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How PING work through Multiple Switches and Routers.

How PING work through Multiple Switches and Routers. When having PCs all connected to the same …
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Adjust value in a cell based on another cell

I need a macro (or a function) to display a value in one cell based on the value of another cell. …


Hi Expert, I have a table CLAIM having column contains POLICY and RESULT   POLICY      RESULT      …

Installing Vmware vCSA.

Installing Vmware vCSA. I have done some reading about installing vCSA. Well, If I understood I  …


I have deleted messages from a mailbox using the following command (search-mailbox -identity xxxxx …

Sharepoint 2013 keeps asking upgrades after PSConfig completed successfully

Good morning gentlemen, my problem here is, when my sharepoint 2013 health check warned me i had …

Consolidate e-mails

I have a user of Office 2010 Outlook.  When transferring their e-mails from one computer to a new …

Creating a Windows 10 USB Repair Boot Disk using Windows 7

I am trying to create a Windows 10 boot USB drive. The problem is that I only have Windows 7 …

Put together  PAIR  and count  4N

put together the  pair and the count number in column BZ  ( after hit the PAIR button ) as …

Need correct SQL parameter syntax for events due in next 30 days. Criteria=Now()-30 not working

I'm trying to run a query, based on an existing query. I can't get the following to show which …
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Cannot record in Premiere Elements

In Premiere Elements 2018 I try to record a narration. I select to add that and then get a box where…

Continue Delivery

Hi... Can someone suggest an effective online course for becoming a DEVOPS expert. They're many …

Office 2016 activation?

I purchased 3 copies of Office Home & Business, to upgrade old users with 2003 & 2007 copies. Why …

Wsus failed to download kb4022730 update

Hi, WSUS server failed to download kb4022730 update.I could not conclude this issue and when I …

needing "sample" or "example" sick leave request letters

Hello and Good Morning Everyone,          I wish to help a dear friend put together a letter …

Need help translating Java to Delphi

Have the following java code: (CODE) Want to translate this into an Delphi. For the request I …

send html emails using a view as the content

In my base controller I have this code which checks if there is a view and then displays it. I want …

Dynamic Dashboard

Greetings EE Pros! I am trying to create a dynamic dashboard with data on Sheet2, reflecting in …

SBS 2011 fails to perform windows updates

Hi,  I have SBS 2011 server which fails to download windows updates.  When I tried to check "View …
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Outlook 2010 started receiving old emails

Our outlook started this morning downloading old 2014, 2015, 2016, etc. emails, over 3gb of data.  …

Transfer notes in iOS

How do you transfer or copy notes from iCloud or “on this phone” to O365 notes on an iPhone 8 iOS …

FindFirst on list box

I am using the FindFirst  method and for each  record found, I have a list that's contain a id, …

merge from current access database to word cant open db

hello, I'm tring to merge data to word from access but word cant open the database (the database is…
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