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Bandwidth much more narrow in Firefox than other browsers

Bandwidth much more narrow in Firefox than other browsers..? When making a bandwidth check with …
Cloud Class® Course: Python 3 Fundamentals

This course will teach participants about installing and configuring Python, syntax, importing, statements, types, strings, booleans, files, lists, tuples, comprehensions, functions, and classes.

Sql - searching is not working for special charactors

Hi Experts, SELECT * FROM Product WHERE Product='β2-Glycoprotein I IgG' above code is not …

When installing my first MySQL cluster, I see these error.

hi, I am setting up the first MySQL cluster and I need to install the auto install rpm first, but…

Crystal Report Set Jet Password Dynamically

Hi, I Used Crystal Report in C# web application. My database is in access and i set Jet Password …

Does the Amazon Fire TV come with Freeview or terrestrial channels?

Hi, We would like to get Freeview or terrestrial channels on our large display. We are …

Close both "Dialog and Sidebar" in Google docs from html client side using single button click

I am using twice on my client html page for closing both …

Using Rest API call to get list item in SharePoint 2010 workflow

I am trying to get list item using REST API syntax in SP Designer workflow. The url format is as …

lighting strikes on my equipment

Dear Guys We are having problem with lighting strikes on my equipment like for example my …

VBA OUTLOOK: how to Move files to specific sub folders under conditions

Hi Guys, I want to move a specific mails from mailbox to sub folders ("invoice") using a script …

Unix AIX compare column of 2 files

Dear Experts, On AIX I need to compare 2 files holding percentage space usage: Format: …
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Read Excel.

Hello, How to read excel from app I am using visual studio 2017 windows . Any …

mikrotik firewall

hello, what is the best opensource firewall that can work with mikrotik for ips,ids,brute force, …

facebook user is from a log

hello, is there anyway  to snif facebook user account ... just the user account name or email or …

youtube cash server

hello is there any way to cash youtube videos without mitm senario ?

RFID Reader

What is a Radio Frequency Identification Reader (RFID Reader)?

Export Exchange 2010 mailboxes using the Exchange Management Console

“Export your Exchange 2010 mailboxes to another mailbox using the Export Mailbox Wizard of the Exchange Management Console.”

What is the best way to allow domain users to install software on domain computer.

Hi Experts, What is the best way to allow domain users to install software on domain computer. …

vShield - lost communication with ESX Module & KSVs not appearing in the Network poll

vShiled server endpoint states an error lost communication with ESX Module i have tried to …

Use MySQL & PHP to change a cell's background colour based upon results output.

Hi, Looking for advice on how best to change the background colour of a cell's table row based …
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Export Exchange Address Book to Outlook 2016 / 13 / 10

Export Exchange Address Book to Outlook PST of 2010, 2013, 2016 Version to view Contacts saved in Exchange user account. Use Powershell Commands to export Exchange user contacts to PST format of Outlook.

Get list of Servers installed with specific patch

How to check if a specific patch has been installed on all servers in the domain using command or …

LTE ASN.1 BCCH - LD - SCH Messages Decoder

With great difficulty, I'm trying to implement a parser for reading sib codes and analyzing cells …

How to calculate total from a column but only on first appearance of a particular text entry on the row for that individual

How can I create a formula that will only fire up on the first time an entry is made for that …

GPO Folder Redirection Issue

Hi All, Got a weird one with group policy. We have a client who has a couple of folder …
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