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Recent activity in IT Management

Migrate Cisco ASA 5515-X to Cisco ASA 5516-X, is it possible?

Today we are using ASA 5515-X  as an Internet facing firewall in our datacenter. It has reached the …
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The client disconnected

What does this exception mean? How do I solve this? INNEREXCEPTION MESSAGE: Invalid viewstate. …

Basic Cisco switch networking 101

Hi, there's an Edgemark router connected to a Cisco small business switch.  I'm curious what's the …

Degradation of OpenVPN performance when hosting Wireless AP

I have an OpenVPN server which is configured as per this article: …

Top 3  PDF Restriction Remover Tools to Remove Security from PDF Files

Here is the list of top 3 best PDF Restriction Remover software with their key features and pros and cons. One can choose the specific PDF security remover program according to their need.

VM keeps running a reconfigure task

I have one VM that since a name change keeps showing in tasks and alerts as reconfiguring itself.  …

Server 2016 Folder/file auditing

Server 2016, File/folder audit issue. I have set the local group policy to audit file system and …

Does Project Online Essentials offer Gantt chart functionality?

Does Project Online Essentials offer Gantt chart functionality?

LDAP access/integration to external company for web single sign-on.

We have been asked by an external company that service maintenance requests at our site to provide …

How can I ensure the operation of a Web application on the iPAD?

I would need some advises about the following situation: At my job an external vendor has …
Free Tool: IP Lookup

Get more info about an IP address or domain name, such as organization, abuse contacts and geolocation.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Technical Writing: Correct terminology for what to filter on

Hello, I'm documenting a data table where you can filter on various columns. e.g. you choose …

Hyper-V Management Subnet

Hi, Quick Hyper-V Question... Setting up a small customer with two Hyper-V hosts to run a few …

Issues with our DNS Design in Forest with Subdomains

Hi. We have some problems with DNS resolution in our network. Maybe, we made some misstakes in the …

Enabling encryption on office365

HI, With GDPR, we are evaluating all our communication channels. Particularly, we are looking at …

Data recovery companies

I am looking for one of the best data recovery places in the united states. I have a drive thats …

How to use openssl

Hi Experts, I want to run this file in openssl. Can you help me please ? Where to enter what …

error when trying to convert physical server with Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter

WE are trying to convert a 2012 r2 server with the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter. It is …

setup a new wifi network

We are using a new WIFI system from UBIQUITI. We have new APs and a controller. We like to extend …
Andy's VMware vSphere tip#6: [InstallationError] [Errno 28] No space left on device - updating from …
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Windows 10 LTSB mstsc.exe works - but not with /v: parameter..

I want to start a RDP session from command, but "nothing happens". However, starting the GUI from …

Problem with certificates and SAN names from ADCS server

We have a Windows Server 2016 ADCS server and I am recently trying to get it to generate …

Business intelligence and report for MariaDB

hi, What kind of Business intelligence and report for MariaDB we can have ?

How multiple users can access dedicated virtual desktops

Hello, I have created desktop pool in vmware hoizon7. During the creation of pool, I mentioned …

Certificate in CHROME

We have an own PKI. I have created a new certificate for some web services. I just want to get rid…

Intel NUC PC USB ports not working

Intel NUC PC boxnuc7i5bnh USB ports not working I have a new intel NUC, it worked ok out of the …
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