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Automatic Duplex Scanning in PaperPort Versions 11, 12, 14

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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVE
50+ years in computer industry. Everything from development to sales. CIO. Document imaging. EE MVE 2015, EE MVE 2016, EE FELLOW 2017.
This article is about duplex scanning in Nuance's PaperPort software with a hardware-capable duplex scanner. It is not about the Scan Other Side feature in the Capture Assistant that allows a simplex scanner to achieve double-sided scanning. If you are interested in the latter, see my Experts Exchange article, How to Perform Duplex Scanning with a Simplex Scanner in PaperPort Versions 11, 12, 14. But this article is strictly about how to get duplex scanners to work in PaperPort, more specifically, how to achieve automatic/one-click duplex scanning, that is, duplex scanning with neither the Display scanner dialog box nor the Show Capture Assistant box checked. This article applies to the three most recent versions of PaperPort, i.e., 11, 12, and 14 – yes, Nuance got superstitious and did not release a version 13.

The first step in any scanning issue is to download the latest-and-greatest drivers from your scanner manufacturer's website. My experience over the years is that PaperPort is very sensitive to the TWAIN/WIA drivers, and I've seen many scanning problems fixed by installing the latest drivers.

The problem that I'm addressing in this article is the lack of a Duplex ADF choice in the Source field drop-down in the SET tab of a Scanning Profile. For example, here's what it may look like when the existence of a duplex scanner is not recognized:

Duplex scanner not properly set up
The first approach to fixing this is to run through Advanced setup for your scanner, telling PaperPort to download the latest scanner database, normally the option that PaperPort says is recommended. If that works, great! But the raison d'être of this article is to explain how to fix it when that does not work, in other words, when the PaperPort scanner database has a bug such that your duplex scanner is not properly configured as a duplex scanner in the database. Here are the detailed steps to fix this:
 As already mentioned, install the latest scanning drivers from the manufacturer's website
 Click Scan Settings on the Ribbon in PP12 and PP14, or the Scan or Get Photo icon on the toolbar in PP11
 Click the Select button
 Highlight the TWAIN driver for your scanner (I prefer TWAIN to WIA, but some folks like WIA; if TWAIN doesn't work, follow these steps on the WIA driver)
 Click the Advanced Setup button
 Say NO to downloading the latest scanner database
 Say YES to testing it
 Click the Hint Editor, then Edit Hints
 Add the DUPLEX parameter, click Modify Hint, and change its value to AUTO (right now, it is likely to be NO)
 Click through the rest of setup
Now add a scanning profile (or modify an existing one), click the Settings button on the profile, click the Scan tab, click the Source drop-down, and Duplex ADF should be there, as shown here:

Duplex scanner properly set up
Select Duplex ADF. Now you may uncheck Display scanner dialog box, as well as Show Capture Assistant, and you will have one-click, automatic duplex scanning in PaperPort – just click the Scan button!

If you find this article to be helpful, please click the thumbs-up icon below. This lets me know what is valuable for EE members and provides direction for future articles. Thanks very much! Regards, Joe

Expert Comment

by:Donna Hollis
It was all in the scanner driver update. Switching to Windows 10 then having to up to Paperport14 and yikes(!) what happened to my duplex scanning? I was freaking and knew there had to be a solution. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Author Comment

by:Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVE
You're welcome, Donna. I'm glad this helped to fix your duplex scanning. And thanks to you for joining EE today and reading (and endorsing) my article — I appreciate it! If you have any problems with PaperPort in Windows 10, one of my other EE articles may help:
PaperPort 14 in Windows 10 - A First Look

Welcome aboard to EE! Regards, Joe

Expert Comment

by:Nancy Hawley
Thank you very much! I'd almost given up hope of being able to use Paperport 12 (delivered with my Brother MFC-L2740DW) for two-sided scanning. The information you provided doesn't seem to exist on the Nuance site. Thanks again.
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Author Comment

by:Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVE
Hi Nancy,
You're welcome! I'm glad this fixed the duplex scanning with your Brother MFC-L2740DW — that's a nice device. I have a similar unit — the MFC-L8850CDW — love it, but had to use the technique in this article to get its duplex scanning to work with PaperPort 14.5/Patch1. My thanks to you for joining EE today, reading my article, and endorsing it. Regards, Joe

Expert Comment

by:Ed Burwell

This is GREAT!!!  THANKS!

I am using Paperport 11 SE+ and out of nowhere I am getting this DocuCom PDF Trial Watermark on my PDF files.  I've been scanning for years and all of a sudden, there it is?  Have you see this?  Do you know what causes it?  I have a Brother MFP by the way.


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Author Comment

by:Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVE
Hi Ed,
First, thanks for joining EE today and reading my article — I appreciate it! I'm sorry to hear that you've run into the dreaded "DocuCom Watermark" glitch. This problem has been in the PaperPort (and PDF Converter) world for a long time. Two complicating factors in your situation are (1) the "SE" editions are non-retail (usually trimmed down) versions that are bundled with scanners (in your case, a Brother MFC), and solutions for the retail products often don't apply to the SE products; and (2) PP11 is very old — more than 10 years! All of that said, here are a few ideas for you:

(1) Read this PaperPort knowledgebase article:
DocuCom PDF Trial watermark appears when opening PDF files

(2) Uninstall and reinstall PP11SE from the media that came with your Brother MFC. Btw, which model MFC is it? Also, what version and bit level of Windows are you using?

(3) If you're not on Version 11.2, try to upgrade to it. The earlier point releases of PP11 — 11.0 and 11.1 — are known to have bugs that were fixed in 11.2. Another one of my EE articles explains how to upgrade to 11.2 at no cost:
PaperPort 11 - Free Upgrade to Version 11.2

However, because you have an SE version, this may not work, but it's worth a try. If it doesn't work, reinstall PP11SE from the media that came with your Brother MFC.

(4) Because it is such a common problem, there has been a lot of discussion about it in the PaperPort community. I participate in a Google Group devoted to PaperPort (and Nuance's other document imaging products), and a search there for "docucom watermark" turns up many hits. Here's the URL for that search:

You'll need to join the group (free, of course) to get the results (as a non-member, it will say, "You must be signed in as a member of this group to view and participate in it.").

(5) If PaperPort is important to you, buy the retail edition of the latest version, PP14. It is inexpensive these days — just $30 at Amazon for the Standard edition:

That will be version 14.0, but another one of my EE articles explains how to upgrade to 14.5 (the latest release) at no cost:
PaperPort 14 - Free Upgrade to Version 14.5

After doing that, another one of my EE articles explains how to install the Patch 1 update to PP14.5 at no cost:
How to install the Patch 1 update for PaperPort 14.5

PP14.5/Patch1 is the latest-and-greatest, and is the only PaperPort version that is Windows 10-compliant.

If you have any scanning problems after that, I recommend installing the PP14 scanner connection tool. Another one of my EE articles explains how to do that at no cost:
PaperPort 14 Scanner Connection Tool - Fix Scanning Problems in PaperPort 14

Regards, Joe

Expert Comment

by:Cori CM
This is fantastic!  I installed the new driver for my Brother PDS-5000 and the drop down appeared immediately. Thank you SO much!
LVL 62

Author Comment

by:Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVE
You're very welcome, Cori, and thanks back at you for joining Experts Exchange today and reading my article. I'm glad to hear that you now have duplex scanning working in PaperPort with your Brother PDS-5000 duplex scanner. If you take a moment to endorse the article by clicking the thumbs-up icon at the end of it (which currently says 6). I'll appreciate it. Welcome to Experts Exchange! Regards, Joe
LVL 62

Author Comment

by:Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVE
Hi Cori,
Thanks for endorsing the article — much appreciated! Cheers, Joe

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