vmware v5 vmotion new features

I was looking into new v5 features and found some things not normally found in Google unless you explicitly Google for these terms.

Two of these features are :

In v5 vmotion can use 16  * 1 Gbe network adapters, for instance in a team. This is new as vmotion in v4 was limited to 1 * 1Gbe network adapter. It can also use 4 * 10gbe network adapters. This an important improvement over vsphere v4. To get it working you just need to add the nics for vmotion into the vmxnet 3 virtual adapter that your using for vmotion usually iscsi or fibre channel although fibre channel is not as fast as iscsi over say 4 * 10 Gbe and I think fibre channel will start to disappear because of the fact that creating a iscsi network using standard Ethernet switches and stacked Ethernet switches will be far cheaper than using fibre channel as that needs Fibre Channel switch that are expensive and in my opinion will always be.

The other new thing is called stun on page send which means when your vmotioning a virtual machine its virtually impossible to see the virtual machine go down. Just try an IP -t ping on the virtual machine during the vmotion you may just see one or two dropped packets which will net really be noticed in normal use. It works by slowing down the virtual machine slightly so the v motion has more resources to complete the vmotion.

These two functions mean when you have a virtual environment using vsphere v5 and vmotion you can vmotion mission critical virtual machines as they appear to work continual.

I am assuming in the next version they might do the same for svmotion where you copy the virtual machine to a different data store by using a similar thing

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