdExec

Hi, I am scheduling a SQL agent job, and uses CmdExec to execute a command below: However it seems …

SQL - Populate missing values with values of not null rows above it

I've forgotten how to do this! I for each task_number I need to populate null values in field …

VB.NET - DataGridView control throws errors when attempting to set cells empty or blank

Hi Experts, I've got a DataGridView control that includes some columns that are bound to Double …

Add a previously called number to sales prospects from my phone easily

I set out trying to find an android app that would allow me to add a previously called number to …

Win 7 - Copy not genuine fix?

We setup up a Win 7 ultimate machine as a budget TS for a business. They have been using it for …
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DNS website issue server 2012r2

DNS / Website issue... website is lets say: my internal domain is : …

AD GPO to limit users permission on specific machines

I have requirement to setup a machine with the below configuration. When a user login to machine …

Check VMware Snapshot with PowerShell

How to configure the powershell to check any temporary snapshot created on Vmware ?

SPLUNK - TRN job configuration on SQL 2014

Hi I am new to Splunk and I need an expert to direct(explain) me what (how) SQL job i need to …


Hi All This is not a question as such im looking for information ideas on how i can pass VLAN's …

Tech Writing - Ctrl-Click on Mac

Hello, Since I'm not familiar with the MAC, (in fact, I don't have access to one) I have not …

Getting FULL Bitlocker recovery key

Hi greetings ! I do have the recovery (Identification) key of bitlocker-locked drive (windows-7).…

Is there a way to create code for cumulative variance using sql and not excel spreadsheets?

Is there a way to create sql code for cumulative variance? col1 | cum var 21                  …

Workbooks get deleted on error - Why

Occasionally I will be running a macro and I will receive an error message and then the workbook …
Train for your Pen Testing Engineer Certification

Enroll today in this bundle of courses to gain experience in the logistics of pen testing, Linux fundamentals, vulnerability assessments, detecting live systems, and more! This series, valued at $3,000, is free for Premium members, Team Accounts, and Qualified Experts.

SonicWall SOHO not detected by home devices

home network devices not finding new SonicWall SOHO Wireless.  It also is not being detected on my …

Can you help me determine what replacement drive I need for a Dell PowerEdge T310 SAS PERC 6i controller?

Working on a 6 year old Dell PowerEdge T310 server.  There's a PERC6i/H700 (SAS/SATA) controller in …

Outlook (O365) Doesn't update

New office 365 mailbox. I've imported the PST, inbox is still updating, however, when I receive …
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