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Problems with rewrite rules in htaccess

I have a problem with a .htaccess file. I have a domainname ( for this example), and …
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main and backup vpn configuration

my challenge is to build two VPN configuration on the same cisco router. one main link and a backup …

Automapped mailbox cached/online mode.

Hello all! Have a question, how can a shared mailbox which is automapped in Outlook and therefore…

Red Hat v4 Cron Jobs | Root | Email Aliases

Red Hat v4: I need an article / link, etc. to set up to email log files for root to an external …

Request for solution to websites being hacked and the uploading of scripts, etc.

Request for solutions I would like to know, what options we have to provide services to our clients…

Outlook 2016 on Windows 2008 Server - prompts a program is trying to send a message on your behalf

Office 2016 on Windows 2008R2 Server,  I have an application that needs to send out an email but we …

Inexpensive PC/Laptop Imaging Software

Looking for inexpensive but effective way to image/Manage Window 10 PC's.  We currently only have HP…

Loop between two ranges to hide data rows

I am stuck on a macro. I am trying to use a data range that might change in number of cells used on …

Error message (“You can’t carry out this action at present time”)

Hi I want to abort close the form when the application finds that the application expiry date is …

Internal users to external website says insecure web page

This morning we came in and internal users are getting the old website is insecure message while …
Free Tool: SSL Checker

Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate. Helpful for debugging and validating your SSL configuration.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Outlook 365 uses excessive data - Huge problem on limited Satellite data plan!

Hello Experts, I am having an issue with Outlook 365 using 30 Mb of data per day. This is when …

Unable to change expired user domain password on Windows 2012 R2 TS server

Hi guys We have an environment where the Active Directory servers are Windows 2003. However, we …

Automated Operating System Patch Management Tools

I am looking into CIS/SANS top 20 security controls, which recommend enterprises "Deploy Automated …

use of dedicated hosts for admin work

some of the cyber security best practices require that admin access and admin type activities can …

Trigger to delete emails from account in GMail or other Email accounts.

Hi, Would anyone happen to know and have the instructions to set up the following. We have …

Which is the SharePoint Managed Property that can hold Document ACL (Access control list)

Hello Everyone. We are trying to customize sharepoint search results. The requirement is to …

Simple Hyper V processor allocation explanation please!

So the more I read about this the more frustrating I find it. It seems the more simply people try to…

Convert VB.Net Process Object Arguments to C#

I am trying to convert VB.Net Process object arguments to C#, but the application (Visual Cut) will …

Swapped SSD into new laptop - boot device not found

I have moved the SSD drive from my old hp probook 6460b laptop into my new hp probook 450 g5. The…
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Forwarding other staff email

One of our executives was terminated and all of his email is being delivered to the CFO.  He needs …

Can't open Excel file in  Peoplesoft Application Engine step

Hello, Here is some of my code It is failing on the last line oWorkApp = CreateObject("COM", …

How to export/import share settings when migrating file servers?

Moving file servers (2008 R2 to 2012), i.e. installing new 2012 and moving data from 2008 R2. Using…

Install 2016 DC (x2) to replace 2008 R2 DC (x2) and raise AD, FFL/DFL to 2016.

Objective: Install 2016 DC (x2) to replace 2008 R2 DC (x2) and raise AD, FFL/DFL to 2016. …

Getting iMessage working (again) on my Mac

Getting iMessage working on my Mac I use iMessage for many months and loved that I could read and…

How to Add Wifi Range Extender to Tomato Router?

Good Morning, For the last 5 years I have been using an ASUS RT N-16 router with the Tomato by …
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