Crystal Reports 8 - Error 533 PESStartPrintJob

Hello everyone,

Hope you find this as helpful as we did. We have on the company I work for an application built in Delphi V with Crystal Reports 8.

We all know that Crystal & Delphi can be temperamental sometimes and the worst thing is, nearly no detail on the error. Also there is a big lack of documentation on the web about this. There's lot of people with similar issue but no solution.

The error I'm talking about in particular is the one on the image below. This happens when trying to print any Crystal Reports on screen.

 Error 533 PESStartPrintJob
This has happened sometimes in the clients computer and it was hard for us to replicate on our environment. Since it's an old version of Crystal it is very hard to find any helpful documentation to know the exact source of the problem.

Then I though "What if this is a Borland Issue?". Again we have the same problem on documentation. We use BDE Admin to connect to Paradox tables. So then I started checking settings and registry, and this is where I found the issue.

The problem in the registry than can be cause by a double installation of BDE. This can happen for several reasons:
Reinstalled the application or borland without uninstalling it before
The uninstall was not fully completed
Installed a second application using BDE

To verify this, I went into the registry and found the following:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Borland \ Database Engine] "DLLPath" = "C: \ \ Program Files \ \ Common Files \ \ Borland Shared \ \ BDE" in the form of path1, path2.

Now in order to fix this, you need to do the following:
Make a backup of the BDE Key in case anything goes wrong
Close your application
Open Regedit (Start> Run> regedit.exe)
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Borland \ Database Engine
Then double click on the key DLLPath editing and 1 of the 2 pathways (Check which is the correct one according to your installation). You should have two paths like in the image below. Remove one of them

Double BDE Path
This should have only one path like in the image below.

Correct BDE
Close RegEdit

Now you can reopen your application and try to open any report on screen. If you've followed the simple steps correctly you shouldn't get any error and you should be able to see the reports on screen.

Hope it helps.


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