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Cómo puedo hacer esto en Eclipse?

Estoy haciendo un Sistema Básico para la Gestión de Farmacias. Tengo que integrar el menú como si …
[Webinar] Cloud and Mobile-First Strategy

Maybe you’ve fully adopted the cloud since the beginning. Or maybe you started with on-prem resources but are pursuing a “cloud and mobile first” strategy. Getting to that end state has its challenges. Discover how to build out a 100% cloud and mobile IT strategy in this webinar.

Exchange 2007 421 4.3.2 Service not available, closing transmission channel

Hi, Just switch ISP and having issues with mail flow with exchange 2007 when sending an email …

Can a Windows 2012r2 server get licenses from a 2008r2 terminal license server and use them?

we have a 2008r2 terminal license server for our remote desktop clients and a few servers that …

Failed Logon attempts

Hello I'm seeing a bunch of failed logon attempts, what's confusing me is the usernames.  Rather …

Can an offline root CA be used for more than one domain

Hello Experts, Our organization has two separate Active Directory domains (separate forests): 1.…

Microsoft Surface laptop reviews/known issues

Please provide me with reviews for the Microsoft Surface laptop as well as any known issues or …

Purchase  JMP software at discounted price

A user I support needs me to purchase the JMP software (which is available from the …

DNS-less connection between MS Access and SQL

Hello, Thanks in advance for any help someone may provide.  I am creating a front end ms access …

offering app on the web

I have a small project that I tried to find out of the box solution. The project is about a company …

create exception rows using ssis

Hi, I have dimension table with identity row dim_id , I want to add exception rows in dimensions …
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How to use WavePad to generate a new file and to use it for a recording of my voice?

I use Windows 10 fully updated. I've successfully used WavePad Audio Editor - NCH Software to …

ComboBox text is highlighted until the box is accessed

I have several ComboBoxes in my program, and the ones that have text already in the box end up …

Specific use pre-paid cards

There is a new service that I stumbled upon called movo  It allows you to set …

images don't resize in 2 column layout

Why don't the images resize nicely in this two column layout?  When you resize to a smaller …

sidebar font reduces size in widget

Why does the sidebar font size change to a smaller size for the Header 2 widget?  I initially had a …

Retrieve lost user's login id.

I'm new to IBM/Lotus Notes.  A user in our office recently reformatted her computer.  How can she …

Executing CURL statement in C#

How would I execute this statement in a C# windows application? (CODE)

IPAD and App Store

Is it possible to install apps from ITUNES to an IPAD?

Access LPT1 from Virtual Box dos?

We have a very very old labeling program that the electrical department would like to keep using …
Free Tool: IP Lookup

Get more info about an IP address or domain name, such as organization, abuse contacts and geolocation.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Get distinct values based on Id from nested object array using javascript

I have a nested object array and what I am trying to do is get the Start time and total duration for…

Powershell: go up till you reach folder KPI?

Hi, I have some powershell reports of which I would like to gather KPI data into a folder named …

Howto write a hashtable (during a PS script) to a file and read from it in another script?

Hi, I'd need to gather some input from a hashtable of a script that runs at certain times. So …
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