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For importing appliances we need to have an existing Virtual Machine with OVF format.
First I have created an Ubuntu operating system and exported it which is in OVF format.

Now here I will show you how to import the appliance in Oracle Virtual Box and start using your Ubuntu VM.

Below are the steps for importing appliances:

Step 1 ) Open Oracle VirtualBox Manager:
image 1
Step 2) Navigate to ‘File’ and click on ‘Import Appliance’ for importing our Ubuntu template.:
image 2
Step 3) Import wizard will be opened where we need to select the OVF format file to import:
image 3

Below is the OVF format i.e. ‘Ubuntu_VBOX’ which I have exported earlier from another machine and copied to my local system:
 image 4
Step 4) Once the file is been selected then click on ‘Next’ to proceed further:
image 5
Step 5)  Now click on ‘Import’ for importing the Ubuntu template:
image 6
The the progress bar will show the for how much percent of importing is been done:
image 7
image 8
image 9
Step 6) once the import gets completed then we will see the list for the imported virtual machine on the left side of the VirtualBox as like below:
 image 10
Step 7) Now click on the ‘Start’ button to start the Virtual machine which we have imported before:
image 11
We can see the progress for startup for our virtual machine which is a Ubuntu operating system:
image 12
Step 8) Provide the username and password if it is been set while created the initial virtual machine, because when I created Ubuntu VM I have provided the username and password:
image 13
Step 9) Finally our virtual machine started after providing the correct username and password as like below:  
image 14
Now we can use Ubuntu OS on Windows machine by using Oracle VirtualBox and we can install other software on it and can use like a sandbox or development environment. By using this on a Oracle VrtialBox we do not have to install two different Operating system on sane host which was really a big issue to switch every time we need anything on other OS. Earlier many system used to have two or three OS on the same machine , even now but now Oracle VirtualBox , VMware and many more software helps us to make the environment ready in a very simple way.
Author:Swadhin Ray

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