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modifying parameter file using command line

Hi, Is there a way to modify a parameter file's parameter using command line? e.g. to add text to…
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vsphere 4tb and up disk

Running vsphere 5.5 ( i know its not going to be around much longer) i have a vm version 8. trying …

Issues with custom Javascript calculator

I'm trying to create a custom Javascript calculator but I'm not really sure how to enter custom data…

How to email a dashboard view of a SharePoint list

I am using a web parts in a SharePoint 2010 list to create a dashboard view to our management team. …
What's a good site for looking up Information? Wikipedia - Is it just me, or do other …

Could you point internet server providers that offer FAS (FoxinCloud Application Server) ?

Hi Experts To run FoxinCloud it is necessary to contract a "special" internet provider that …

Fatal Error - undefined function wc_print_notices()

I am getting this error while trying to build a WooCommerce (3.5.1 - the latest) site to convert …

Maintain change in Oracle table

Hello , in one of my oracle databases, I have one table name account,   I designed a form for users …

Active Directory Policy and Procedures doc or template

Is there a Active Directory Policy and Procedures doc or template? My company is requesting one that…

Error running the default ValuesController Get()

Hi, I'm using Visual Studio 2017.  I created a C# Web API with MVC checked project.  It comes  with …
Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

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Query based on Cartesian query with date parameter not working.

Greetings Experts: I'm having trouble making a query that is based on another Cartesian query.   …

Windows Task Scheduler based on Time Zone

How can I set a windows task in the Task Schedule to run based on US Mountain Standard Time

Need help writing Max(DateTime) partition SP


Report - Subreports row heights to match

I have a report that has two sub-reports, side-by-side.  And there are lines as you can see in this …

Exchange 2010 used ASDI Edit to delete Public Folder Database

I am completing an Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013 Migration.  Before decommissioning my Exchange …

Dynamics CRM 2016 EMAIL ROUTER:

I setup Dynamics crm 2016 on-premises email router Everything works fine on the test environment,…

trouble connnecting active directy account to SQL

We have been instructed by the IT director to created an active directory service account and give …

Incoming gmail goes straight into trash.

My wife had her Gmail account hacked some time ago. Google admin shut down the account for a couple …

Can a specific Windows store app be blocked on a domain?

Is there any way of blocking a single Windows store app from being installed or run with Group …
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Out of office wil not work from Outlook

We have a client that is running SBS2011 running exchange 2010, through OWA out of office assistant …

use combobox to fill hidden columns in a datasheet of a subform

I have a datasheet in a subform and have in column 1 a combobox with two columns. I would like to …

High CPU usage from system interrupts

Hi, I have a small Citrix Xenserver running XenDesktop and a variety of other servers.  I just …

Fixing WMI connections that used to work

I have 56 workstations which are accessed with WMI.  As Windows Updates occur, it seems, various …

SonicWALL NSA 3500 Port Forwarding Issue

Hello Everyone, I have a SoniWALL NSA 3500 that I am trying to configure to open port 8000 for a …
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