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W10 Updates blocking deploying Visual Studio applications

I have noticed after the latest rounds of W10 updates that I can no longer deploy any of my class …
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Azure 2017

Azure has a changed a lot since it was originally introduce by adding new services and features. Do you know everything you need to about Azure? This course will teach you about the Azure App Service, monitoring and application insights, DevOps, and Team Services.

Upgrade From Exchange 2003 Org to Exchange 2007, Multi site and Multi Servers

Hi Busy with a project upgrading server for 5 AD site network. All sites were on Windows 2003 …

How to write output in excel

How to write php output to excel? more than 100 rows and each 10 column. Platform linux.

Display solution

How can i spilt my single display into a single screen using four projectors??

Determine if earlier SCCM 2016 update needs to be installed before latest update

When I go into the System Center Configuration Center 2016 administration > Updates and Servicing …

IIS Website will not load on remote client PCs but works fine on host server

We have an IIS website that allows employees to enter their time.  We recently had to make some …

this trial of microsoft office 365 expires in

this trial of microsoft office 365 expires in xxday I removed the trial that comes bundled on an …

ESB/MasterDatabase/BizTalk/Is it needed?

Hi - I was wondering if someone can advise please. Our organisation uses a ERP systems which has …

why are pictures being saved as video

iphone 6 every camera picture when connected to windows 10 via usb is a multi second video …

Ajax Success Callback doesn't work Ajax Php sweetalert

Ajax Success callback doesn't work. Hello this is my second question i have problem with success …
Cloud Class® Course: Amazon Web Services - Basic

Are you thinking about creating an Amazon Web Services account for your business? Not sure where to start? In this course you’ll get an overview of the history of AWS and take a tour of their user interface.

Office 365 unable to sign-in

I have a user that is unable to sign in to his Office 365 account on the local desktop applications:…

Issues with remote access using a Fortinet token

Fortinet remote access token and Lenovo x240 laptop. When activated and run - token will: Launch…

How to allow user to read application if MS Access protected password is given correct in Windows C#

Hi, i am using Windows application. my client want to set password in MS Access DB. When …

Need to determine if a will has been manipulated?

I am interested in finding out if a lawyer has manipulated the will of my mother, who has since …

Outlook 2010 printer not ready error.

Outlook 2010 printer not ready error.  User receives a "Printer Not Ready" error whenever trying to …

Excel is staying in memory after opening in Access vba

Access vba   opening excel in the background Problem: Excel is staying in memory ? I dont …

Block external users to sent Calendar Invite to particular exchange inbox

I just want to know what are the options in blocking external calendar invites in one or particular …

calendar, outlook 2010

Is there a way to make my selected calendars "stick" in my calendar?  I have added the IT vacation …

With what program do you open .cgm files?

trying to open .cgm files with isoview and it just gives a blank page. should I be using different …
Cloud Class® Course: Python 3 Fundamentals

This course will teach participants about installing and configuring Python, syntax, importing, statements, types, strings, booleans, files, lists, tuples, comprehensions, functions, and classes.

Powershell : scripting Issue (IF ELSE)

PowerShell scripting issue: Experts please assist with the following script: (CODE) When I …

Adobe Photoshop CS6  $$$/ADMDialog/iFontProblemWarning=The Adobe UIfont could not be loaded

Adobe Photoshop CS6 $$$/ADMDialog/iFontProblemWarning=The Adobe UIfont could not be loaded

Does My HP Server have a failed HD?

I have a HP ProLiant 360p.  The eject button on one of the drives is lit red.  Does this mean it has…

Having issues accessing external sites that have the same domain name as our internal domain.

We have internal DNS servers on our network we do not house our website server 2008r2. Our website …

Dual uplinks mean dual public IPs

Hi I have clients that use dual uplinks for their customer sites The second uplink, generally …
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