What makes Samsung Galaxy Note the best !

Android, as we all know, is the most popular Mobile OS with 400 million devices activated and 1 million activations per day.

With Smartphones and Tablets taking over Laptops and PC's in this fast & mobile world, it's becoming a complex task to choose the best smartphone among a million choices.

The Samsung Galaxy Note (SGN) was released in October 2011 but still I strongly believe it is the best choice among the millions today.

On the way on choosing a Smartphone we consider:

 1.4 Ghz Dual Core + 1GB RAM + Mali-400MP(GPU).
While it is no match for the quad core devices available today but that can be like having a 1000 ton crane to lift 1 KG of sugar.
Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, LG Optimus 4x... All have a Quad Core processor.
But we always consider for the best in market but don't forget that the quad core consumes a lot more power than a dual core. When both can do the same job seamlessly then why not going for the Energy efficient one? (see battery life, below)

Super AMOLED HD 5.3 '' with 800 x 1280 pixels and up to 10 Multitouch.
Many of the people's concern is that the device is too large for day-to-day use. After using the device for more than 4 Months I can pretty assure that's an ignorable concern.
There is no other Mobile phones or Smartphones with such a big screen size. Even though Dell Streak have a 5" display , It's resolution is only 480 x 800 pixels (i.e. approximately half of Galaxy Note's). So the Galaxy Note has 2x Quality in Display than Dell Streak.
I prefer watching movies (HD) on my SGN than on my 20" LCD. My Computer Monitor (20") is having a resolution of 1600 x 900. As you see, it's a little more than Galaxy Note but comparing 20 inches with 5.3 inches it is clear how awesome the Galaxy Note's screen is.

 16 GB internal + 64 GB expandable (Samsung says 32 but i use 64 with no problem to date)
Could use 2GB for Apps and 11 GB for Other storage.
After i update to 4.0.4 i noticed more apps are movable from the Internal storage onto my SD card.
Which means we could literally install more Apps onto the device.
Motorola Razor MAXX only has 8 GB internal memory which is half of what Galaxy Note could hold.

A crucial part of people's concern. 2500 mAH battery works best for SGN.
Scoring 2nd place in GSMArena_Tests on talktime.
Motorola Droid Razor MAXX is number one on the list for battery backup with a massive 3300 mAH battery.

I've found 4 negatives comparing the MAXX to the Galaxy Note.
-Razor MAXX has a 4.3" display with lesser Pixel density (256 ppi)
-It has no stylus, only some crucial codec support (Xvid,Divx) and Only 8GB storage.
-No FM Radio.
-And to make the device lighter they have used Lithium Polymer which is very dangerous and there is a chance of explosion when the device build up heat.
(Check out youtube for Li-Poly explosion videos for proof.)

- Camera
Stunning 8MP autofocus backcam with LED flash+2 MP Frontcam with FULL HD recording.
I felt a small shutter lag comparing with the new Galaxy S3 but it is improved with the new update 4.0.4.

4.0.4 Android ICS with Galaxy S3 feature Popup-Play. Proving it has the latest software (Jellybean is just released) today.
These make the Galaxy Note Outstanding : Premium suite which includes S Note, S Memo, My story etc which are exclusively for the Galaxy Note.
Upon update to 4.0.4 you can see Zero lag when drawing something on Galaxy Note with your S Pen.
The new security Feature: Signature unlock . You can Sign on your Galaxy Note using your S Pen to unlock the phone.

Future Proof
Samsung have plans in upgrading SGN to Jellybean by Q1 2013

With over 10 Million Samsung Galaxy Notes in the world and still climbing, it's evident that this smartphone is recognized by people and considered one of the best to date.

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Sanjay R Nath

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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This was a good article and I did vote it helpful. Thank you.

An alternate point of view however:

I do not wish to hold up a behemoth to face to take a phone call and I rue the day I have to replace my iPhone 4s,

I will be dead of old age before any of these devices replace my trusty computer that can do real work.

As I said, just an alternate point of view.


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