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Recent activity in Security

VPN and one to one NAT

I do tech work for small businesses and I barley dabble in VPN connections. I'm using a cisco VPN …
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What is the leading practice in performing log encryption?

My boss just told me that Microsoft is recommending log encryption after reviewing our latest Risk …

Check everything in

Migrating from SP2010 to O365. Issues with some stuff "publishing" (I think).  People see different …

Suggestion for some good articles/blog post on IT security best practices to send endusers.

This is not a tech question but looking for suggestions. I want to send email to non - tech end …

How do I get rid of messages like these?

How do we remove these text messages?  It comes from a different number each time with different …

Update McAfee to offline clients

Hello I can't seem to remember how to update my client's McAfee on my closed loop test network.  …

Has anyone used AWS S3 for image backups of a server?

Has anyone used Acronis Server Backup 12.5 (or any server backup) to a AWS S3 cloud storage? Does …

What Security Software Good For Amazon Linux 2

I am on an Amazon Linux 2 AMI running Apache 2 and I need a software solution for security.  I have …

What is the Best Crypto protection?

Crypto protection. Best solutions? Tape, disk based backup, on site, off site, vendor specific, and …

Mod_Security Rules GIT Install Problem

I am trying to install mod_security on an Amazon Linux 2 running Apache 2.4 This is the guide I …
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Servo or Stepper: the choice is after you!

There is no universal solution to suit everyone, that is why in the industry people inevitably have to face the dreaded question - servo or stepper? They are both highly efficient, providing reliable power for the system. To reach a consistent conclusion, read the article and consider for yourself.

TV Display will not display an  https website

A client has a big screen TV in their showroom where they have their website streaming to it. The …

Network Security settings for Domain Controllers Windows Server 2012 R2

Hi guys. I need to implement a security baseline for our Windows 2012 R2 Domain Controllers. At …

Cannot access a shared folder in a workgroup setting

folder on computer C to access the database. With computer A I have no issue. However, computer B…

Help with a vulnerability report

I've been tasked to resolve this vulnerability but i cant figure out where to even update this at. …

Uninstallation of ENS

Hi, We want to uninstall McAfee ENS (Security Platform and Threat Prevention) from more than 1000…

IPBTALES problem.

Hi, All. I have an issue with IPTABLES rules. Here is below image shows my iptables rules. But i …

Top Fixes For Your Banking App Crash Problem!

This Article tells you about the number of increase in banking problems today and the solution how to avoid these issues, errors that are increasing day by day. Thus, finding these is imperative as mobile banking technology usage continues to rise.

How to configure Outlook 2011 (Mac) that is NOT on the domain to pull up Exchange directory details (contacts details)

Hi guys One of our users has a Mac, with Outlook 2011. They can't be put on the domain as they …
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Exchange Server

The MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 certification validates your skills in supporting the maintenance and administration of the Exchange servers in an enterprise environment. Learn everything you need to know with this course.

Problem to Clamwin Application

Hi, Is there any better Anti-virus tool in Windows server? In the attached screenshot, would …

Outlook 2007 receiving but NOT sending email

Outlook 2007... Recieving but NOT sending emails... Occasional Secuirty Certificate cannot be …


We are deploying Windows 10 workstations using True Image.  I want to set browser default to IE, and…

Need recommendations for contact list / Global Address book in Exchange on-line

Hello, My organization is currently using Office365 - Exchange online. Previously, public …

Microsoft Exchange 2016 and Windows 2012 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Exchange 2016 Vulnerabilities: We have vulnerabilities for below two points on Exchange…

Security Policy Assessment - Policy Consistency

We just underwent a security audit, and there were some issues with Local Policies/User Rights …
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