Filemaker 12 Installation Tips

Having just upgraded from Filemaker 11 to Filemaker 12 over the weekend, we thought we would add some tips for others making the same move.  In general, our installation went without incident. Please note that this is not a replacement for Chapter 5, "Upgrading or moving an existing installation" within "Filemaker Server 12 Getting Started Guide."  

1.  You may want to do a Windows Update on all client workstations before installing FM12.

2. Chapter 5 Upgrade does not say this, but if your version has it and you have FM Advanced, create a Database Design Report (DDR) and note or fix all "unknown" or "missing" notations.  The DDR opens into a web page and a Ctrl-F opens a find field to search for these notations.  After installing, create the DDR again and compare the number of these notations and fix.  We found a couple that did not seem to be there before, which means the upgrade missed a couple of references.

3. Of course, be sure to follow the Chapter 5 FM upgrade instructions step-by-step.

4. FM11 has a nice save feature for your existing schedules and groups.  Though it worked for us, don't rely on this; also make screen prints of all FM Admin Console pages.

5. After stopping Filemaker server, close the Admin Console BEFORE going to services and stopping the Filemaker Server service.  The FM instructions don't tell you to do this, but you will get an error if you don't.  The Admin Console page seems to use this service.

6. Before step 8 in Chapter 5, uninstall the client version on one machine and install the FM12 client on it.  Then use this client to upgrade your files (be sure to have backups).
IMPORTANT:  Direction don't say this, but if you have more than 1 file, open each file from the client, which will convert it, but do NOT log in, but press Cancel.  This way you avoid the danger of opening your file that won't recognize table relationships, etc., to your other files that have not yet been converted.  This may cause "unknown" or "missing" errors.  I did this on one of my 8 FM files and it did not seem to cause a problem, but it is better to be safe.  AFTER you've converted each file, then you can log into the files.

7. We had no problem with FM12's connection to our Exchange Server, though I wish those settings could also be saved like they did with the schedules and groups.  Also, the schedules and groups imported well, but still run a schedule and check it before its schedule time.

8.  One you have a successful server and the one client upgrade, then you can upgrade all your other clients.  Good luck.  (Note:  again, the upgrade from FM11 to FM12 on a MS 2008R2 server with 2010 Exchange went fairly smooth, though it did seems to create just a couple of "unknown" or "missing" notations, which we fixed.

9. Resulting performance:  Unfortunately, it seems just a bit slower on the client end, the redraws, etc.  However, we are looking forward to using the new themes and using a container field strategy to scan, save, and then access all paperwork in our office.

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