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Recent activity in Network Administration

No Network Connection on 2008 Server Guest OS on Server 2016 host Hyper-V

We have just setup a Windows 2016 Server to run Hyper-V and host 3 different Windows 2008 Servers.  …
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Is it possible to change my Skype display name?

Everything I've found on the Internet so far seems to indicate that there's no way to change my …

Running Access 2013 application on a Clients Citrix network, all users using the same Accde

Background I have been developing and distributing Access applications to clients for over 15 …

Validate public IP address

I got a /23 public subnet from my provider with their gateway within that subnet x.x.91.1/23. I …

is windows server 2016 datacenter crrupted?

Hello, should I reinstall OS? DNS installation did not install sub folders under "Forward Lookup …

Question on domain profile data

Dear Experts, when I joined a PC to domain environment and logged in as a domain user, a new profile…

USB WiFi Wireless Adapter

USB WiFi Wireless Adapter 150Mbps 2DB 802.11N Mini Network LAN Card 3 pcs/lot Anyone can tell if …

Sendmail - HPUX - Sending mail - Some are delivered, Some are not

I have a HPUX system and I am using Sendmail on there.  The system generates around 500 email daily,…

Least expensive drives for Synology DS1815+ on HCL

What are the least expensive (but still high quality) hard drives for a Synology DS1815+ Network …

Network Question regarding layer 3 switch and mixing manufacturers

Hi Experts.     My network currently consists of one layer 3 switch which does the routing on my …
Important Lessons on Recovering from Petya

In their most recent webinar, Skyport Systems explores ways to isolate and protect critical databases to keep the core of your company safe from harm.

Learning about phone systems

I call an insurance company and there is no "press 1 for english" today but there was yesterday. …

FreePBX - Endpoints unregister

Hi Running FreePBX and using Grandstream phones (latest firmware).  Intermittently …

RAM upgrades for Synology Diskstation 1815+ NAS

What are the part numbers for purchasing RAM upgrades for a  Synology Diskstation 1815+ NAS?

ASAv Tunnels IN ESXI

I have two ASAv I am trying to set up IKev1 tunnels but I am not getting very far everything looks …

Long SPF record issues

we have an SPF record that just started to get longer than 255 characters and will get even longer …

Secondary Zone Not Loaded by DNS Server

I have a curious problem with a Secondary Zone.  Here's the layout: Two domains in

Using multiple wifi extenders

Hi, I have a wifi network where the antenna is on one side of the building, and the whole other …

Need to rename shared Printer with out breaking connection

I have  2008 Server domain and windows 7 clients,  There are 4 network printers that are mapped by …

Exchange Autodiscover failing on autodiscover.XML url

I have a server running SBS 2011 and Exchange 2010, Have configured domain DNS SVR Record and our …
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NuB Question - Buffalo Terrastation

NuB Question - Buffalo Terrastation I have inherited two different Buffalo Terrastation(s). Both I …

Dyn Internet Guide for URL filtering?

are any of you guys using Dyn Internet Guide for DNS filtering? i am trying to set it up but some …

macro in outlook for attachment and saved it into local drive

hi I am using outlook 2016, everyday I get file as attachment and I need to locally stored into …

Connecting Branch Office AP to HQ WLAN Controller

Hello Experts, I have two remote sites and two of those sites connected back to HQ over L3 Fiber …

Can you recommend any sensor sockets that work like Samsung SmartThings Motion sensor and SmartThings Power Outlet but do not require WiFi

Hi, I have a SmartThings Motion sensor and a SmartThings Power Outlet. I set these devices up …

Software Defined Networking: The Future of IT Networking?

Software defined networking (SDN) has seen a lot of attention lately. Networking giants like Cisco and Juniper Networks have been actively scouting for emerging tech around SDN.
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