Windows Server 2012 Restart / Shutdown Methods

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This tutorial will walk through a few ways to restart / shutdown Windows 2012 servers, we will also go through the charm and start options.

Windows Server 2012 uses a Start screen, Start is a window not a menu, programs can have tiles on the Start screen. Tapping or clicking a tile runs the program. When you press and hold or right click on a program an optional panel is displayed.

The charms bar is an optional panel for Start, Desktop and Server Settings, with a mouse and keyboard you can display the charms by moving the mouse pointer over the hidden button in the upper-right or lower-right corner of the Start, Desktop or Server Settings or by pressing the following keyboard combination Windows Key + C

Windows + C
One way to quickly open a program is by pressing the Windows Key and typing the program name, and then pressing Enter. This shortcut works as long as the Apps Search box is in focus which typically by default it is.

Pressing the Windows Key toggles between the Start screen and the desktop or if you are working with Server settings then between the Start screen and the Server Setting. You can also display the desktop by using the following keyboard shortcut Windows Key + D:

Windows + D
You can access Control Panel from Start, from your desktop by accessing charms, click on settings and click Control Panel additionally as Windows Explorer is pinned to the taskbar you can launch Windows Explorer and simply type Control Panel followed by Enter.

Settings Control Panel
Explorer Control Panel

1. Shutdown & Restart using Power Settings Method

Display Start options by sliding in from the right side of the screen or moving the mouse pointer to the bottom right or upper right corner of the screen, click settings

Click Power

Select the appropriate action


2. Powershell Method

Launch an elevated windows powershell window

Type either (Restart-Computer) or (Stop-Computer) to restart or shutdown the server

Note: With Powershell to get help or examples for a cmdlet type (help restart-computer -examples) or (help stop-computer -examples)

3. Pressing the Physical Power Button

You can also press the server's physical power button to initiate an orderly shutdown by logging off and then shutting down. Note this method does not restart a server once the server shuts down you would then have to press the power button to turn the server on.

There are other methods of restarting the server such as DOS, but the purpose of this tutorial is to list the 3 most common methods on restarting or shutting down a server.

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