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How can we protect data(shared files) like downloading, printing and copying etc at work ?

We are planning to deploy SharePoint on-premise (or hybrid), so is there any third party tool or in …

History TEMP DB

Hello , Could you please help me with this problem ? Somebody change the Temp DB size and I …

Currency Converter - Open Source Daily Rates & Language Suggestion

Want to build a little web function into a page.   Text box  Country select dropdown Text box  …

Install Office Setup with Product Key

How to Install Office Setup with Product Key?

Finding the 0 subslot

I need to find the 0 subslot. I am searching by the last four characters of a MAC address. I have …

JBOSS restart through Jenkins

Please let me know, how to stop/start JBOSS in windows through Jenkins.

Http to https changes then session not loading in php codeigniter

Hi All, I am changing my http to https then session are not working when i am using …

Loopback adapter and Disabling Ethernet

i have an application to test for its performance. I need to take the windows7 m/c where the …

Help required on New Exchange server setup. Planning for hybrid deployment

Help required on planning... Mailbox 200 (currently shared hosting but moving on-premise). So new…

ASP.Net MVC FromBody Post Help Need Guru!!

Hello all, I need help with passing to a HttpPost from ASP.Net Core because you can no longer …

IOS to Android

I have a new android phone and am waning to transfer call log, text messages and contacts from IOS …

My technical blog site google page rank is Zero.

My technical blog site google page rank is Zero. Can somebody suggest me how to work on yoast SEO …

DDG is not working

I have created a DDG in exchange 2016 under the same OU in which all users is placed, & set a rule …

Need Excel formula to add time

I need a formula for Excel that will add up the hours and minutes that I have worked, then subtract …

Outlook Cached Exchange Mode in VDI

We have a VDI environment with roaming profiles. We have recently migrated to O365. Can someone …

How to set the retention value to media pool for tape backup in Veeam?

This is using Veeam backup and replication 9.5. We are using a standalone lto6 single tape drive. …

content is blocked only on actual mobile devices.. (not emulators)

iPhone 8 safari and the browser from android both are blocking the content from my website page …

generate excel output from oracle reports

I had this question after viewing How will i generate Excel output

Easy to use online scheduling system

I'm looking for recommendations for a online booking / scheduling system.  Needs to be simple to use…

AD Replication over VPN to RODC pitfalls

I have some remote offices that I want to setup with RODCs. This will be my first time doing this so…

Why can't my IPhone 6 send/receive email through my Cox account, just like my IPhone 4 does successfully?

My IPhone 4 can send and receive emails through my cox account, however, my newly acquired IPhone …

Activating Windows 10 against a Windows 2008 R2 KMS Server with VAMT version 3.0

Hello, We have a Windows 2008 R2 /SP1 installed with VAMT version 3.0. We need to add Windows 10 …

query array into multi-dimensional array

I've been trying to figure this out for awhile and I just need some help with it. Basically how …
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