Exchange 2010 host Multiple Email Domains.

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If you host a company's email within an exchange environment by default you will accept all email for

However your company may have a second Domain name for a multitude of reasons (Merger, Domain space, Division, etc..) in this case you need Exchange to be able to accept email for any of these domains.

For this example we will assume that we want to also receive email for

Log in to your exchange server.
Open the "Exchange Management Console"
Expand "Microsoft Exchange" > "Microsoft Exchange On-Premises (FQDN)" >Organization Configuration"
Click on "Hub Transport" in left pane.
Select the "Accepted Domains" tab in the right pane.
Exchange Management Console - Accepted Domains TabClick "New Accepted Domain" in Actions pane.
A New Accepted Domain wizard will appear.
In "Name" enter a name that will define this domain. Eg. Company2
In Accepted Domain enter the domain that you want this server to accept email for ( )
New accepted domain wizardClick "New"
You will then see a completion screen.
Wizard CompletionNote** you can see the Shell command that was run to perform the action.
Click Finish.

Now your server will accept email for the domain

However no one in your domain will have an email address with so any email received will be rejected as there are is no such user.

To populate your users with their alternate email address, you can either go into each users mailbox and add an email address in their "Email Addresses" tab
Add Email individualOr the better way to do it is to use "E-mail Address Policies".
To do this click on the "E-mail Address Policies" tab.
E-Mail Address Policy TabThe Policies here are applied in order of priority and once a policy is met, no further policies are processed. So if you want all users to receive an email address under your domain then you could just edit the Default Policy, but if you only want certain users to receive a email address (eg. Users whose Department is set to "Company2" in Active Directory). Then click "New E-mail Address Policy" in the actions.

Enter a name for the policy.
If you want to apply it only to users in a particular OU then click Browse and select the OU.
Click Next
New Email Address Policy WizardIn Conditions select "Recipient is in a Department" Then in step2 add Company2 as the department.
Email Policy ConditionsYou can click "Preview" to show you who this policy will apply to.
Click "Next"
SMTP E-Mail AddressIn E-mail addresses you need to add the new email domain that we added above.
Click "Add"
Add primary domainnow select the email local part, then select the domain by clicking "Browse" and selecting the domain we created.
Click OK
*** If we leave the policy like this then the users who match this policies criteria will only get the email address for, they will not be assigned an email address for your primary domain, so you need to follow through the steps and click add again for your primary/alternative domain.

Click "Next".
Select when you want to apply this policy to your existing users.
Click "Next"
Click "New"

Click "Finish"
email policy finish
Thats it. You are now ready to start accepting E-mail for  (once you have set your mx records in the public DNS for of course.)

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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independent Technology Professional

Very handy and easy to follow article! Will keep for future reference.
Andrew DavisManager


Thankyou for your positive comments
@tigermatt Thankyou for your comments, I have seen too many people not take the time to configure address policy and it makes for one very messy address space. It is allways hard with tutorial write-ups as to where to stop, as one setting then leads to another, and so on.

Jerry EssenpreisIT Manager


Thanks for the spot on step by step! This really helped me out.

Andrew DavisManager


Your welcome Jerry,
Thank you for leaving a comment ;)

kumar 4u71Manager


This article finds me little hope to move forward with my problem.

I want to know,is  there a way that multiple domain mailboxes to  receive emails from outside world emails individually.

So far i have 10vm with EX2010 associated 10 static Ips, explicitly for email hosting

Now by using this article i can add one more domain as accepted,but is this process will help me to receive emails from others ?
EX: domain1 - Mailboxes :- ,
Added Accepted domain = domain2  / Mail boxes: ,,

Here i want email must receive based on their  associated domain mailbox.

For that do i need to request ISP  provider to have & to pointed one static Ip address and A& MX record updated accordingly in domain hosting place with same static ip.

And apart form that , DO  i need to create PTR records in DNS manager for reverse dns to with same static Ip - Little confused about this DNS settings.

Looking forward  to your suggestion on this.

Kumar D

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