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Determine maximum number of decimals displayed in column, and apply that formatting to the entire column.

When I query values from a database into Excel, the numbers come in exactly like they are entered or…
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Azure 2017

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Loading.Net Framework

Loading.Net Framework it appears this message appears in the status bar only for certain …

Uninstall Error from Kutools

I am running Windows 10 on my Lenovo P71 laptop.  I installed Kutools for Outlook based on an expert…

Internet Explorer for certain user profiles cannot be reset to properly show certain pages.

We have Windows 10 Enterprise on various versions 1703, 1709 and 1803.  We have an external website …

Microsoft Access changes made to the accdb are not in the accde

I made a change in the accdb to turn off all autocorrect settings.  When I distribute the accde, the…

Need to create fillable form that can be edited on a mobile device like iPhone and hosted on O365 sharepoint

Hello I have Office 365 E3.  I want to create a form in Word that has verbiage that can't be changed…

MS Access Form Display Attachment File Name in Form Textbox

MS Access Form Display Attachment file name in textbox with Attachment datatype.  Initially created …

Update Word Document with Data entered in Excel

Update Word Document with Data entered in Excel I have Excel sheet displayed on the screenshot …

Formula to assign value to cell based on one of three words contained in adjoining cell.

In column A, each row contains text that contains various information, but the text always contain …

Keep alias on a Forward rule

I am using Office 365. In the web interface of Outlook, I am creating a rule to forward an email I …
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Un bound Ms Access Form Usage

Hello Experts! I have unbound forms in my Ms Access app which I use for posting journals if the …

Thunderbird blank grey rectangle

Hi I have three different systems installed with Thunderbird 52.9.1 32bit and four extensions …

Migration of On premise Office to 365 and setting up a hybrid solution

I need to migrate my file server, sharepoint to office 365. I want to run a hybrid system, of users …

Formula question

=IFERROR(NL("First","7503 Item Attr. Value Translation","5 Name","2 ID",AC8,"4 Language …

ActiveCell.Offset issue

(CODE) This is my code and it does pretty much what I want it to do. I have an instrument that …

Cannot open vital database!

Hello, I have a serious situation with Access 2016. We have a database here at work that will not…

Excel VBA - 'not responding' when running code

A general question. I have often wondered, when VBA is doing a lot of stuff on Excel you get a 'not …

Exchange Online Archive MFA Managed Folder Assistant - Not running on certain mailboxes.

Hi, We have an Exchange hybrid deployment with office 365. Each user has a mailbox held on our …

Print attachments that come as a hyperlink.

I receive emails daily about registrations from a certain email address. In this email there are 1-3…
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Tool to move documents/ data from one SharePoint Online Document Library to another SharePoint Online Document Library

Hi all, We are currently using SharePoint Online with an Office 365 E3 license. We want to …

Excel: This file has been renamed. Please reload the workbook

I had this question after viewing

Excel VBA - strange behavior when recording a macro

I have a strange behavior with a recorded macro. I recorded this macro to see the color to …

O365 roll back users's reply old email are bouncing

Dear Support Experts, We have roll back some of the users mailboxes from O365 to on premise …

Active Directory best practice

I have a company that wants to create and a brand new Active directory domain with a Citrix …

Macro with drop down fields for Assessment Survy

In the attached spreadsheet I am trying to complete the following tasks and need assistance. 1. I…
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