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Skype for Business one side shows "presence unknown"

Hello all, One of my customers is having an issue with Skype for Business.  Two companies are …
Free Tool: Path Explorer

An intuitive utility to help find the CSS path to UI elements on a webpage. These paths are used frequently in a variety of front-end development and QA automation tasks.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

How to refresh page if radio button is checked?

I'm changing delivery options on my WooCommerce checkout page via functions.php file and I need to …

New to selling wordpress sites

Hello, I am fairly new to creating WordPress sites, but I am working on a WordPress site and I have …

Lookup for Excel Spreadsheets

I have an excel spreadsheet that I have four worksheets containing data.  I have fifth worksheet …

DC/DNS ISSUE: Got error while checking LDAP and RPC connectivity

Good evening all. I must begin, I am a noob, however I have spent literally the last days/nights …

Send email from external web site through Exchange 2010 to all domains.

I need to send email from an external web site through Exchange 2010 to both internal and external …

Reset Airport Time Capsule disables Airport Utility access to Time Capsule

Reseting Apple Airport Time Capsule (firmware 7.6.9) disables Airport Utility access to Time …
Microsoft released a video about Ransomware.  Surprisingly good. Take a look at it here... …

Migrating email server from sbs2008 to Office 365 only but keep the SBS2008 as file server

I have 25 users in the SBS2008 using as domain name.  I am planning to migrate …

Windows 10 login issue with onesign imprivata / VDI

I have a VDI with windows 10 os  .The VDI uses Improvata onesign in order to login with users login …
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SQL for Service Count per user

Hi Experts, I have the attached table structure showing only related fields to this questions. …

Customer Firewall Behind Our Firewall

I have an issue which i am trying to figure out we are a small company and we have some customer …

VMWare ESXi 6.6.5 hosts, export list of VMNICs and Poert group mapping?

Hello, I have RVTools and pulled a report using that but can't seem to gather all the info I need …

Starting Outlook is very slow, up to a minute. How to speed this up?

Hi everyone, Starting Outlook is very slow,, up to a minute. After some Googling this …

Merge two fields one date, one time into a date/time value

Working on a clients database.  Table contains columns: ContactDate datetime with 00:00:00 as the…

Openvas: change port list has unexpected results

Hello experts This is my first post to EE regarding OpenVAS, please forgive any misbehavior and …

Convert lengthy CURL command to PHP 7 code?

I recently purchased an Onion Omega2+ micro processor, and succeeded at getting it hooked up to …

IIS - Intranet site software HTML

Need to update our intranet. Just a site with 20 pages of pictures and links. Its all internal on a …
I am new to exchange and currently we are not able to send email to the outside world. I have an …
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Deploy hyper v machine from template on server to client desktop

I am looking for a setup in a cubicle rental office Clients rent out a cubicle on a per month …

How to rebuild a degraded RAID 10 array on an Lenovo RD330?

One of the drives on my Lenovo RD330 is amber and in BIOS it states that 1 virtual drive is …

We are having trouble with installing Microsoft updates on our Windows 10 domain computers.

We have tried downloading updates from the Microsoft catalog individually, but still having trouble …

How to Create an Extraordinary Website in a Week

These seven tips can help you create an extraordinary website, one that captivates audiences and has them wanting to return regularly for more. Keep reading to find out what your site is missing and what you need to add!

Migrating from IMAP to exchange

Hosting co said they can do this: Will all the imap folders stay there so I can transfer emails to…

1 2012 R2 Server - 1 Hyper V Manager - 2 VMs - 2 Raids - Can I place 1 VM on each Raid?

I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 with 2 VMs on the same raid 5 drive that is running out of space. …
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