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Recent activity in Database Administration

remove forgotten password for vba on accdb file.

hi please help me. 2 years ago i made a database with protected vba(visual basic for application).…
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SQL Search Query String

I have a project that just had the parameters changed.  It used to be that an employee logs in and …

Which is the best way to learn MySQL?

I want to learn about MySQL, I'm a beginner. Which is the best materials can I use and where can I …

Make "NULL" returns in a column into a set value

I want to make "NULL" values in a column into a set value such as whenever there is "NULL" it will …

How to delete all stored procedures in the database

I have to build and rebuild a a database. That often times involves deleting all tables and stored …

Running Access 2013 application on a Clients Citrix network, all users using the same Accde

Background I have been developing and distributing Access applications to clients for over 15 …

Using Veeamone reporter to find Backup Images on Storage

I use Symantec Netbackup for backup, this application includes a report that is able to tell me some…

figure out the last order

I have to write a query like this SELECT LastName, Order ID, OrderDate from Table. I need to …

Install Windows 7 64 Pro with Avago Controller

Hi All, I am setting up a new file server - Dell Precision Tower 7910 with Avago Controller. I …

Exchange Services (Frontend Transport, Transport and Information Store) are not starting after reboot of server

We have configured the NIC Teaming ( LACP/Dynamic Mode) on Exchange server and everything was …
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configuration between crystal report and java

I am trying to view my report but it give me that error:- …

WSUS Server console is getting when clicks on Computer group

WSUS server is console is getting hang. Error is as below. This comes  when I click on Computer …

Lookup credit card expiry

I have a table with an int for the expiry month and an int for the expiry month, so 1 - 12 for the …

Speed Up MySQL Import

Hi Experts. I'm having a sql file about 3.5GB with some tables about 7 millions records , and a …

job execution in sql server 2014

Hi ,    i am  scheduling my job every 15 min 50th records need to run. but it takes 2 or 3 hrs for …

jquery, onclick event keep value

we have simple with html5 in the front. <li><a href="">Glee is awesome 1</a></li> will …

Why ltrim rtrim wont remove white space in select ltrim(rtrim('ABCDG '))?

SQL Server 2008

access for tables

Hi, I have two three database stage dimensions and facts . I want to query from fact database …

Powershell to fine inactive accounts

I am trying to setup a powershell to find accounts that have been inactive 90 days or longer. I …
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SQL Server Running Balance

I think I need a cursor for this, but just wanted to check to see if any new features would make …

Need a faster way to insert data from access local table to sql server table on a server

i am not able to find a feasible solution yet looked all over the internet, some say it cant be done…

Microsoft Access Double Click Event chokes on the apostrophe (') and quote (") symbols.

I built an Access database that stores our "Office Supplies" with several reports that when …

Help with Account Creation Script

Hello, I inherited an student account creation script that a previous admin wrote in PowerShell. I'm…

Use PS to email log file and include text in log in body of email

Hey Experts.  To make it even easier for our team, I want to include the contents of the log file in…

Least expensive drives for Synology DS1815+ on HCL

What are the least expensive (but still high quality) hard drives for a Synology DS1815+ Network …
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