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Recent activity in Security

protect against ransomware with access policy to limit programs that can write to data files

Greetings, For all the programming and brainpower that goes into protecting systems today, …
Free Tool: SSL Checker

Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate. Helpful for debugging and validating your SSL configuration.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

DFS Namespace creates error massage for users - file outside of your local network.

Recently I have created new DFS Namspace (in preparation to move users redirected folders to …

Disable MFA for activesync and autodiscover for non-ADFS o365

Hi All We have an o365 environment that doesn't use ADFS but we want to enable MFA to secure our …

Encryption with Exchange 2013

I have a question in regards to encrypting email. Does exchange 2013 encrypt email when going …

IPSec VPN (on-prem firewalls) vs MPLS

Hello We have an IPSec VPN solution for a small number of sites.  Our users remote into two of the …

Deploying a pair of ACS servers in a cluster

Hi,       Please see the diagram attached for a better idea of the setup. I am planning on …

Recommend intrusion detection/prevention software for Windows Server?

Hi, I support a number of Windows Server 2008 R2 installations for very small businesses.  I'm …

extract certificate from wildcard-cert

Hi Experts, I have bought a wildcard certificate from COMODO. Now I need a certificate for my …

checkpoint IPS drops SFTP sessions

Hi, Enviroment Checkpoint + r77.20 Every time I open a FTP SSL session, IPS drops randomly …

OS command injection

Hi All, can you please help me to know more about OS command injection and how to prevent it in …
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The wi - fi security vulnerability may be just a false alarm: users don't have to change their passwords

On October 16, the international well-known vulnerability repository common vulnerability disclosure ( CVE ) release reported that the wpa / wpa encryption protocol, used to protect wi - fi security, was exposed to " key heavy attack" k, which would almost affect wi - fi devices such as all computer

SSH to linux system is failing

We have a vendor who has put his linux based appliance behind a firewall. If I ssh to the system …

Passive FTP

My server admin is asking of me to open up 1000 ports for a server to run passive FTP. Is there any …

winscp how to save shared bookmarks shortcut

winscp how to save shared bookmarks shortcut i was referring below but no complete info …

Cisco ASA site to site VPN issue

I have two Cisco ASA firewalls (5520 and 5506) that used to be connected by an ezvpn tunnel. Now …

How to reset forgotten password

I forgot my password for our qsee how can I reset it so I can get in

Why does LDP.exe prompt me for a Smartcard after configuring two-tier PKI

I recently setup a two-tier PKI with Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services on Server 2012 …

Anti-Virus recommendations?

any specific anti-virus software recommended that doesn't take a lot of computer resources / …
Hello, EE Experts! I wanted to make sure that all Apple users understand what's going on with the…
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How to make pdf non-editable when using a vba macro in word  2013?

Hi   I am using acrobat pro 11 to convert a word doc to pdf using vba in word 2013. I need to …

Need help understanding the renewal process for SSL Cert

We have a 3 year Starfield cert which just auto-renewed.  I am able to download a new cert with the …

AD, DNS, email setup of an organization in 2 countries where staff travel frequently between them

Our HQ  (domain is often have staff travelling to our country (different domain, say …

AWS issues , I cannot SSH into my nodes after adding nodes on  the West coast "connection Refused"

I have identical configs for the east and west coast , I have launched 30 or so of centos images , …

ASA limits

I've been asked several questions about our team's deployment of ASA 5515 firewalls across an …

Static and Dynamic IP on Unifi router

Currently I have Spectrum modem / router . one port has DHCP enable with a dynamic public IP that is…
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