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Diagnosing and repairing Events 1030 and 1058
by ChiefIT
Well, events 1030 and 1058 are very generic errors and can be caused by one of many different reasons. I often see questions at Experts Exchange on how to overcome these events. I don't have all the answers, but have helped out a lot of people diagnose and fix these events.

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Experience into Asp.net, C#, MVC and other Microsoft related technologies

  • Azure Clear Environment Specific Data
    Recently I got a requirement asking to develop an utility to clear environment specific data such as clearing blobs, cleaning up entities from azure table and clearing service bus messages from topics.
  • SSAS: Automating SQL Server Agent service logon as administrator
    1 comment
    Recently we ran in to an issue while running some SQL jobs where we were trying to process the cubes. We got an error saying failure stating 'NT SERVICE\SQLSERVERAGENT does not have access to Analysis Services. So this is a way to automate that with a PowerShell script.

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