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Recent activity in Project Management

select data in 4n to tri

create the permutation of 3  digits from column IZ   and show  in column JQ  and foward as needed…
Free Tool: SSL Checker

Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate. Helpful for debugging and validating your SSL configuration.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Windows Server 2016 Standard Hyper-V with 2016 Essentials Server and RDP Server as VMs

Windows Server 2016 Standard install questions. I have a client that currently has an SBS 2011 …

navigation 3N yellow area

I want to be able to go to one of the yellow cells in row 2

Top 4 Tools for Importing PST files to Office 365

Though there are a few manual ways to import PST files to Office 365, third-party PST to Office 365

Foxpro to excel

I have 50 visual foxpro files in my computer. I want to transform that contents to excel is that …

Powershell scripting - O365 quarantine

Hi All, I need a Powershell script in O365 to release the quarantine message to specified …

Microsoft Office Licenses consolidation

Hello Experts, I hope I explain what we need well. We need to organize our Microsoft Office …

Yammer/ Teams Guest dilemma

I am planning on using Yammer for my core AD forest users (we'll call this forest A) I recently …

I know that pivot table slicers are a new feature of the Microsoft office 2010. Is it possible have them created in 2007 as well?

I know that pivot table slicers are a new feature of the Microsoft office 2010. Is it possible have…

Need Help Selecting a Suitable Content Management System

I've just had some major "internal" work done on my website (built with FrontPage), and as a result,…
Free Tool: IP Lookup

Get more info about an IP address or domain name, such as organization, abuse contacts and geolocation.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Need to create a Nook version of my book

Need to create a Nook version of my book I have my soft-cover book selling at Amazon, Barnes and …
How Mobility Is Modernizing Oil Field Services Mobility solutions is what personnel working at …

Trouble with VBA macro to copy from one row to the next

How can I add a function to copy the current range into the next three available rows and then …

Public folder versus Shared mailbox for only a global contacts list

A client of me with Office 365 mail accounts wants to have a contacts list in Outlook that is shared…

Marco to move data and remove balnk rows

I have an excel spreadsheet which is the result of exporting data from a crystal report The crystal…

Open Excel file in a new window

Probably something that anyone who uses Excel has asked. When I open an Excel file (double-clicking …

Creating new outlook profile keeps asking for a password

When setting up a new profile on outlook 2013/2016/365 Outlook keeps asking for a password... When …

Formula to find values =>2 points from lowest value within a range

Hi, I would like a formula that determines when there is a 2+ point gap between lowest value and …

How to modify code to allow transparent userforms

Hi, How do I add the ability to make the userform generated by the following, transparent to say …
Hire Technology Freelancers with Gigs

Work with freelancers specializing in everything from database administration to programming, who have proven themselves as experts in their field. Hire the best, collaborate easily, pay securely, and get projects done right.

OneDrive Shared Folders Not Showing Up

We just started using OneDrive with our Office 365 business - i went on my machine, and created a …

Random Distribution of cell values over range of cells

Hi, I want to randomly distribute a Range of given Elements . I have attached a sheet please see …

Select Data and show all the ocurrences

select data  then  show all the appear and his    follow  6 weeks here the file

Count Values within a range

Hi, I would like a formula to count number of values within a range. Please refer worksheet …

Cutover migration error

I'm trying to migrate my exchange 2013 users to Office 365 using cutover migration and some of them …
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