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Recent activity in Security

Unbreakable NON+Crypted Encoding System

This article aims to present and detail the operating steps of this new data protection system It as been being formalized in the form of proof-of-concept software named Alph@TaV
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VSFTP on debian

can someone help me to install vsftp Server on Debian with SSL certification? I followed many …
TeamViewer hacked: Here’s how to protect your systems Hi there, TeamViewer can be …

door locks - improved security on a budget

can anyone recommend any sort of physical door lock which would allow the office manager to change …

hp spectrum server snmp error

hi all got an snmp alert received an hp spectrum which polls &  captures  snmp logs from all network…

Excel VBA Project and Code Security

Hello Experts, Please Guide me how to Protect My Excel VBA Project that Nobody can steal my codes…

OAD_Comscore_NoID2.js from

Dear Experts, I have a client whose 2 PCs got infected. When they go to yahoo webpage in …

SSL certificate confusion

I have installed ssl certificates on WebServers using IIS since 6.0 and I need to install one on a …

PUP spigot.generic google chrome

Malwarebytes has quarantined the PUP spigot.generic google chrome on my husband's computer (and a …

Can an offline root CA be used for more than one domain

Hello Experts, Our organization has two separate Active Directory domains (separate forests): 1.…
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AVG DRep Virus - Stops Download

This is not a real virus.  AVG just does not recognize the program. I made an executable file that …

Active Directory Password Age

Hi All, We are using default domain policy for the password & below are the settings Max …

acro notfound or disabled due to macro security setting

usually at the time conversion of fonts came subjected question please help me in this regard


Dear experts, we are building a domain environment for 1 Head quarter and several branch offices. We…
5 tips for seamless endpoint security Hey there, Are you worried about your endpoints…

enable back built-in administrator of Windows 7

Brute Force Attack

Brute force attack is a trial and error method used by application programs to decode encrypted data…

we need to Create checklist for primitive compliance for IT

dear sir, please send me document/link to created checklist for primitive compliance for IT.

Simulating snmp traps events to Solarwinds

Our Solarwinds admin guy said he can't set up rules unless a sample event is sent to solarwinds. …
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Looking for a app that will lock windows

Have a computer that does not turn on screen saver for some reason even it is set to do so . But I …

Is cisco umbrella professional [openDNS] a replacement of anti malware

Is cisco umbrella professional [openDNS] a replacement of anti malware, or is it still needed …

Network Device (wireless) Configurations

I need to ensure WEP is disabled.  I see the following, "security static-wep-key authentication …

Puk code

What is the puk code for a lg-m154 cricket risio2

How secure is segmenting the network with VLANs if I configure Inter-VLAN routing?

Hello All, Regarding security, how good would be to segment my network by creating VLANs if I …

Need to check Mac High Sierra for Root kits, key loggers and serious malware.

The user has a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) They accepted a bogus phone call from …
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