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Recent activity in Database Administration

What card supporting HBA/JBOD/IT mode I can use in Proliant ML150 G5 for disks over 2 TB?

Hi experts I have old server HP Proliant ML150 G5, 32 GB RAM, 2 hot plug cages, each with 4 …
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Catch errors while updating VMtools on windows server

I have written a script in powerful to update VMtools. Its working fine but at times VMtools …

Need help concatenating two fields in SQL Server

Need help concatenating these two fields: dbo.BA_VIEW_WO_FAULTS.NOTES, …

Need help with script to remove FireFox Browser from all computers

I need help writing a script to remove firefox. I've provided what I've written so far. What I can't…

SQL Omit hashes

I have a SQL view and want to omit any records with hashes in them. E.g. ###1234156 Anyone …

Powershell script to copy files and folders to either 32bit program files or 64bit program files

Guys, Im very new to powershell and need your help. I need the following script to check if the …

Crystal 8.5 and VB 6 -recordselectionformula and OR SQL QUERY

VB 6 and 8.5 crystal I am using  . recordselectionformula and have this in the code Dim rs1 = …

how hard is upgrading Windows WSFC prior to Windows 2016 ?

from this link: …

Merge SQL Data

I have a SQL server with a linked server (Non-SQL).  The linked server is connected over a WAN and …

Reference to database and/or server name in 'MASTER.dbo.xp_regread' is not supported in this version of SQL Server

Reference to database and/or server name in 'MASTER.dbo.xp_regread' is not supported in this version…
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Time Field have extra detail

Time field in crystal report contains, an integer value along with time. I used function, Time to …

Replace column value into another column value in the report

(CODE) I want to generate the report by replace the RC code where the value of 81001 in report is …

XML in Powershell - beginning

XML in Powershell for beginners :) I have the following XML structure: (CODE) (read XML) …

Additional Help to the suggested solution

I had this question after viewing

Minimal permission required to run a Get-WmiObject command

Hello, I would like to set a job to run below script by a service ID, to extract users …

Running Shell Script as Webservice

I have some scripts on Unix Box. I want to run those scripts via Webservice. How can I do this.

ConnectionStrings in web.config configuration file

I am trying to setup complete Microsoft SQL Server to another machine, for this I successfully …

Remote powershell problems

My powershell-fu is weak, I work primarily with Linux but we took on an exchange project. I'm having…

DBCC Shrink File issues unable to locate file.

Hi EE, I am having troubles with shrinking a database log file when I run the following command: …
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Lenovo T470 - Can I replace my PCIe NVme with a SATA SSD?

I have a Lenovo T470 with a 256GB PCI Nvme and I'd like to get "downgrade" to a 1TB SATA SSD. I …

Error in SSIS Package

Can you please tell me where that error is? (CODE)

im trying to unlock a usb flash can you help?

please help me to unlock this usb flash


The charity I work for provides a delivery service for groceries, food, wine and flowers in the city…

Sum of  Amount Field in a sub form  to be made available outside the sub form in the main form field - Access 2013

Pl refer to the attached Access 2013 database file. In the Form - FormDCEntry I have a sub form …

Migrate SQLBase to SQL server

Any one have experience converting a Gupta SQLBase 11.5 database to a SQL database?
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