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Hide / unhide 3N FD

need  hide/unhide column  FD TO FG

Apple phone and internet full access

Easy question and just making sure they are 100% correct. A visitor who will be here awhile has an …

Macth data  in 3N  column  AY

1-when an number appear in AY column then need to look if this appear in D_REF sheet in column  F …

Re-Regsiter O365 Office Pro install with new credentials

Can you remove the O365 Office Pro install credentials from the Windows Desktop and re-add new …

Would a digital code signing certificate allow downloads through Norton and SmartScreen

I Install my product using SageKey which produces an executable install file.  It is often rejected …

What power plug/cable does the  HP 8690B sweep generator require?

I purchased a used HP 8690B sweep generator and it came without a plug, What power plug/cable does …

Show count down in a message box

Is there a way to show a count down in a MessageBox() in visual basic? I have a message box that …

Stuck on Binary Bomb Phase 3

0000000000400fad <phase_3>:   400fad:      48 83 ec 18                   sub    $0x18,%rsp   400fb1:      64 48 …

Detect Phrase on a Web-page?

I'm trying to figure out how I can scrap/detect if the phrase "We regret we cannot open the

How fix references for a computer having only ms/access runtime?

Hi  I need to deploy my app to additional computers having only ms/access runtime. How fo I fx the…

Windows 7 & Windows 10 Image for deployment on any system

I would like to setup a Windows 7 and Windows 10 OS install image that I can use on any system.  I …

Access 97: How to programmatically set a Form's RecordSource to a string longer than 255 characters?

I have Access 97 and need to set a Form's recordset to a string, Problem is my SQL string exceeds …

Best Way to Sanitize input in PHP

What is the best way to sanitize user input in a form field with PHP? (CODE)

Python or Java and Recommend a Python Book

I need a good book to learn Python. My immediate goal is to be able to update Katoolin for Ubuntu…

hide the window in ms/access

Hi I want to hide the MS/ACCESS Window on my app and found a routine on fms that looks doing so …

Google Voice number forwarding to VoIP system

Here's an easy one for ya...  I've done this before in Google Voice but I can't seem to find the …

Maintain Public Variable Values Across ALL Open Excel Workbooks

Everything I read says that Excel Public VBA variables should retain their values across all open …

Rows to expand to fit data in Excel

I have this form called RFQ and in the blue section for example I wanted it to expand automatically …

BEst practice when deploying policies to an end point

I have a server 2016 domain environment  and we are going to be deploying windows 10 . What would be…

An problem of importation

Hello I have to use for the very first time an Xen-server for an project but every time I tried …

Could not find a part of the path '....\MaestroFP.rds.'

A coworker posted a report definition (.rdl) file out onto the server, asking that I help her with …

Magic Mouse Disconnects When Attempting to Highlight Text

Every time I attempt to highlight text using my Magic Mouse, the mouse looses connection. Otherwise …

voip 4 phone numbers.

call 4 phone numbers at the same time. Only 4 not 400. Not looking for an enterprise solution. …
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