Cable Modem Provisioning

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Cable Modem Provisioning from DPoE compliant server

 This Article is to support CMTS administrators to provide an overview of DOCSIS compliance configuration file, and to provision a cable modem located at customer place from a Back office server.

CMTS administrators used to get stuck up in resetting or offline state for their cable modem (ONU) during the provisioning process, even though the MAC address has been detected by the CMTS. This Article will help them to check the steps before start debugging it.

This document consists of below 6 sections.
DOCSIS configuration files editor.
Incognito Management console.
Association of configuration template.
Creating Configuration Template.
Associating ONU with .cfg file.
Enable ONU Provisioning.

1.      DOCSIS configuration files editor:

This is a Cable labs proprietary tool, GUI based configuration editor running on Windows PC, used to configure VLAN id, upstream, downstream related parameters/QoS Parameters. These parameters are defined by the Service provider based on the Service package purchased by the customer. You need Cable labs configuration file editor to try the following steps.

In a new File editor window, look for the GEI parameter [43][28]. To configure our ONU as E-line “L2VPN identifier” should be configured as EPL-2
If the ONU is connected using UNI port 1, CMIM value should be configured with the hex value equivalent to 40 00 00 00
Text box IEEE802.1ad field is configured with the hex value 00 CA 00 00 for example: VLAN 202
USS parameters under GEI [43][14] can be changed if required. Default values are used during Demo.
Click OK will create .cfg extension file in the Windows PC. This needs to be copied to a TFTP server, where the CMTS device/DPoE server will take this configuration file for provisioning.

2.      Incognito Management console:

Incognito is a GUI based tool, used for device provisioning and management related activities for cable service providers (Administrators of CMTS + Back Office Servers).

Under CFM services console TFTP server ip has to be mapped first. Then only the .cfg file copied to the TFTP can be fetched from this console.
Under Files option, *.cfg file will be displayed.

3.      Association of configuration template:

Configuration template consists of set of Variables and its values required for specific MEF/IP HSD services.

If we already have a configuration template specific to MEF/IP_HSD traffic, proceed to step 5.
Else, go to step 4 to create a configuration template.

4.      Creating Configuration Template:

Below steps gives the example one for our E-LINE VLAN id 202

Create a new template under CFM services option. I have named it as “encap_vid_202.cfg” in my demo. A new window will be opened for this new template.
Left side panel will be having all the Attribute Types and we need to choose what are the attributes are required for our ONU configuration. In our example we will be using below 5 Attributes.
Attribute       Description
1                       Gateway
3                       Subnet Mask
51                     Lease time
66                     TFTP Server Address
67                     Bootfile

Choose the required attributes and insert them into the required template.

5.      Associating ONU with .cfg file:

Under rules section of CFM console, look for our ONU MAC address which is connected with the FSU7100 setup. If it is properly connected and DPoE server address has been configured properly, ONU MAC will be displayed here.
Open the properties of our ONU and go to the second tab named “Rule”
Attribute fields which are grouped in the template will appear in this window. Fill up the corresponding values for each attribute. Once done click ok.

6.      Enable ONU Provisioning:

Now Right click on our ONU and give “Enable”. Provisioning process will start now.
Ensure the provisioning status from our DPoE server console.
ONU should display as registered for “show cable modem” command output.
Karthikeyan GanesanSoftware Engineer

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