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Recent activity in Software Engineering

unix server timeout

server times out i have 15 production unix server instances to check logs same time when i am…
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Exchange Server

The MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 certification validates your skills in supporting the maintenance and administration of the Exchange servers in an enterprise environment. Learn everything you need to know with this course.

How to get the item in an array?

Hi, Experts, I'm trying to get an item within the array where I use the first word of the item as …

Insert query working in C# not in IIS

Using Insert query to store logdetails like log_in_time ,card_id,etc  while user pressing the search…

Custom formatting excel

Hi, Currently, I am using the following custom formatting: …

Detect Traffic From China language hu-hu and divert to a not available page

How to Detect Traffic From China language hu-hu (reported in google analytics) and divert to a not …

Error EResNotFound when using custom component at runtime

I had this question after viewing Error EResNotFound when using custom component at runtime

HTML produces blank page

I have this HTML code (generated by php). This produces a blank screen: (CODE) I tried using …

Need help to run a query via PSEXEC to look for a registry key and export the result to a text file.

Need help to run a query via PSEXEC . I've been tasked to do the following: John's request: …

Complex filtering by Access form, building SQL statement in code

I need to filter project records in Microsoft Access according to criteria determined by selections …

how do you export mailboxes, usernames(or alias) but also their organisational units into a CSV?

Hi guys We have an Exchange 2010 environment on Windows 2008 R2. How do you export all of the…
Cloud Class® Course: CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ Basic training course will teach you about cloud concepts and models, data storage, networking, and network infrastructure.

Twsocket and UTF8 encoding

how could i make Twsocket send strings in utf-8 encoding using sendstr ?

Could you point a way to code a multichoices combo by using "Smarty" PHP library?

Hi Experts Could you point a way to code a multichoices combo by using "Smarty" PHP library? …

Simple Way to Assign A Set of Records to Users as Needed

Good Afternoon, I am working to create a simple database for a group of 6 users.  They are …

What is the leading practice in performing log encryption?

My boss just told me that Microsoft is recommending log encryption after reviewing our latest Risk …

Exchanging records among tables in oracle

Hey there experts! I have a importer app developed using delphi and oracle. What it does is, …

C# Convert System.Array to a List keeping all indexes in the List from System.Array.

I'm converting a System.Array to a list.  Reason I'm doing this is because I can't check the values …

Regular Expression to fetch first 3 lines

Help me to fetch first 3 lines of my email body by regular expression

C#/Winforms - Manipulate the display in listbox of Active Directory data

I am displaying users and file system rights in a list box using C#. It's a desktop application. My …

Null Reference Exception problem when performing simple calculation using C# and WPF.

I'm having a Null Reference Exception problem when performing simple calculation using C# and WPF.  …
Cloud Class® Course: Ruby Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to Ruby, as well as teach you about classes, methods, variables, data structures, loops, enumerable methods, and finishing touches.

vba fade sheet

Hi, I am using the following code on opening an excel workbook. I am hiding some sheets and …

Is it possible to use the same ribbon XML fluent UI control ID in an Office VBA add-in using idQ?

I develop VBA add-in for Office apps and utilise the customUI XML framework to specify the UI. I …

Return full content of response sent by remote server along with error

I use this code to connect to a remote server:(CODE)The remote server returns a 405 error code and …

Cant ping ESX from few machines

Hi folks, I have a problem with my VMware ESX. I have a small network in C class,…

Problem with sql query to checkout user

I was told to make a simple check in and check out for volunteers, they walk in pick their name from…

How can I collect Paypal IPN messages to then ship orders via the Kunaki API?

I had this question after viewing PayPal IPN, PHP, & MySQL
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