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Recent activity in Sales & Marketing

Embed Gif from Giphy Into WordPress Blog Post

Trying to embed a gif from giphy into a WordPress blog post. This is the iFrame embed code: <div …
Cloud Class® Course: Amazon Web Services - Basic

Are you thinking about creating an Amazon Web Services account for your business? Not sure where to start? In this course you’ll get an overview of the history of AWS and take a tour of their user interface.

Windows Platform Installer Server 2012

Trying to set up word press on Server 2012. Server is non domain joined, no GPO, no static IP, no AV…

How can I collect Paypal IPN messages to then ship orders via the Kunaki API?

I had this question after viewing PayPal IPN, PHP, & MySQL

Link to pdf from Word doc, then position mail merge fields?

Hello - Is it possible, from a MS Word 2010+ docx, to link to a pdf file (IRS form 1099R, …

How to change date format in contact form 7

I want to change contact form 7 date field format to MM/DD/YYYY on frontend for the user. I tried …

bind attribute and login attribute in 389 directory server

Dear Experts I have setup 389 directory server and created the OU, group and added users to group…

Need to make Word 2018 print a Booklet with 8 panels

Need to make Word 2018 print a Booklet with 8 panels I asked someone to create for me a Word … generate document

Hi I am trying to work out the best way to send an order document from my web app. …

Where to locate Order # in eBay for my purchase history

I need to locate the Order number of my eBay purchases. When I go into Purchase History, all I see …

payment interface with Instamed?

Has anyone done a payment interface with Instamed? we want to create an …
Cloud Class® Course: CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ Basic training course will teach you about cloud concepts and models, data storage, networking, and network infrastructure.

Center menu tabs over mobile

Hi there. On these pages over mobile I need to center the secondary hamburger menu tabs... …

Invalid current password

We are trying to setup an API in Magento when the current admin password is entered, the …

Need Woocommerce Category Sorted by Description Within Product

This is a follow on to this question - …

Grab text from a word file with VBA in to Excel

My requirement is to grab two texts between two flags placed in word file and write in to excel - 2 …

Enterprise targeted data collection...

Hi everyone, what tools are commonly utilised by Enterprise to target and collect a paticular staff …

Need Twitter settings professional.

What settings (all of them) do we need to make our Twitter page public, so others can see photos, …

MS Word VBA to Remove Redundant Blank Paragraph Spacing

I'm looking for an MS Word VBA macro to remove redundant blank paragraphs spacing from Word …

Transfer MS Word macros when emailing MS Word letter?

I created several macros in MS Word for a letter I am using. When I send the letter (email) the …

PHP.ini Not Changing Wordpress Upload Size

I need to upload a Wordpress theme and I am getting the message that I am exceeding the …
Cloud Class® Course: Certified Penetration Testing

This CPTE Certified Penetration Testing Engineer course covers everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Penetration Testing Engineer. Career Path: Professional roles include Ethical Hackers, Security Consultants, System Administrators, and Chief Security Officers.

MS Word Macro Message Box

How to get MS Word message box to display content vertically? Dim strInText As String Dim …

Adaptation of MS Word VBA to remove Duplicate Paragraphs Using Scripting.Dictionary

Below is a section of MS Word VBA code which removes duplicate paragraphs from a document. It …
Today smartphones have become an imperative part of our lives. Did you ever think to manage your …

Php endwhile error in  Wordpress webpage

Hello, I have inherited a Wordpress website made by someone else. I'm more of a web designer, where …

SAML server provider and how to

Dear Experts We are planning to implement two factor authentication (2FA)  the solution DUO …

Adapter in Android Studio

What's the difference between BaseAdapter, SimpleAdapter, Custom SimpleAdapter, ArrayAdapter and …
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