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Recent activity in Software Engineering

ASP.NET MVC - Code First using Existing Database

I am new to ASP.NET MVC 5 and have questions regarding implementation of Code First using an …
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Batch File script to delete files based on match... continuation of 10.5.2017 question

I received an excellent response to my question of deleting files based on match and amount of days …

Visual FoxPro 9.0 Report Label Changes at Runtime

I have a VFP report which needs to be updated.  In the report header, there is a label displaying …

issue with out-file

I'm trying to write a script (still novice at this) and for the most part is working fine.  However,…

Configuring a ProgressBar to increase depending on length taken after buttonclick

I have added a ProgressBar and Timer to my project but it's behaving strangely. When I press a …

Url parameter encode/encrypt

Hello, I have a url and I would like to encrypt or encode one of the parameters and also be able …

how to populate dropdown selected value using javascript

Hi Experts, Dropdown name Payment having 4 values: creditcard debitcard cash cheque …

Listing all Users who do not have a Mailbox

I wrote the following script to list all from a file who do not have a mailbox. The problem is the …

Excel: Clearing range of formulas take very long time even in Manual calculation mode.

Hi, I am working on a complex spreadsheet and I have range of formulas (17000 rows by 36 columns). …

How do I add a value to a multidimensional array?

I've googled this but I have yet to find an answer that makes sense. Here's what I've got: …
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Bloom Filters

Looking for a way to avoid searching through large data sets for data that doesn't exist? A Bloom Filter might be what you need. This data structure is a probabilistic filter that allows you to avoid unnecessary searches when you know the data definitely won't be found. Read on to find out more...

Crystal report and c#

I have a c# program that is using crystal report and have a few questions. 1. i want to build …

Delphi FMX TMSFMXLiveGrid

Hello, I bought Tms Fmx component and I am struggling with simple things. I use TMSFMXLiveGrid…

Can't get my angular app and controller working on Razor @Html.ListBoxFor

Can't get my angular app and controller working on Razor @Html.ListBoxFor. The debugger is never …

Setting Detailsview column width in Edit mode

Plug-in "" was unable to instantiate class "".

while opening team explored in eclipse mars getting below error Plug-in …

Laravel Query Distinct Field with multiple v6alues query

Trying to figure out how I can display results for a database that has data like this... If the …

Open up an Excel App in front of any vb forms

Is there a way to make sure that when I call the Excel and Workbook open commands inside my vb app …

I need a script to press automatically OK every 2 min

I need a script to press automatically OK every 2 min, see snapshot bellow and here the script i …
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Dynamics CRM 2011 / Local Storage

Hi All, We use Dynamics CRM 2011 with IE 11. If I want to write Javascript using Local Storage, …

BASIC web authentication issue

Hi, i wrote my web application with web.xml as below (CODE) i added role and username and …

Paypal Single Authorization multiple Capture

Hi, I am working with project. I have successfully done single authorization and single …

The superclass "javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet" was not found on the Java Build Path

I got below error The superclass "javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet" was not found on the Java Build …

EmEditor regular expression

Hi, I have 2000 small HTML files and I want to replace something, or actuallr remove something. I…

Find the most matched keywords between one row and all other rows in database table

I have a database table that has comma separated keywords column (i.e. "apple, green, sky"), I want …
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