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Recent activity in Project Management

how to map non-standard geographical data in Excel 3d maps.

I want to use the Excel 3D map feature to map a bunch of addresses. However the data I have doesn't …
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How to set up new Outlook in Office 365

I just got a new Lenovo P71 Laptop, and installed my Microsoft Office 365.  When I went to Outlook, …

Need help dumping old onsite DC's for cloudAD (adSync?) and associated registrar and DNS issues that follow.

Need to move a domain registration from 1&1 to ? Microsoft maybe? This is a nonprofit that is using …

Help Needed Migrating Users and Their Computers to Another Domain

We have over 10,000 users (with computers) in one domain (UPN used to create profile and log into …

microsoft 365 office 2016 with local Exchange server

Can Microsoft 365 office 2016 be used to create an Outlook profile on local exchange server (2013)?

Excel VBA - How to pull information from a webpage table into Excel

Hi All, I am wondering if anyone can explain how to pull data into Excel, using VBA, from a …

using my o365 sharepoint site to host a public site

I have an Office 365 enterprise account.  I have sharepoint, email, the whole thing. I'd like to …

Converting Excel (or all MS Office Docs) to PDF (Using C# .NET)

Using C# .NET, I'm looking for a way to convert Excel documents to PDF without using third party …

Yahoo finance VBA excel

Hi, How can I read stock prices from yahoo finance using VBA? Please point me toward some code to…

Office365 Tenant to Tenant 'slow' Migration - How to handle the directory

Slow Office365 Tenant to Tenant migration. I want to migrate slowly from O365 Tenant A (Exchange …
Cloud Class® Course: C++ 11 Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to C++ 11 and teach you about syntax fundamentals.

Setting Users MFA phone number on the back end

Is there a way to set an Office 365 users mobile device phone number into MFA prior to the user …

Azure AD, Office 365 and how on earth Premium licenses are managed?

I have setup Office 365 in hybrid mode. I started enabling features and all looks great e.g …

delete the first complete row by vba in sheet5

we have to delete the first complete row by vba in sheet5 I am not talking about clear the content …

if the last cell of each row is equal in all 4 tables row then replace all the data of  all that row to 1(In 4 tables)

There are 4 tables if the last cell of each row is equal in all 4 tables row then replace all the …

How to read and understand email headers ?

My OS is win 10 Prof 64 bit and I use office 365 and Outlook owa for my msn email account.  How do I…

Office 2010 losing activation

Office Pro Plus 2010... On Win 7 Office was installed and ran perfectly for about 3 years... …

copy and paste of multiple sheets of data from first file to second file located in same folder

I have Two Files Book1 Book2 Details- We have to copy all the data of sheet3 of Book1 and paste …

Change Office 2016 registered account

I recently had to sign into my Office 365 account to download and install Office 365 on a user's …

Looking for fast way to import data from Excel into Access table with relationships/IDs.

I have a user that needs to import data daily into Access from an Excel spreadsheet. I've been …
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Windows 7 Basic

This introductory course to Windows 7 environment will teach you about working with the Windows operating system. You will learn about basic functions including start menu; the desktop; managing files, folders, and libraries.

Need Help with Excel / VBA HTML Email

I'm working in Excel to create an automated email list, but now have to also include disclosure …

Macro to copy data between Excel files

I have two relatively small Excel Files.  I'll refer to one as a target file and the other as a …

Excel if/then statement

If then in excel =IIF J2=NULL THEN DATE(Year(J2)+2,MONTH(J2),DAY(J2))

Microsoft Office 2016 ignores Windows 10 default printer

Hello fellow Experts Exchange members: I have a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit PC at version 1709 (OS …

Shared Contacts and Resources Between Multiple O365 Tenants

We have a geographically diverse environment with three separate organizations operating together …

Consolidate Exchange Servers in Hybrid O365 Environment

Hello, all. We have recently migrated to O365 Exchange Online in hybrid mode. We have two …
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