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Recent activity in DevOps

Need Open source Tool for server Performance monitoring

Hi Pals, Can some one recommend me some open source tools to monitor windows server performance (…
Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way to say thank you for being a part of the community.

Terminal Server over SSL Clipboard

Hi We as a company all work in Terminal Services Inside and outside of the Premises. Users …

pass variable from ajax to another php file

i have a problem i just want to pass a variable in javascript to another php file here is my ajax …

analyse .wer file

Hi all, I develop an application, MyApp.exe, and for some users only, the application crashes, …

OST File is not recognized by Outlook

Email Migration solutions from Dakonify provide an easy and simple way to sort out the issues of Email Migration. Users sometimes feel desperate to solve the problem OST File is not recognized by Outlook and there comes the actual requirement for Dakon OST to PST Converter application.

software replication vs hardware replication benefits or duplication

if your SAN replicates to a DR SAN at hardware level, e.g. everything, does this reduce the need to …

Draytek 2860 router -  how to allow all traffic from specific subnet though to LAN

I need to  allow the following ip ranges through the draytek router/firewall to allow Worldpay to …

TSM - report backup

Hi, Would I need to generate a report on the results of the backups of the last 24 hours? with …

Working with several non-consecutive ports in IRF stacked switches

Dear Experts. I have two HPE 1950 Series switches. Both seitches are 12XGE + 4 SFP+. I used 2…

DNS Issue - 2 Adapter Setup

I have a test domain setup - all is fine with this setup. By design the devices do not get an …
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ESXI 6.*  , Meltdown and Spectra patches.

VMware has released patch E600-20180140 BG etc  earler. We already applied BIOS and BIOS  but have …

migrate from Exchange 2007 to office 365

i want to migrate around 40 mailboxes to Office 365 from a Exchange server 2007 to Office 365 what …

outlook 2016, exchange 2016 on premise, continiously pop up for name and pass

since a week ago somehting strange started to happen. Users have to log on in outlook every time. …

Apache/Perl/MySQL website hangs on local IP address but not on localhost

Hi, We have an Apache webserver running Perl + Template Toolkit and a MySQL database for user …

Can I consolate to use only one host name for MS Exchange Server?

This is using MS Exchange Server 2013. Normally, we are using for https communication …

Unable to run Simple Begin statement in Linux command line

Hi Team, I am able to connect and run single statements in db2 server through Linux command line …

Fetchmail configuration to avoid duplicate mails

We have configured fetchmail to fetch mails from catchall server.If we send mail to online domain …

GPO (computer policy) not working after reboot.

Dear Sir, I had created some Group policy (Computer Policy) for Windows 7. Is that suppose the …

Migration of Veeam VM and vCenter VM

I have the last two VM's to migrate to a new Host. 1. Is there anything I need to consider with …
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ERROR: an error occurred while quiescing the the virtual machine

I'm trying to make a backup with VMware VDP 6 to two VMs one with Exchange server and another with …

How to setup access point with guest network

Has an old router B with guest network feature that would like to convert to an access point, …

Trend Micro Hell with new patches

I have a medium sized network and I just updated my trend micro worry free business security server …

Has the RTS / game AI coding space been saturated?

Hi I finished our colossal collaboration of a network game with a central server, a while ago. I …

vmware workstation or ESXi have trunk interface?

Hi vmware workstation or ESXi have trunk interface? Thanks

Active Directory File Replication Issue

We have 4 domain controllers. Three are running on hyper-v virtual machines and one is physical. I …
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