Get Samsung Galaxy S3 Features on all of your Android Devices for FREE !

Samsung says the "Samsung Galaxy S3 , Designed for humans. Inspired by nature. New features that are easy-to-use but exceptionally powerful" !

This is TRUE. But I don't think the price tag is designed for common people. But here is something to cheer up your spirits.

Are you wonder-stuck by those amazing features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 ??

Do you want those features on the Android Smartphone you have without buying this expensive gadget ??

If you say "YES" to both of my questions above then its worth for you to read this article of mine.

One of the coolest feature on Samsung Galaxy S3.
- Popup Play
Watch videos floating on your screen without interruption while you Text , read emails , Browse the web , read Articles , PDFs , and much much more.

Do you want a BETTER popup play which you can re-size , move freely and more which Samsung Galaxy S3 lacks ?
SuperVideo is for you. Download , Install and enjoy advanced S3 popup play for FREE.
You will notice "Windows" like Close , restore and minimize buttons on the top right of the video you are playing. Just click on the Restore button and you can see the video turns out to a popup play window.
Just Touch and hold on the bottom right of the popup play ,then drag your finger to adjust the length and breadth of the popup screen.

-Smart Stay
Automatically turns off the display when you no longer look at the screen.
Amazed by the automatic detection of Samsung Galaxy S3 to turn off lights when you are not looking at it ?
Then go for

Smar Stay ex Lite .
Download, Install and enjoy Smart stay feature for FREE.

Once you enable it you need to turn off the display and on it back to activate it. You can notice an "Open eye" icon on the notification which indicates your eye is recognized and when you dont look at the display you can see a "Closed eye" which means you are no longer looking and the display will turn off.

-Best photo or Burst mode
Takes multiple photos in a split second and choose the best photo among them.
Have you felt dizzy on seeing Samsung Galaxy S3 taking 10 photos in a second ?
Do you want 3x its performance i.e. taking 30 photos per second ?

Fast Burst Camera Lite is the one for you .
Download ,Install and Enjoy taking High Quality photos at 30 Frames a second.

Once you open the application just press and hold the round button on the bottom right of the screen and it captures approximately 30 images a second and store it on your device.
Please note that the frames per second can vary with varying devices.

I'm Searching for more Samsung Galaxy S3 feature-like apps and will update you all with my research results.

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Sanjay R Nath

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