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In the free Veeam software: what is the difference between the "Veeamzip button" and the "VM and File Copy" jobs section?

Hi' Anyone knows this: I have installed "Veeam backup and replication free" (or is it called …
Introducing Cloud Class® training courses

Tech changes fast. You can learn faster. That’s why we’re bringing professional training courses to Experts Exchange. With a subscription, you can access all the Cloud Class® courses to expand your education, prep for certifications, and get top-notch instructions.

Who Sent an Email from Department Mailbox

HI a Human Resources mailbox was used to send out a note to HR only and received word that it was …

:empty not working on div with spaces

I have a div and on its blank state, I will like to hide it. However, there are spaces in the div …

OWA: Problem receiving hyperlink

OWA receives an email with a valid link, but it is not hyperlinked. When forwarding message the …

Visio creation assistance.

Need assistance creating Visio drawings.  I've never done any and don't know where to start.  …

Finding MD5 Hash Values

This utility will help to identify the hash value of the application, which will help to protect computers from the various attacks.

How do I permanently delete Saved Searches and stop the damn hourly notices!

How to delete Saved Searches and stop the damn hourly notices? These damn things are annoying as …

"Run-time error 53" in a FSO/DAO vba scritpt

Guys, I am new in VBA coding and trying to include a feature in my Access application. I want to …

Sudden clock skew

The environment is vCenter 6.5 update 2 with 4 vSphere 6.5 hosts.  We noticed our SQL cluster was …

How to Renew SSL Certificate for Exchange 2013 Server Step by Step

How to Renew SSL Certificate for Exchange 2013 Server Step by Step
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Windows 7 Basic

This introductory course to Windows 7 environment will teach you about working with the Windows operating system. You will learn about basic functions including start menu; the desktop; managing files, folders, and libraries.

Do I need to activate Hyper-V VMs if the manager is activated?

I have a Hyper-V running Windows Server Standard 2016 and within that I have 2 VMs. The Hyper-V …

Standalone download of XPS Viewer for Windows 10

I understand that XPS Viewer is no longer automatically installed on Windows 10. I tried adding …

How to Update User Name in SharePoint Foundation 2010

After updating a user account in Active Directory, to change the user name, SharePoint Foundation …

cfexecute .jsx script will not run

I have create a .jsx file from photoshop and using cfexecute to run it. If I use cfexecute from the …

Error when opening Access database after one user upgraded to 2016 and two still on 2010

I have three users (including myself) who have been working in a database for months with no …

Filter Dropdown Based on Another Dropdown using SQL and VB Script

Hello Experts, I’m trying to filter a drop down list based on another dropdown list using …

Recovering data on a Raid 5 after OS drive failure

I have an older server Dell Power Vault NF 500.  It was running Windows 2003 storage server.  A week…

Problem with Microsoft SSL webisites

We have a Sonicwall Firewall NSA 2600 and it is configured to not allow access to sites with SSL …

Error on generating PDF report from my Web App at one site.

On my DevExpress ASP.NET Web Forms project hosted in Azure I have a XtraReport which prints fine on …
Cloud Class® Course: Certified Penetration Testing

This CPTE Certified Penetration Testing Engineer course covers everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Penetration Testing Engineer. Career Path: Professional roles include Ethical Hackers, Security Consultants, System Administrators, and Chief Security Officers.

Excel with calculating 4 threads %

Excel with calculating 4 threads % - is very laggy. I have checked …

2016 Server Remote desktop disconnects.

We have a group of 2016 terminal servers that are housed in a Datacenter. We are using RDP to …

Is there a way to keep document open after linking via bookmark?

In Nuance Power PDF Advanced ver. 1.2 when we use bookmarks to link to another document, after …

Problem with Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage on a fresh install of Windows 10 Enterprise build 1803

Problem with Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage on a fresh install of Windows 10 Enterprise build 1803 …

Adding Sharepoint Calendar to Outlook 365 OWA

How do I add a sharepoint calendar to my outlook 365 OWA email account calendar?

Powershell script needed to produce a count of different lastname or a count on line #1.

Help.  I need help fast.  I am hoping to put in place a PS script that will read in a text file and …
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