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Access to Azure 'isolated' Azure VHD

I have one Azure VM which exist in a different region to our other Azure VM's and  is not connected …
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Exchange 2016 Virtual Directories and PowerShell Inaccessible

We have an Exchange 2016 (CU5) DAG environment with 4 nodes available on Windows Server 2016. Each …

C# Or LINQ - how to merge two data sheets with different columns in c#

Hi, I want to merge two data sheets with different columns in c#.. For example, Based on my…

How to search and replace some word in the same line

I have a text file like : 1,Jane Doe,JKSMFFK332S,JJK332S,OptiPlex 960,2017-12-18 11:02:01 …

Best S/W to Backup Synology NAS Before Disk Upgrade / NAS Reconfiguration

I had this question after viewing

how to extract data from log and create CSV in bash

Hi experts, trying to parse attached log in bash script and get some meaning full data in csv …

unable add rows in angular js table

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head>     <script …

Syntax error: unexpected end of file

Hello Experts, I am getting error while execute script from Linux system... [root@119 bin]# …

How to modify this VBA code,  VBA string cannot move to the new line

I had this question after viewing
huntgroup calling feature in asterisk
Free Tool: Port Scanner

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Ring all extensions in asterisk

Hello, I am using asterisk 13 and I want all my extensions to ring at a time, where anyone can pick …

Abusing async/await?

First I see code like this: (CODE)And I think that's silly, because there's no code after the await
I have upgraded our disk space using iscsi nas do after I added NAS iscsi disk space I have changed …

1801 cisco router issue

Hi expert team pls advice,we see the 1801 cisco router all leds glowing even none ie no cables …

Document is "secured" so I see "look up" words that I select but I can not copy and paste.

I had this question after viewing copy paste text of pdf

Will tax bill apply for 2017 taxes?

Will the tax bill that will be voted on next week apply for and lower 2017 taxes (due by 4/15/18)?

ESXi 5.5 Broadcom 4 port NIC - which driver?

I have a Broadcom 5719 QP NIC card

SQL Server, Can I compress just an Individual table in the DB?

I'm working with a SQL server DB in SQL 2014. The client has one table 'tblLandHistrory' …

VBA challenge how can i change this VBA so that returned data is also in form of table

Please see attached workbook. my macro below generates a messed up data. i pasted the code …
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how to use graphics card on my dell Inspiron 3656

I have an  Inspiron 3656 desktop and I would like to install a video card that it came with (was not…

copy paste text of pdf

Using adobe reader for windows I dont know how to copy paste text of a pdf

Cisco SPA525G General Pickup

Hey, I am super new to phone systems and am only asking in the absence of my usual go-to phone …
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException was unhandled   HResult=-2146233086   …
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