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How to find the time differences between successive rows?

The attached sample file contains different time entries from an Oracle DB for a day in the …
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i'm doing project on job portal using php and mysql. I have the module create resume and upload resume for job seekers. Is it possible for recruiters to view the created resumes like uploaded resume.

i'm doing project on job portal using php and mysql. I have the module create resume and upload …

OneDrive Shared Folders Not Showing Up

We just started using OneDrive with our Office 365 business - i went on my machine, and created a …

Random Distribution of cell values over range of cells

Hi, I want to randomly distribute a Range of given Elements . I have attached a sheet please see …

IIS app Server issue

We have IIS based application running in our company  . One of the Application server will get stuck…

Network Issue Internet Slow

past two weeks, users have complained of slow internet connection. Nothing was changed or added to …

android7 editting contacts

android7. i want to use my phone and not a computer contacts are saved under an email address but i …

WMI Missing Classes

I'm using the WMI Diag Tool 2.2 on a Windows Server 2008 R2. Been trying to figure out what the …

Mounting Clips for CPU heat sink cooling fan - heat sink is vertical tower of aluminum fins - need to clip cooling fan to it.

I am trying to find what I can best describe as mounting "clips" or "holders" for a cooling fan (for…

Spring Boot 2.0 and Spring 5.0 - setParseBodyMethods upgrade issue

Before Spring Boot version 2.0 and Spring 5.0 we used the following code and it works perfectly fine…
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Import text file in VB Access

I need to write a VB input procedure that will read a .txt file into 2013 Access.  The file is …

Convert Json file HTML report

I am working on showing the .json format to be rendered as HTML. I have attached the json file i am …

Assign categories to records from one table by matching on the largest number in the second table which is less than or equal to a value in the first table

I have two tables, each with a numeric value and a text value.  I want to use the numeric value in …

Gridview Export To Excel

Please find the attached Markup and Code.   I need assistance with the Gridview Export to Excel …

D-Link DWA-192 won't automatically connect at startup Windows 7

Dell Optiplex 3020 i5 (4th Gen) running Windows 7 Pro is having issues connecting to automatic …

Failed HDD in a Raid 1 config

Hi All, We have a HP server that is has Raid 1 with a failed hard drive. Any direction on how to …

VB6 - MSChart1 values inside columns

Hi, I would like to add the Label of each columns inside each columns instead of above? also i …

Document body append

For some reason I am creating two elements and trying to append it to the DOM bit it isn't working …

Scaling application horizontally accross servers

I have 11 servers... all running nginx + php7 and one load balancer (nginx as well)... how do I keep…
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Problem with Open relay in Exchange Server

Hello people, I have an Exchange 2016 server with the latest CU. I have created open relay in …

Need help on assignment

Week 11 Assignment VoterWeb is an online source for election news and results from national, …

Veeam temporary file left on Vmware 5.5

A Veeam Backup temporary snaphsot was left last time when a backup job is fail. Should I click …

configure pam_ldap in rhel7 to connect solaris ldap server

What is pam?  What is ldap?   I know those two are for authentication but still confused. Why system…

Azure ad joining

Is there any benefit to azure ad joining machines vs joining to my local domain? I am in a hybrid …

Memory upgrade for PowerEdge R900

I have R900 server loaded with 4GB memory modules , all 32 slots in use. I would like to increase …
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