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Recent activity in IT Management

Vmware CBT and Backup.

Vmware CBT and Backup. to make  a simple scenario . Let's say you back up VMs with Veeam  (Full …
Free Tool: IP Lookup

Get more info about an IP address or domain name, such as organization, abuse contacts and geolocation.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Hyper-V 2016 Cannot Take Production Snapshots

We have a brand new Windows 2016 Hyper-V host hosting just a few VM's. Two of those machines are …

Native Vlan Commands

Native Vlan Commands I have seen the following commands  used on Cisco Switches. example: …

Helping a non-profit get a machine from Win 10 home to Win 10 Pro cost effectively.  Advice?

We are helping out a non-profit organization that does have an account with On …

Need to Enable SHA384 on WIndows Server 2008R2

We are trying to enable SHA384 for TLS1.2 on our Windows Server 2008R2. Our credit card merchant …

Migrating 2003 to 2016 SYSVOL Folder does not contain anything in new server and other problems.

I am migrating my 2003 server to 2016.  I am running into problems when I try to run dcpromo on the …

Outlook 2016 pst and ost not optimized for email searches, sending, and receiving.

Hi, I am relatively new to Outlook 2016.  I was using Outlook 2010.  It seems 2016 has been a bit …

failover clustering

I have created a 2 node cluster and added 1gb quorum disk but when I am stimulating failure on …

HOW TO: Update the Vcenter Server password - Site Recovery Manager - Vsphere Data Protection with the user administrator@vsphere.local.

The article describes the step by step how to update the password of the user Administrator@vsphere.local, when we administer the vCenter, SRM and VDP services with the same credentials. I hope the article will be very useful for all members of the community.

QuickBooks not responding when using VPN Netextender

I am using Quickbooks Enterprise in multi mode on my network. The Database manager and files are all…
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Extracting data from a database based on the selection of an item from the combo box

I have maintained a database dbo.Devices that stores information about paired Bluetooth Devices. I …

Converting from MSDos partition to GPT w/o dataloss

I have less than 2 TB msdos partition on Vmware for Ubuntu linux.  Now I need to make this larger …

DNS Management by Code

Hello, I currently have a VPS with RDP at my provider CWH, but my domains are with GoDaddy with …

Post Office 365 migration issue

I'm having issues with emails not being delivered after Office 365 migration, I have made a …

Windows 10 Disk ) at 100%

Hello, I have a windows 10 system that Disk 0(C:) normally stays at 100% I have done some scans to …

How much of a server do i need to run hyper v with 3 guests.

We are going to be purchasing a new server for one of our clients. as far as disk space I know …

How do I backup all my hard drives to one hard drive?

I have a PC at home with Windows 10 Home.  I have the primary OS hard drive; I only put OS related …

Mac users - slow move/copy, file corruption accessing Windows 2016 File Server

I have a client running Windows Server 2016 Standard. We're mostly PCs but have been slowly adding …

How can I find which PC is sending a lot of data to the Internet?

I have a network with a DrayTek router connecting it to the Internet. My ISP tells me that I am …
Hire Technology Freelancers with Gigs

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no link up from Cisco switch with single mode transceiver....

Hi Experts, I have to create a new link from my fibre box to my switch. This is single mode and …
When i was try to Vmigrate the VM from one host to another host but the VM failed with error "VMware…

Public DNS servers-replication

Hi, I have 2 authorative public DNS servers(ns records) Primary is on site(windows server) and …

Replace On-Prem Exchange Server with VM in Exchange Online Hybrid Scenario

My organization is currently in a hybrid setup with Exchange Online and 1 on-premise Exchange 2013 …

Failed Demotion of 2008R2 DC

I migrated from a 2008R2 DC to a 2016 DC.  All FSMO roles moved successfully.  All queries return …

Server not getting security updates

Hello Experts, I have a server (Windows Server 2008 R2 box) that is not getting Microsoft …
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