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I am having trouble with getting exactly what I want using CHARINDEX in my sql query.  I am trying …
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Is it unprofessional to use a Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB data connection to perform an SQL query on an open Excel Workbook?

Hi, This is more something that I'd like some advice on than a problem. I'd like to get an …

How to get the correct detail for DKIM and SPF from vendor domain to add to TXT record for  our domain so vendor can send as us and not be blocked as spam.

How to get the correct detail for DKIM and SPF from vendor domain to add to TXT record for  our …

I need to talk to older / non-tech savy users about email and online security. Any slides you could share or recommend?

I have to give a talk to older people about security online.  Would anyone have slides they have or …

PHP Password Check for Dictionary Word

I have a simple PHP password application that checks for strength of a password before changing it. …

Does anyone use Quick Books 2017 in Terminal server mode and which Windows OS version?

Which windows OS would be preferred for this project, windows 2012 R2 standard or windows 2016 …


I need to convert an application created in MS-DOS FoxPro2.6 to any new language programming keeping…

Restricting Server 2016 in OU via GPO

Hello experts, We are looking into prohibiting/restricting 2016 from being provisioned and/or moved…

12V door entry latch release from WIFI connected device

hi there, I'm considering to setup a simple wifi controlled door entry system. Currently i have a…

How to get rid of email spam

I am getting pages of spam emails that started this morning and the spam email addresses are all …
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Internet explorer 10 windows 8

I have a windows 8 laptop that is running IE10. I cannot seem to find any where to upgrade to ie11 …

Question about cell phone services

1) What is the range of a cell tower 2) If you were on your cell phone in L.A. and called a cell …

Run-time error 3075

strQuery = "SELECT qryRptData.custnum, qryRptData.Cusname, qryRptData.1, qryRptData.2, " & _       …

Is there a way to "Reset" data for a particular CompanyID on one database so only records for that company get saved and restored.

We have all our companies and data in 1 database. In the database everything related to CompanyID …
FYI if you post to Twitter Starting tomorrow, Twitter will no longer allow you to post the …

New question interface is not helpful

I just posted a question for the first time in a couple of days and find that the interface is …

How to limit VPN access

I am using Cisco ASA firewalls.  I would like to use Cisco anyconnect VPN and direct some active …

Cannot connect to an exchange  account with Outlook 2016 but I can with Mozilla o Blue mail

cannot connect to an exchange account from Outlook 2016 After setting on the log I got these … DropDownList that populates a key value pairs on one line

I would like to be able to select an exam from a drop down list and append all the question_id's …
The 14th Annual Expert Award Winners

The results are in! Meet the top members of our 2017 Expert Awards. Congratulations to all who qualified!

Did you know it only takes 2 hours for a security patch to be reversed engineered? Don’t let your …

How increment field by 1 on a form when the field is not an autonumber field

How can I increment a field on a form that is not  a primary key auto-number field.  The field has …

Forward mail from Exchange server to another mail server at a different host

Hello, When I try the command, I get the following: WARNING: The command completed …

Cisco CUBE setup configuration

Does Cisco CUBE pair need to have IP Addresses in 2 different subnets from MPLS CE Routers? We have …
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