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Recent activity in Sales & Marketing

SnagIt - How to close image file in editor

Hi, After I finish editing an image, I would like to close the file so it's no longer in the …
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Vtiger DB vtiger_version Table

Hi Everyone, I have a question to find some simple clarification. I did do a upgrade of VTiger …

Edit Word Properties

I have the attached MS Word template, that was created with a custom SharePoint content type. Is it …

Opencart ver Backend admin/Information pages not displaying properly

Hi I'm using opencart  I'm not a developer and don't really know what will be causing my…

Tech Writing - Terminology for small portion of screen

Hi, What is the correct/accepted terminology for a small portion of a screen that does not …

WooCommerce Addon Database Update to Set Values

I have data in the wp_postmeta table in a field named _product_addons.  I'm not sure what the format…

use variable with DAX in SSMS

Hi, i want to put in a variable th sum of sales. example: var myvariable = EVALUATE …

Word 2016 Zoom Not Working

If the Zoom menu is showing only Thumbnails, check the Page Movement option. Chances are that it is set to Side to Side vs. Vertical page movement. Reset it to Vertical, and your normal Zoom functions should be restored.

How can I make MS Office hyperlinks default to relative links that are portable across storage devices?

I'm having trouble making hyperlinks work when we move the file folders to our archives. We're using…

How can I apply a footer only to one page of a word document ?

Please advise.
On Demand Webinar - Networking for the Cloud Era

This webinar discusses:
-Common barriers companies experience when moving to the cloud
-How SD-WAN changes the way we look at networks
-Best practices customers should employ moving forward with cloud migration
-What happens behind the scenes of SteelConnect’s one-click button

Wordpress Gallery plugin with seperate clean URL per picture.

Hi, I have a simple need of a gallery plug-in. After looking at some 20 of them I am really …

remove dates from posts

Hi guys, i was wondering what is the best way to remove dates from all posts You can see the date…

How Can Instagram Be Integrated Into Web Design?

With this in mind, you need to go out of your way to find the best web design that perfectly suits your website. It should perfectly suit your business and must thus be tailored to your needs.

How to add a CheckBox in the office 2016 - Word?

How to add a CheckBox in the office 2016 - Word?  When the user click on the box, the box should get…

Best styles for Word document with Table of Contents

Hello, What styles are best to use when creating a Word document, particularly if you intend

Word Macro to Copy to Table Rows to the Bottom of the Active Document

I need help with a word Macro that would copy Row 2 and Row 4 of first table in Active Document to …

Word help... what is a word in place of "confront" to mean in loving ways not hostile?

Confront means: Meet (someone) face to face with hostile or argumentative intent. for more …

Word 2013 MultiLevel Numbered List with Mail merge Fails at Level 3

I'm trying to use Mail merge to create a 3-level numbered list from data in an Access table. The …

How to mail merge office Home 2016 for Mac with “Merge to Email” greyed out?

Starting Word 2016 for Mac Mail Merge with Gmail already running (on another monitor), …
[Webinar] Lessons on Recovering from Petya

Skyport is working hard to help customers recover from recent attacks, like the Petya worm. This work has brought to light some important lessons. New malware attacks like this can take down your entire environment. Learn from others mistakes on how to prevent Petya like worms.

Universal set symbol in Word

Dear experts, Can anyone please guide me to the correct universal symbol in word. I read …

regex code to remove empty space from beggining of line

e.g.: (CODE) output (CODE) i use Word List Updater 2.7   for windows os

What are my options for Internet connection in a remote northern community?

I find myself in a remote northern community with no road access except for a few weeks over the ice…

Can I obliterate Template credits on my blog?

Hi At the bottom of my humanity changing blog, it says ' © 2017 YOUR COMPANY.  DESIGNED BY …

Drawing venn diagrams in word

Dear experts, I am planning to draw venn diagrams in MS word. How do i colour code the …

Microsoft Word on Android

Hi there, Please can you help me? On my Android Samsung Galxy S6 are stored files under …
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